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To acquire high search engine rankings and get maximum traffic for a website, we use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. If you don’t have any SEO knowledge to effectively optimize your website for search engines, you have to hire a SEO company or SEO specialists. SEO can be done manually or with software. As you know, SEO is time consuming and tedious work. So, you can use a good SEO software to achieve your desired SEO rankings quickly on search engines. Doing SEO with a software tool is much more advantageous than doing manually.


If you have to run effective SEO campaigns for your website successfully, you need to look into the following areas:

  1. Keyword Research: SEO can’t be done blindly. To get targeted and high volume traffic on your website, keyword research is essential. You need also check your site’s positions for your several profitable keywords on various search engines. These hard tasks can be done by SEO software easily and effortlessly.
  2. On-Page Optimization: Once you have your valuable keywords, you need to analyze your whole site or pages and improve your content for higher Google rankings. You can do this time consuming works easily and quickly with software.
  3. Competitor Analysis: Google’s first page of results is the goldmine to webmasters. They struggle to include their sites among the first page positions to maximize traffic volume and to achieve their business success. To push down the competitive sites and pull up your SEO rankings on Google, you need competitors analysis. You need to look into how they build links, how they get high quality links to their sites and their other SEO elements. This hard task can be done quickly by software.
  4. Link Building: Link building is a must for getting high SERP rankings and traffic. But, it is the hardest part of SEO. If you do it wrongly, your site will be penalized by Google and other search engines. If you use a good SEO software, you can do it legitimately with ease.
  5. Latest Search Engine Updates: Search engines update their algorithm frequently for better user experiences. If you don’t know those updates, you’ll be difficult to achieve high search engine rankings. If you use software, it gets updates as search engines have new updates.

So, if you want to optimize your website quickly and get lots of targeted traffic, you should use a powerful SEO software. Here, we have the 5 best SEO software for 2016 you can use for your website and get maximum profits from your website:



1. Web CEO Desktop Edition

Web CEO is the top SEO software among others based on our reviews. This SEO software has lots of SEO tools which help you minimize your efforts in SEO strategies. In finding and optimizing your best keywords, in building and managing links and analyzing the competitors SEO, Web CEO is our best choice among other top SEO software applications. You can use this SEO software to keep up with the fast changing Google SEO. Web CEO offers the full scale competitor analysis that allows you to cross-check your key SEO elements with those of your competitors.


2. Advanced Web Ranking Enterprise

Advanced Web Ranking is our second choice of top 5 SEO software applications. It has full of SEO tools in one place for keyword research, link building and management, competitor analysis and SEO performance reporting, etc. The best part of this SEO application is performance reporting that provides information of all your SEO areas from Google databases. This SEO software helps you save your time and automate your repetitious and tedious work. This software can give you the fully customizable and nice reports.


3. SEO PowerSuite Professional

In SEO PowerSuite, you’ll find the best four tools – Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass, Web Auditor and Link Assistant. It is our third choice of top SEO management software you can use for a complete SEO program. But it is lack of reporting option. However, this powerful software will work wonders to small business owners working for their own sites.


4. SEO Suite 8.0 Professional

SEO Suite is meant for use by small business owners. It offers a wide range of basic SEO tools for discovering best keywords, effective link building strategies, and competitive ranking comparisons. Although the SEO Suite is lack of some features as compared to other top SEO applications, it is one of the best SEO software for effective SEO campaigns for your site.


5. SEO Studio

Our fifth choice of top SEO software falls on SEO Studio. This SEO application consists of all basic SEO tools to manage your SEO programs. SEO Studio comes with a comprehensive SEO guide. But this software is lack of reporting features. However, SEO Studio comes with strong SEO tools that you’ll need to use for optimizing your site to achieve top Google ranking positions.


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