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10 Best Books on Google AdWords for 2018 to Boost PPC Advertising Profits

When selecting these best books, I had to read several books on Google AdWords. When I was trying to make this list, I had a mindset of including the latest books updated or published in 2018 and before. The following Google AdWords books are the best tutorials, eBooks and paperbacks which will help you boost […]

Pay Per Click Marketing and Importance of Google AdWords

What is Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC Marketing)? Pay per Marketing is a form of internet marketing to increase visibility of poor performing websites in search engines. PPC is a short for Pay-Per-Click. Google AdWords is one of the PPC marketing programs. It runs your advertisements of your products or services in Google. When Google […]

How to Increase Your Google AdWords CTR

If you are an AdWords advertiser, you want more Click-Through-Rate (CTR). Really, you need more clicks from your ad. By increasing CTR, you can also improve AdWords Quality Scores and increase visibility of your product or service. Higher CTR helps in reducing Cost-per-Click (CPC). Increasing AdWords CTR helps in improving AdWords Quality Scores. Improve Quality […]

11 Critical Mistakes with Your Adwords Campaigns

As a website owner or campaign manager, you might have a number of critical mistakes that are wasting your money, if your AdWords campaign is left unchecked. The objective of an Adwords campaign is almost for getting the best return on your campaign investment. You want more conversions for the lowest possible cost as far […]

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