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Ask some SEO experts about how to do SEO. Linking building will be one of the important SEO strategies common in all their answers. Yes, incoming links are a ranking factor for search engines. But, link building is the hardest part of SEO campaigns as we know. You may ask, “Is there any way to rank without link building?” In this article, I’ll tell you how to do SEO without link building to rank high on Google and other search engines.

Why are links an important ranking factor?

Let’s look back. There was no search engine in the past. If there was your website in that time, no one might know your website until you told them to visit. If you put a link on someone else’s website back to your website, you get a share of traffic from that website. Link building starts from there.

Today, there are lots of search engines. They index new websites automatically even without submitting to them. For any query, they return the most relevant pages of websites. As backlinks are ranking factor, Google likely rank the pages with more backlinks. Due to this fact, webmasters stress on link building to get traffic and SEO ranking advantages for their website.

An incoming link to your website gives a vote to your website. If your website gets several links from other websites, your site gets more votes. So, search engines think that your site is a popular site if it has more links from other websites. They rank high your site in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

Why does link building become the hardest part of SEO?

Google has released algorithmic updates frequently to remove sites manipulating the SERPs. If the link source is not relevant to your website or if your link strategies go against the Google’s guidelines, they penalize and filter out your site from the SERPs. Google want to provide high quality results for people’s keywords. If your site is about dog training, but if you try to get a backlink from a medical website, Google think that you are using a bad link building practice intentionally to acquire high SERP ranking. After Google Penguin updates, we have seen that many known websites lost their SEO rankings due to their aggressive SEO tactics.

In link building strategies, webmasters do directory submissions. But today Google don’t regard much on directory links. It is why there are lots of web directories without human reviewers. Webmasters use their software programs to auto-list their site in hundreds of those directories. If you want to list your site in directories, you should do it manually to highly trusted directories backed by strong human reviewers. But, they take too long to approve or they reject in most cases.

Webmasters also do articles submissions for getting backlinks. But Google hate articles in article directories. Webmasters write an article and spin it to produce multiple copies and they submit the different versions of the article to different article sites. Google don’t value much on such backlinks from poor quality articles. You need to write unique articles and submit each of them to top article sites.

Another techniques of link building most webmasters do is blog commenting. They search blog posts and provide comments for getting backlinks. They even use software program to post comments automatically. Google don’t like such spammy links from comments and penalize such backlinking tricks. So, you need to provide comments manually with a link back to your site (if the site owner allows you to do so).

Guest blogging is considered to be most recommended techniques of link building for getting high quality backlinks for your site. In this technique, you need to search the sites allowing guest blogging and read their guidelines. Then, you need to write high quality article and submit for approval. If they like your article, they will publish your article. If they don’t, they’ll reject it. But, if they publish it, you’ll get high quality backlinks for your site. Like that, if you are interested to contribute an article to us, write an SEO article for us and submit to us.

In addition to the above techniques, webmasters do different kinds of link building practices. But, I want to say that most link building strategies are not easy. For any link building, you need to write the content and you also need to look for the websites to host your content with a backlink. But, if that site owners don’t allow you, you can’t do it. Besides, Google always look in the quality of links. Google penalize any link schemes that interpret to manipulate page rank. Read our free SEO eBook about Google SEO.

So, link building is the hardest part of a SEO campaign. You can read an article on how hard is link building today at SearchEngineLand.

If so, is there a way to do SEO without link building?

Yes, this article is for this purpose. We have a book called Effective SEO Strategies. In this SEO book, you won’t find a single chapter about link building techniques. Using the system outlined in the book, your site will rank at high positions of Google page one easily without much effort. The system uses a type of link building, but you won’t depend on other people’s sites and approval. You can control it anyway. Once you get ranked, no one can beat you. Yours SERP rankings will be permanent for any keyword you choose. You can read another review article about this book called Permanent Top 10 Ranking on Google – Is It Possible.

Will Google Penguin and Panda updates penalize this system?

The system is based on findings from a study of several years. Several Google algorithmic updates have been released. But, the keyword rankings created using this system are still at their positions.

If you are looking for a strategy to reduce your SEO cost or if you feel link building is so hard to you, I recommend this SEO book for you.

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