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SEO for 2019 – Things You should Know and Do for Your Website

We all hear Google is always with algorithmic updates and its Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting better. What should you do for 2019 to keep your current rankings or improve your site rankings? Almost every single update gives an impact in SERP ranking. Many websites may get serious drops in keyword ranking while others get […]

5 Best SEO Software to run SEO Campaigns Effectively

To acquire high search engine rankings and get maximum traffic, we use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. If you don’t have any SEO knowledge to effectively optimize your website for search engines, you have to hire a SEO company or SEO specialists. However, SEO can be done manually or with software. As you know, SEO […]

Latest SEO Books for 2018 to Update Your Marketing Strategies

Every SEO expert has learnt that old techniques no longer work since there are constant changes in search engine algorithms. You always need to update your skills of search engine optimization to boost your Google ranking and get top spots of other search engines. Check these latest SEO books and look for any new SEO […]

How to Start a Successful Website with Minimal Cost

You want to start a website, because you want to make money from an online business. Your business can be selling your own products or services or selling other people’s products or services (affiliate programs). Your business can also be selling advertisements (like AdSense) on your website. Selling products, services or ads or anything you […]

18 SEO Tips for WordPress to Enhance Search Engine Visibility

If I have to say a content management system (CMS), the most used and popular, that will be WordPress. It was released in 2003 and it is used by millions of websites. WordPress is free and easy to use without much pre-requisite of coding knowledge. If you add something to the core software, you can […]

Google ‘Not Provided’ Keywords – How to Get the Organic Keyword Data

What is ‘not provided’? Before Google hide them, you saw the keywords on Google Analytics, which brought visitors to your website. But today you see ‘Not Provided’ instead of the organic search terms. It is why Google has encrypted the organic search keywords and hidden from Analytic data or not passed to the destination site, […]

An Overview of Modern SEO by Infographic

We have seen algorithmic changes in search engines last few years. We need to change the SEO strategies to comply with the changes in search engines for securing our online success. So, we have an infographic of modern SEO for you, showing the areas you should focus in your SEO campaigns. View the following SEO […]

Most Things Google Said About Good SEO – Free Ebook

  These days, I rolled round the web in looking for what Matt Cutts, Google Head of Spam, said about SEO. I started making a compilation of the public speeches from him and other Google authorities. I thought such a compilation will be tremendously useful to me and other people in the SEO subject. Now, […]

How to Do SEO Without Link Building With This SEO Book

Ask some SEO experts about how to do SEO. Linking building will be one of the important SEO strategies common in all their answers. Yes, incoming links are a ranking factor for search engines. But, link building is the hardest part of SEO campaigns as we know. You may ask, “Is there any way to […]

Penguin proof SEO to Safeguard Google Penalties

It is apparent that Penguin hit the web and Google roll out its algorithmic updates more often. Every time an update is released, many websites rise up on Google and many others lose out of sight. These new updates have changed the face of whole SEO industry. While individuals in the industry who faced the […]

How To Do SEO in 5 Essential Ways Before Other Strategies

How to do SEO is your first question when you want traffic and sales on your website or WordPress blog. If you want to increase your site visibility on Google search results, you should follow the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Google Engineer Matt Cutts discloses the 5 most important things you should consider about doing search […]

Google Panda Updates and How to Relieve From It

Google Panda updates rank down poor quality websites and rank up high quality sites on its result pages. In the SEO perspective, many of us consider Google first. It is because of the fact that Google is the most innovative search engine and it holds the largest number of users in the world. You want […]

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