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There are thousands of SEO books and tutorials available on the web. But, you might be confused in choosing which books especially for WordPress are best to read. You should be cautious while buying such a book, because out-dated and ineffective SEO books (esp. free ones available online) may even misguide you and harm your website. Buy the best, up-to-date books written by renowned SEO specialists and well known marketing professionals to avoid of hurtful SEO mistakes. Below are the best books focused on WordPress SEO as we know so far; they are also highly recommended by many webmasters and readers as you might find them somewhere on the web.


Check these top WordPress SEO books for the year 2018. Click on the book title for further details, reviews and buying options. Read some of these best books and enjoy the success with your WordPress website. You are most welcome to leave your valuable comments here about a book you read from the following list.



SE0 2018: THE BLUEPRINT: Learn The Best Search Engine Marketing Strategies Fast (Search Engine Optimization Book For Beginners)1. SE0 2018: The Blueprint: Learn The Best Search Engine Marketing Strategies Fast Paperback

by The WordPress Genie

 Search engine optimization is the key to your online success. And online visibility needs unique tricks and efforts. You need to increase traffic and improve conversion rate. This new book will help you learn SEO strategies from scratch and achieve top rankings in important search engines. Read the step-by-step instructions and rank your WordPress site ahead of your competitors.  



WordPress All-in-One For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers))2. WordPress All-in-One For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers)) 3rd Edition

by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

WordPress All-in-One for Dummies is 8 books in one. From this book, learn blogging basics, SEO techniques and social media tricks to drive traffic to your site. Also learn important things about WordPress plugins and themes and site analytics to make your site a user-friendly and search engine friendly. A must-read book if you own a WordPress site!



Make Money Blogging: How To Set Up Your Blog On Your Own Self-Hosted Domain And Make Money3. Make Money Blogging: How To Set Up a Blog On Your Own Self-Hosted Domain and Make Money Paperback

by Lee Sebastian


This book is  a guide to setting up and succeeding your own blog and monetizing it. With best practices and strategies to gain SEO rankings, the book will help you generate long term profits from your WordPress sites. A good read for those who want to make money with blogging!



Wordpress SEO: On-Page SEO for your WordPress Site

4. WordPress SEO: On-Page SEO for your WordPress Site Paperback

by Dr. Andy Williams

I have read many books and tutorials on search engine optimization from Dr. Andy. His points on SEO are clear, positive and interesting. After reading his book, you can distinguish what’s wrong and what’s right to do. This book is based on On-Page SEO for WordPress sites and blogs. According to him, WordPress doesn’t do any SEO favors itself. You need to do yourself. You need to look into the possible errors of duplicate contents in your site. You need to correct site-wide links and footers, meta tags, page speed, issues with WordPress themes, ill-designed homepage, poorly constructed navigation, comment spams etc. This book is designed to create a SEO-friendly WordPress site by finding the problems and fixing them. After implementing his advices, your site or blog will start appearing at higher Google positions without getting any problems of Google Panda and Penguin penalties. An indispensable Google SEO guide book you can’t miss!



SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers

5. SEO for WordPress Power Bloggers

by Karen M. Callahan

This is my other recommendation of WordPress SEO books. Add SEO to your WordPress blog from the instructions of this book and fly high. The author teaches you using an internal SEO technique to rank high in search engine result pages (SERPs). From this book, you’ll learn how to push your blog rankings up to the top organic positions of search engines by utilizing his internal SEO techniques.

A reader of the book says, “The author’s depth of knowledge and thorough job of explication make the book a bargain for anyone creating content in the WordPress environment – highly recommended.”



SEO Guide [2017 Edition] : Search Engine Optimization Guide For Beginners6. SEO Guide [2017 Edition]: Search Engine Optimization Guide For Beginners 4th Edition

by Kent Mauresmo

This book is well known and very cheap to buy. When I read the book,  I found very effective SEO techniques. Read and see what the authors reveals their marketing secrets.

One of the readers says, “I was surprised to see that there is a new edition of seo for wordpress. Just upon seeing Kent’s name I bought the kindle ebook. I was benefited by last edition of his ebook. Getting targeted leads each month from few of my wordpress websites after implementing his recommendations…”



Product Details7. WordPress for Beginners & WordPress SEO (Paperback)

By Dr. Andy Williams

As far as I know, Andy Williams is one of the top SEO writers. I read most of his books on search engine optimization. His teaching on SEO is excellent. Read this book. It looks simple. You’ll learn valued lessons on WordPress setup and optimizing your WordPress site for better search engine positions. The book will be useful even to those advanced webmasters as a refresher course. A must read!. 



Product Details8. WordPress SEO Success: Search Engine Optimization for Your WordPress Website or Blog (Paperback)

By Jake Aull

Whether you manage a large-scale site or a personal blog, the author will help you integrate effective SEO techniques in your strategies. You’ll also learn tips on how to improve your existing content for high Google rankings. This book is one of the hot selling books in Amazon. One of the readers say:

“I have read several other books on SEO that were good. This book is great. It presents an up to date easy to use strategy that effectively weaves together SEO, both organic (free SEO) and paid ads (Adwords) along with social media, and more. When I first looked at this book, I randomly opened to a few different pages and each page has nuggets of information that will immediately help improve my website traffic and get people motivated to do business with me. Thank you Mr. Aull for this great immediately useful information.”



Product Details9. WordPress SEO: Learn How to Rank Your Website or Blog the Simple Way (Volume 1) Paperback

by Terence Lawfield

The author reveals his secrets for WordPress SEO in this book. According to Terence, it is easier to get ranked in SERPs leaving behind other honest webmasters. In this book, you’ll learn advanced keyword research and analysis, guest posting, social networking, forums, blog marketing and more.

A reader says, “After reading this book, I aimlessly turned to some pages and every page contains chunk of explanation that can quickly help me expand my website traffic and obtain followers who are inspired to carry out business with me. What a big help.” 



Product Details10.  WordPress Search Engine Optimization, 2nd Edition Paperback

by Michael David


This book is a complete book on WordPress SEO with real world examples to get top positions in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. You’ll learn SEO ranking elements, social media, keyword research, building high quality links, creating great content for search engines and readers, and common SEO mistakes you should avoid specially for WordPress sites.

A reader says, “I read this book in about 2 days and got a lot of good information from it, but will keep it around for reference as I learn more. I run a mommy blog on wordpress that reviews a lot of home products, baby products, family videos, etc. I found this book to be easy to read and packed with information. It’s almost 350 pages and it’s very dense. It covers pretty much everything I could ever think of…



I have listed the 9 best WordPress SEO books as I know, also recommended by many webmasters and readers. What is the 10th best book from your opinion? Click on the following link that leads you to the best selling WordPress SEO books and tell me the best book in the comment box below:


Best selling WordPress SEO books

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10 Best Books on WordPress SEO for 2016
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10 Best Books on WordPress SEO for 2016
These are the best books on WordPress SEO as far as we know; they are highly recommended by many webmasters and readers you may find somewhere on the web.

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