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Many of the marketers are local marketers. They do marketing locally and struggle for getting local customers. Local business or marketers need a special marketing skill unlikely than global marketers. They need a special focus on local marketing strategies and analysis of behaviors with local buyers. If you are a local business owner or marketer, you should look in the local listings of Google and other search engines and competiveness seen in those local search results. Here, I bring some of the best books for local business marketing and local SEO that will help you found your business at the top of local listings of Google, Bing and other search engines. Some of the books include the focus on offline strategies for local businesses. Read these books and learn the local business and SEO techniques from marketing gurus to grow your business to the next level. Click on your favorite book titles for more details and reviews of the selected books:



Product Details1. Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing (Ultimate Series) Paperback

by Perry Marshall and Talor Zamir

This new book is from AdWords expert Perry Marshall and local marketing expert Talor Zamir, teamed up for building a local business marketing success. In this book, you’ll learn the framework of local paid search, mobile and SEO campaigns. Topics on local search, local listing, social outreach and effective content development make this book outstanding. Learn more about capturing qualified leads from Google AdWords and Bing, components of a high converting campaign, mobile and Facebook advertising. A guide to build a complete local marketing campaign!



Product Details2. Local Small Business Marketing: Best ways to promote a local business or service Paperback

by Alex Genadinik

Learn from this new book about local SEO, right strategies for social media marketing, offline marketing strategies and sales techniques. With this book, you will find the lessons you should take to do almost any local businesses successfully. You can run coffee shop to night club, local event, grocery to jewellery shop, ice-cream to liquor shop, beauty salon, car wash to pet sitting and many more. The book deals with the strategies to reality for your local small business success.



Product Details3. Local Online Marketing: Small Business Online Advertising For Retail And Service Businesses Paperback

by Claude Whitacre

With a slight difference, the author says that social media is not how to build your local business. If you are running a local retail store or a service business, it is not enough with a website alone. Be online and everywhere. In this book, the author introduces a 5-minutes a day plan to achieve: Multiple top rankings in Google, Best ways to get top in Google+ Local listings, top rankings in Youtube video searches, using your competitor’s advertising to make your business visible to local shoppers easily. Read the book and get the author’s hard earned experiences you can apply easily in your local small business.  



Secrets of a Top SEO Pro: Learn Local Search Engine Optimization While on a Short Flight4. Secrets of a Top SEO Pro: Learn Local Search Engine Optimization While on a Short Flight Paperback

by PD Gates


This new book teaches you to learn or do SEO on your own. Even if you have to hire a SEO company, you need to be educated, the author says. The book provides you a resource to understand core SEO fundamentals, killer techniques to leverage your local business and mistakes that bring negative consequences. A handy, quick guide to rank your site in top SERPs! 



Get FOUND Online: The Local Business Owner's Guide to Digital Marketing5. Get FOUND Online: The Local Business Owner’s Guide to Digital Marketing Paperback

by Jack Jostes


If you run a local business, this new book is a must-read for you. You’ll learn how to use SEO, social media and digital marketing to get the results you desire. It’s full of actionable tips, tricks and useful resources to help you achieve your goal. Read this book and learn the marketing tactics of the author’s 9 year experience to get your business found online.  




Product Details6. Local SEO (Marketing Guides for Small Businesses) Paperback

by Ray L. Perry and Phil Singleton

If your current local marketing strategies can’t give you the success rate you dream, you can try the techniques outlined in this book. You’ll find essential elements for a successful local SEO strategies. You’ll learn how Google plays in your SEO strategies, how social media supports your SEO strategies and how your website content will give a stronger impact in local search engine results.




Product Details7. Local SEO: A Roadmap To Successful Local Ranking Paperback

by Tom Crandall

In this book, the author says how a page ranks in search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) depends on many search metrics like content, keyword, backlinks, domain age, title, header tags, images etc. The book focuses on to boost ranking in local business listings of search engines. The techniques found in this book are from the author’s experiences discovered with his efforts in the field of SEO.




Product Details8. Small Business SEO & Local SEO Ranking Strategies: Quickly Rank Your Businesses Website For The Keywords That Matter To Your Bottom Line Paperback

by Shane David

Most SEO books discuss on general SEO techniques. But the author truly says that you need a specialized knowledge when local SEO matters. In this book, Shane David teaches 4 proven steps – 1) Finding most profitable keywords that will easily rank, 2) Auditing the relevance of your pages, keywords and the website, 3) On-page optimization to signal Google that your pages are the most relevant ones to rank, and 4) Branding for naturally attracting backlinks. The author claims that, with the above 4 steps, it is easy to rank in Google top listing. 



Product Details9. Yelp Local Marketing Workbook: How to Use Yelp for Business Paperback

by Jason McDonald Ph.D.

As you might know, Jason McDonald is one of the bestselling authors for his SEO and social media marketing books. In local business marketing, this book is also one of the best books from the author. Yelp is a local review site. There are also other review sites like Google+. These local review sites are very important for free marketing opportunities to get local customers. The best selling author teaches you in easy ways the tips of social media marketing, free Yelp local tools etc. The book is a great choice as it includes valuable worksheets, step-by-step teaching and useful links to tools and resources. A must-read for all local business marketers!


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Best Books for Local Business Marketing and Local SEO
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Best Books for Local Business Marketing and Local SEO
Here, I bring some of the best books for local business marketing and local SEO that will help you found your business at the top of local listings of Google, Bing and other search engines.

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