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Definition: Long tail keywords are the longer, more exact keywords that are less general, but they are used to drive more traffic and site revenue. They play an amazing part in niche keyword research for your online business solutions. Learning and using long tail search queries will effectively increase traffic and save big PPC ad costs easily. So, they are part of SEO work and analysis.

 Long tail keyword is the contrary to main niche keyword or short tail keyword, which is more ‘trendy’ or more normally searched on. For instance, at a mobile phone shopping site, “mobile phones” is a main search term, but “compare prices various mobile phone models” is a long-tail keyword. Type a word in Google search box and you’ll see the keywords in the automatic dropdown listing.

long tail keywords

 Novice search engine marketers often center on main keywords to optimize their websites for organic search or Pay-Per-Click advertising programs. This is a mistake. Long-tail keywords can offer unbelievable Return-on-Investment (ROI) for the reason that they’re less competitive to rank for organically and less costly to bid on for PPC management. Besides, people using profitable long-tail keywords are often well skilled and more possibly to get more profits.

 Your task is to uncover a trustworthy, renewable list of long tail keywords that are significant to your site and your product niche. But, typical keyword research tools don’t deliver to a great extent in the approach of long tail keywords. They tend to highlight limited lists of very common keywords, leaving you without a clue in the search of long tail keywords.

 Alexa Site Infois a good place showing you top long tail phrases of your site and competitors ahead of your site. I want to mention some advanced keyword suggestion tools you can try for generating full of long tail keywords. The options of popular keyword generators are:

  1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool
  2. WordStream’s Keyword Tool,
  3. Wordtracker Keyword Tool
  4. Market Samurai

 The keyword phrases found should be downloaded or saved in logical groups for future use and evaluation. They are your asset. If you are an Amazon seller, you can also use Amazon Keyword Tool that delivers you profitable long tail product keywords.

 Generally, we optimize a webpage for one or two target keywords for top SERP rankings and sending an army of visitors from search engines. But you can optimize the page for 1000s of profitable long tail keywords. The following are the tips you can follow:

 1.   Target a page’s SEO on a primary and a secondary keyword found from your keyword research. Don’t target several pages with the same keywords, it’s a total mistake. Your page will be TARGETING many more than those two keywords – they are your focus keywords. Write your page up to one thousand (or more) useful or exciting words. Watch later from Google Analytics report how many long tail search terms are targeting your page.

2.   You may find each of your primary and secondary keyword is tough to rank very well. But, it is successful for so many other keywords for the reason that the two keywords have many relevant long tail keywords. So, your page will rank well with different similar keywords in your niche including the terms used in your two keywords.

3.   Use a keyword research tool mentioned above to find the target keywords.

4.   Use your primary and secondary target keywords in your pages:

• Incorporate your keywords in Page title tag

• Use them in Description tag

• Include them in Headlines, sub-headlines and body text

• Incorporate in Internal and external links

• Include in Image/photo names and ALT tags

5.      Write one thousand words in your webpages if possible. Lengthy, complete, valuable, stimulating or entertaining articles will target the long tail of search words that your target market is searching with. This will consist of thousands of keywords that you can’t explore.

6.      Start getting inbound links. Link building is indispensable to add account of real success. Well written useful articles will attract several backlinks from other sites. Provide your page a link from your home page. One trick to do this is to ensure your home page automatically links to new pages. Also make sure your website has category pages and your page is hyperlinked to from related categories.

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