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Starting a website for your profitable business is not the hard part. The hard part is building traffic. For building a lot of traffic, what webmasters are doing is link building. Yes, link building can increase traffic volume and search engine ranking. But, these days building links is not so easy as you might think. If your strategy goes against the search engine guidelines, you won’t get the fruit, instead you will get penalized. So, you need the thoughts from experts not to make any mistake in building links. Here, I bring you six best link building books for 2017.

Why is link building important? Links are one of the important search engine ranking factors. Links tell the status of a website’s popularity and trust. If you do in correct manner, you’ll secure higher Google rankings and get more visitors to sell your products and services.

But, if you are a beginner in link building and search engine optimization (SEO), I suggest you to first read some books from our list of highly recommended 10 Best SEO Books.

The following selected books are useful to both beginners and advanced link builders. These best and latest books are available as paperback and Kindle books on Amazon. You can order a paperback edition to get delivered at your doorstep. If you don’t want to wait for weeks, buy Kindle editions. Kindle eBooks are cheap and can be read immediately just after you buy.

For more details and reviews, click on the book titles:


link building by eric ward1. Ultimate Guide to Link Building: How to Build Backlinks, Authority and Credibility for Your Website, and Increase Click Traffic and Search Ranking (Ultimate Series)

by Eric Ward & Garrett French

The best book of its kind in the industry! As a book, it has full of thoughts and practices in link building. The author Eric Ward is responsible for Amazon success in becoming the world’s largest online retailer and creditable for being the father of link building services, according to Mike Grehan. With Garrett French, the two masterminds have put together a solid book revealing link building tactics and tools in this era of Panda, Penguin and other Google algorithmic updates. The book is available in both printed and Kindle book format.

The founder of the famous site SearchEngineLand.com, Danny Sullivan, said, “Eric Ward has been building links and educating people on how to do it the right way since before even search engines decided links were important.”

A reader of the book said on Amazon, “This book is loaded with ideas and methods for creating links to your site that can not only get it ranked in the SERPS but can also generate a huge volume of traffic from related sites in your market or industry.”



Product Details2. The $200,000 Outreach Strategy: What I learned from Placing over 1,000 Guest Posts in Google Kindle Edition

by Karl Adamsas

 Moz Voted Outreach as the Most Effective Link Building Technique of 2014. And look for new, exciting link building strategies that save your time and money. The author reveals in this ebook:
Strategies that no one has known for getting links,  identifying Google safe authority blogs, software to save your labor and investment for outreach, taking advantage of your competitors, how to outsource the work for a few dollars, which email you should use for outreach, email template that gets the best response rate, 7 quality checklists to avoid Google penalties, 7 methods for getting best article topics for producing interesting articles that get lots of social attention and comments, and more. Click on the ebook title above more details.


link building by sage3. Link Building Is Dead. Long Live Link Building!

by Sage Lewis

The book gives excellent ideas and examples on how to create a productive link building campaign. The new book will be greatly helpful: to business owners and marketing managers, in developing your marketing and link building strategies, in using tools and tips for campaign designs, when you are implementing various link building campaigns in this post-Penguin Google algorithm era. Also a highly recommended book in the subject! The book is also available in printed and Kindle editions.

One of the readers on Amazon says, “This is a great book for anyone perplexed by the do’s and don’ts of link building, what it’s all about, and, most importantly, why. Whether you are responsible for your company’s link building, have a website and need to do your own SEO, or are just curious about this fascinating topic and its history, Sage is a most excellent guide…”



50 link building ideas4. 50 monster ideas to get MORE website links & customers: Link building ideas Google does not want you to know. (Volume 1) (Monster Marketing Ideas) by Alan O’Rourke and Mary CARTY

According to the authors, Google won’t like to reveal the link building ideas outlined in this book. Lessons for increasing Google page rank and traffic are actionable. In this book, you will find some of the most effective link building techniques on the internet. The book is useful to new and advanced marketers. Several online resources you can used to save your time and money are given in this Kindle book.

A recent reader says, “If you’re an SEO or link builder or even web designer. There’s something here for all! The best book with real world strategies that I’ve purchase yet on the topic of link building.”


I have listed below other 2 books. They are also worth reading and specialized in the subject to strengthen your link building skills:


Product Details  7.  Link Building for Beginners: Learn how to build links and improve your rankings Paperback

by Thomas Storm

In this book, you will learn about SEO and link building including the topics like: SEO strategies and techniques, link building strategies and importance of backlinks, SEO analyzing tools, commonly used backlinks etc.



6. Link Building Even Google Penguin Will Love: Build Links Based on Content People Will Want to Share

by John McDougall

Google Penguin attacks sites with overly optimized links. Now-a-days, most webmasters hate of link building in fear of Google Penguin penalties. In this book, the author guides you to build links without any fear of Google penalties using his techniques for getting the desired results.




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Before making the above list, I planned to make a list of top 10 best books on link building. But I didn’t find more worth-to-read books than the listed above. If you know other best link building books published this year, please let me know in your comment you can provide below.




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