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Keyword Research Service: Uncover Profitable High Google Ranking Keywords

Tiny Investment. Increase Visibility. Grow Traffic.


Keyword research is utmost important in search engine optimization as we need to find out where the target audience are. But it has been being a headache to those who don't how to do it the right way. If you do it wrong in the strategy, you never get your goals from your website and online business. A wise selection of profitable keywords is a must for anyone who runs any type of online marketing. Here is our SEO keyword research service for you to uncover all the profitable high search volume key phrases exactly for your website. The target keywords chosen by our experts will be easy to trigger your pages at high search result positions in Google and other search engines.

Our Keyword Research Services reveal the important search terms to target

Keyword research is one of our important SEO services. The experienced team from our services reveals you the hidden, most important phrases for your website:

  • First, we try to discover your current domain strength.
  • Our team will check your site theme, topic or products (or services) offering in your site.
  • Then, the experts in our SEO services explore to find out some important seed keywords based on what your website needs. You can also give the same to us if you have already .
  • After knowing the right keywords, we find out your top competitors. 
  • Then, we use a highly sophisticated software to unveil  all long tail and short tail phrases your site can rank easily and bring more visitors.
  • From the keyphrases generated by the software, our experts select highly relevant, low competition, high traffic volume and profitable search phrases you can use to target on your website. Finally, we deliver the invaluable list of profitable SEO keywords that you should keep in the safe place.

What's in the keyword list you will get from us?

In the list, you'll find all the phrases that your site can rank high and bring more traffic. For each keyword, you will also find the data like Keyword Competition, Search Volume, AdWords competition, PPC Bid, Country, language etc. in the keyword sheet.  Target the keywords using in your content/webpages and drive more and more visitors on to your site.

What's more you'll get from our service?

If you are required or you request us to do so for you, we'll provide you the Google top 10 competition analysis reports for 5 keywords of your choice given to us (from the sheet). From the reports, you'll see how much the competitor sites are strong or weak and why you can get a position in the Google first page results. Here is a sample report of a certain keyword:

seo competition analysis


In the above illustration, you see green signals below the KC column. It means that the keyword is easy to target. The more 'green' you see, the easier to rank. In case you see yellow signals, it means that it is worth to try. If you don't find any green or yellow, it indicates the keyword is hard to target. The keywords you will receive from us are those ones easy for targeting and high in traffic volume for your domain. Look at other columns in the illustration. You'll see Domain KC, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domain TF, Domain CF, External Backlinks, Page Ref Domains, Root Ref Domains, Indexed URLs, Internal Links and Site Age. They are important metrics to check in how you can beat the competitors.

The sheet you'll receive from us contains profitable long tail keywords specially selected based on your site authority and performance. They can trigger your site pages in Google.

Use them to create new articles/content for your site, landing pages, supporting pages, etc.. Use them in internal linking, link building campaigns, guest blogging and other SEO campaigns.

Who needs our keyword research service?

  • New site owners who don't have special skills in keyword research.
  • Marketing services who want to outsource the work.
  • Small businesses who don't want to spend on expensive paid SEO and keyword tools.
  •   And anyone who is frustrated with free keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner and other basic tools.

Why our keyword service is so special for you? 

  • We deliver the quality in-depth research results quickly as compared to other keyword research services.
  • You will need just a tiny investment
  • We reveal hidden, profitable key phrases you never thought of.
  • We find out the high traffic and low competition phrases your site can rank with.
  • We provide the competition analysis reports of Google top 10 results for 5 keywords of your choice on your demand. 
  • And, our service window will remain open for your questions and comments to ensure that you get a satisfactory service from us before closing your project. 

Think of this! If your site is not found in the first page of a search engine like Google, you won't get any fruit from your marketing efforts. If you blindly target search words too tough search , you never get the desired Google rankings. If you are working with too low traffic phrases, you are still sitting far from your dream business goal. Finally, if you target wrong keywords, you never attain the success.

We know the right balance. The experts in our SEO services will work for you to deliver the right keywords your website needs to use.

Hurry! Start using your money SEO keywords before your competitors grabs them and use in their marketing campaigns.

Order our services in the form of a Gig from Fiverr.

It's just $5 to pay us! 

Order Our Service on Fiverr Here

(We will work on your project immediately and deliver the same to you as soon as possible within 24 hours. Your money is safe. Fiverr will hold your money until the project is completed.)

If you have any question to ask, contact the gig seller on Fiverr.


We always try to find the best keywords for clients. Clients should create quality and exciting content using them to get high search engine rankings. After indexing the content, Google may rank it higher or lower. It is due to many factors like low domain authority, page authority and others. Note that older sites or pages rank better than newer ones in Google SERPs. If a site is also blacklisted by Google, it will be very hard to rank even with the easiest keyphrase. Hence, although our keyword research services find the best search words for the clients, they may face hard time when they try to achieve their desired SERP rankings. In this case, they need to improve their page content and other on-page factors. They should also improve off-site strategies like linking building, social media engagement etc. If a client's site is involved in some errors with Google, he or she needs to fix it at the earliest. If the content is good enough to rank and nothing wrong with Google, it will climb up its position automatically in Google SERPs over time. The sole aim of the keyword research services is just finding the right keywords and delivering the best terms that the clients can target to get easily ranked in search engines and gain increasing traffic. 

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