The PR Tactics SMEs Should Be Utilizing

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In order to generate coverage and raise their profiles, there are several PR tactics small to medium sized enterprises can explore. These range from traditional tools such as press release announcements, media relations and stunts, to digital practices including networking on social media platforms.

When utilising traditional core communications tools such as press releases, businesses should explore different creative angles in order to ensure content is as newsworthy and relevant as possible to the media and its audience. This also applies to articles, blogs and by-lines, and is especially important as print media space declines and journalists have limited space to run stories.

Choosing a cost-efficient media database or even building one manually is essential for creating a robust press list for pitching purposes, and a key feature for any successful PR campaign. Furthermore, exploring other ways of distributing stories such as newswires can also be effective. One thing businesses should note in regards to newswires is to choose quality over quantity, or in this instance, a wire which although may be more expensive, will syndicate the piece to a wider audience.

Although traditional PR tactics are still very much alive, many publications now have an online presence too, which gives SMEs more coverage and networking opportunities within their PR campaigns. Furthermore, integrating PR practices with social media will help to reach a wider audience and can result in further opportunities for coverage. When planning an event, brands can use social media as a driving force and tweet teaser images accompanied by relevant hash tags and the @handles of journalists to help increase visibility and target them in a more enticing manner. Many journalists are very active on Twitter too, so may be more likely to notice a tweet than an email in their already full inbox.

Social media can be very useful as a networking tool, especially on platforms such as LinkedIn. SMEs are able to showcase their successes by sharing coverage and news about new and upcoming products and events, as well as interact with press contacts, which in turn can help to increase the visibility of the brand, and potentially raise their profiles.

Whichever route they choose to take, there are plenty of PR tools that SMEs can utilize in order to generate coverage, raise their profiles and in turn, help increase profits!

Jessica Ward is an account executive at Punch Communications, an integrated PR, search and social media agency with a client base from start-ups to global brands. If you’re interested in services such as digital public relations or seeing what an integrated approach can do for your business, call Punch on 01858 411600 or visit

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