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There are lots of affiliate site owners online, but very few of them can make a substantial monthly income from their business. This is due to lack of marketing skills. Placing just a few affiliate links or banners in their sites can’t make a good money. Follow the expert ideas from the following best books for affiliate marketing and start maximizing your online income quickly. I have selected the 10 best books to successfully set up your  successful affiliate business or to improve if you have already existing one.


Most of these books are the latest editions. Some books are available in paperback format and others in Kindle eBook format. Buy and read these top affiliate marketing books to reap the fruits of your efforts easily and become a successful affiliate marketer quickly.


Affiliate sites need lots of traffic. To increase free traffic on your site, you are also recommended to read some SEO books and link building books.


Product Details1. Affiliate Marketing Paperback

by Keith Fugate

This book for affiliate marketing is a new one currently best selling on Amazon. In this book, the author includes everything about affiliate marketing. You’ll find easy-to-understand training modules that help you improve your marketing skills. If you are a beginner, this is the book for you.



Product Details2. Affiliate Marketing: Develop An Online Business Empire From Selling Other Peoples Products Paperback

by Adam Wolf

Choosing a profitable niche is necessary before you start your affiliate website. In this book, Adam Wolf teaches you how to choose a profitable niche and how to set up a good affiliate website for you. You’ll also learn about different affiliate networks you can join and make affiliate commissions. From the author’s experience, you’ll also learn best SEO tips, online tricks and strategies to achieve your marketing goal.



Product Details3. Affiliate Marketing: Fastest Way to Make Money Online. Learn How to do Internet Marketing, Easy Step by Step Paperback

by Justin Gibbs

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, this book solves all your problems. If you are in an affiliate marketing business, you need a right website. You should present products in your pages and attract visitors to your site. You should have skills to build trust to visitors to buy the products and send them to the merchant’s site to complete sales or desired action. The author helps you to build your brand and leave a lasting impression to buyers for repeat purchases in this book.  


Product Details4. Affiliate Marketing: How to make money and create an income Paperback

by A. Anderson

Many effective marketing tips, formulas and shortcuts are discussed in this book. You will learn about the right affiliate programs, creating affiliate campaigns and building web traffic.    



Product Details5. Amazon Associates: Complete Guide: Make Money Online with Amazon Associates: The Amazon Associates Bible: A Step-By-Step Guide on Amazon Associates Affiliate Program Paperback

by Dan Johnson

Amazon has a lot of products and you can start a successful affiliate niche from their products. Dan Johnson unfolds the ways to become an Amazon Associate, the best secrets and practices of affiliate marketers. A must read book! 



Product Details6. Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Simple, smart and proven strategies to make A LOT of money online, the easy way Paperback

by Brian Conners

Affiliate marketing looks easy. Affiliate marketers started the business with a hope to make a lot of money, but failed. If you are an affiliate marketer, you need a roadmap to follow. This book tells you easy-to-follow skills, right for starters. In this new book, you’ll learn about finding affiliate networks to join, finding a profitable niche, becoming a niche authority and getting traffic in 7 steps. Read and enjoy.  



Product Details7. Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day Paperback

by Evgenii Prussakov and Bryan Eisenberg

This book is a bit old, but still worth reading. It has lots of effective and useful tips and tricks of affiliate marketing. More interesting is the basis of ‘an hour a day’ till you achieve a successful affiliate business online. Learn the real world, Do-it-Yourself guides to achieve your marketing dream with this book.      



8. Authority Affiliate Marketing: 12 Steps to Long-Term Profits with a Single Niche

by Steve Scott

You might find lots of information about affiliate marketing on the web. But they are mostly outdated to be applied these days. Try to build an authority site with this book and get a constant flow of big commissions from your affiliate marketing.  



9. Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Bible How to Earn a Passive Online Income

by Darren Stock

Clickbank is a well-known affiliate program. In this book, you’ll learn the insights of Clickbank affiliate program. Learn about finding profitable products and profitable keywords. The author also tells you about building a profitable email list and affiliate marketing tips for WordPress blogs.  



10. Make Money Online – Online Affiliate Guide: Building an Online Cash Cow, a Complete Step-By-Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing

by Antony Barlow

To become a high performing affiliate site, you need to make your site brandable and authoritative. The author teaches you all about niche research, On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO. After reading this book, you will learn how to build a Google friendly affiliate site to avoid any Google penalties.




To achieve your affiliate marketing goal, buy and read one or more of the affiliate marketing books. I think that you’ll be also interested to view the best selling affiliate marketing books. If so, click on the following link:

Bestselling books of Affiliate marketing


Your comments are most welcome for any the above books.




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  1. Neil Harland

    Thank you for sharing these tips. It can help me get through my affiliate marketing business. Been running the sites for months but really nothing I get. Hope what I’ve understand on your post could help me.

  2. Tim Arnot

    Interesting ideas. I am new doing affiliate marketing and hope I can see a difference after trying out some of your ideas. Many Thanks!

  3. Ron Johnson

    You’ve shared some very valuable tips here in regards to affiliate marketing. I actually got out of network marketing and focused more so on affiliate marketing because of the success I had over network marketing.

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