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Best Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO Practices

  How do visitors come to your site? Which keywords or phrases are they using on Google? Why is your conversion rate low? Those are the questions brainstorming in your mind if you are serious in SEO and Internet marketing? The solution is keyword research. How do visitors come to your site from Google? They […]

7 Keyword Research Tips for Effective SEO Strategies

  Keyword research is a must for anyone who undergoes SEO strategies. Read these 7 keyword research tips which will be very useful while you are looking for good keywords for your website. Keyword research is a hard, time consuming task. Beginners are often confused how to do keyword research with keyword tools. Finding the […]

How to Grow Site Traffic and Revenue with Keyword Targeting

Everything you do for your website is to meet your goal. You invest your money and time for growing web traffic and revenue. You can do it with a simple optimization trick as I am going to tell you in this article. You should unlock the hidden place to know where the biggest traffic and […]

Best Keyword Placements for High Search Engine Ranking

  Placing your keywords at the right places of your web pages improves Google ranking. Search engine bots visit your site regularly. When they find the keywords at the right places, they think that your page is highly relevant to the keyword. Note that Google ranks the most relevant pages at top positions.   Before […]

How to find the best keywords from your keyword research

When you buy a new domain or create your site pages or content, you need to research for best keywords. Because, your domain should be relevant to your site’s theme. You should produce content to meet visitors’ requirements. Keyword research will give you the ideas how they search on Google and other search engines. Most […]

How to Find the Most Profitable Niche

  If you want to start a successful website, you should know about your market segment. You need to look for those keywords used by people in the market segment. Look for high search volume, low competitive keywords from those niche keywords. Don’t choose a niche hard to rank on Google and other search engines. […]

8 Keyword Research Tools to Leverage Your Online Profits

According to Internet marketers, search engines are the major sources of traffic out of any other sources. SEO specialists use their techniques to improve search engine visibility on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. They use different keyword research tools for getting the keywords used by people on search engines – most importantly Google. These keyword tools […]

Social Media Strategies for SEO Performance in Your Successful Marketing Practices

In the current trends of search engine optimization (SEO), the importance of social media is increasing. More activities in social media will improve your SEO performance. You need to look into the following social media strategies for improving SEO performance. Social Media and Link Building Link building is still important for improving search engine visibility. […]

How to Increase Google Page Rank fast with SEO

Google Page Rank is a numeric value from 0 to 10 given to websites. 10 is the highest value given by Google to most trusted sites. You can find a site’s page rank by installing a Google Toolbar or a browser add-on like SEO Quake. To increase the Google page rank of your site, you […]

Google ‘Not Provided’ Keywords – How to Get the Organic Keyword Data

What is ‘not provided’? Before Google hide them, you saw the keywords on Google Analytics, which brought visitors to your website. But today you see ‘Not Provided’ instead of the organic search terms. It is why Google has encrypted the organic search keywords and hidden from Analytic data or not passed to the destination site, […]

What are profitable long tail keywords

Definition: Long tail keywords are the longer, more exact keywords that are less general, but they are used to drive more traffic and site revenue. They play an amazing part in niche keyword research for your online business solutions. Learning and using long tail search queries will effectively increase traffic and save big PPC ad […]

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