8 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO Practices

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How will visitors come to my site? Which keywords or phrases are they using on Google to find my site? Why is my conversion rate low? Those are the questions brainstorming in your mind if you are serious in SEO and Internet marketing? The solution is keyword research. How do visitors come to your site from Google? They use some keywords and find your contents in Google results. Why don’t most of them buy from your site? Most of them are generic visitors, not the targeted customers. If you don’t target those buying traffic through keyword research, your conversion rate will be low.  So, note that keyword research is very important in your SEO strategy. Finding good keywords from your keyword research can improve Google ranking and conversion rate. It’ll give you the right keywords used by real customers. And note that the research for finding the right keywords will also help you find content ideas for your site. If you can’t afford to spend on a paid keyword tool, you can use these best free keyword research tools below. But these keyword tools can’t compare to paid ones in features and functionalities.

These free keyword research tools provides just the basic features. If you want to grow your business, you need to buy a paid tool. But if you can’t afford to buy such a paid one, find a freelancer working for your requirements . You will save time and money to find the best niche keywords for your site.

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1. Google

The easiest way to find your keywords is getting the Google suggestions. Try typing some words in the Google search bar. It automatically shows related keywords in a drop down list. Those phrases are the search words mostly used by people. You can also try Google Trends to visualize the development of interest for certain search terms over time and use Google Adwords Keyword Planner  to conceptualize for campaign planning, and to get detailed insight into search volumes. Google Keyword Planner is the most popular keyword tool for being a free tool and for AdWords advertisers tool. It is the basic keyword research tool for early stage of SEO. You will find lots of keywords used by Google users. But some SEO experts say Google Keyword tool hides useful keywords. But this tool is a free comprehensive keyword research tool before any others.

2. KW Finder

KW Finder provides keyword suggestions, keyword competitiveness for SEO and PPC campaigns. It also provides the search volume of each keyword. It gives information on domain strength, backlinks Facebook likes etc. It has limitations to free users. But you can subscribe for a monthly fee to get unlimited uses.

KW Finder the free keyword tool

3. Keyword tool.io

This free keyword tool is best when you are finding long tail keywords from Google, Bing and Yahoo data. It uses Google’s autocomplete keywords and Ubersuggest’s keyword features. This tool can form questions from your seed keywords. You can select your local to find keyword results of your country. But it hides important data for free users.

Keywordtool one of the best free tool

4. Instakeywords

One of the best free keyword research tools which helps you find long tail keywords for your pages! Enter your seed keyword and find many long tail keywords. It shows global searches, local searches and CPC. But it hides competition.

5. Answer The Public

It is a really a cool tool providing you lots of keyword suggestions you can target. You will see lots of questions people may search in search engines. Its significance increases post Google Hummingbird update.

6. Übersuggest

This keyword tool by Neil Patel provides suggestions for the search terms related to the seed keyword. It is one of the best free tools many SEO depend on. 

One of the best free tools

7. Wordstream

The keyword tool allows you free searches. Free users can only find the search volume from this tool.

Wordstream as a free keyword tool

8. Google Correlate

Another best keyword research tool from Google. It suggests keywords you can focus on. The tool shows which keywords get searched together. One of the best free alternatives often overlooked by marketers!

As you know, free keyword tools provides just basic functionalities. If you are serious in making profits from your online business, invest in paid alternatives.

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Best Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO Practices
If you can’t afford a paid keyword tool, you can use these best free keyword research tools. But these keyword tools can’t compare to paid ones in features and functionalities.

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