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You want to start a website, because you want to make money from an online business. Your business can be selling your own products or services or selling other people’s products or services (affiliate programs). Your business can also be selling advertisements (like AdSense) on your website. Selling products, services or ads or anything you can do, you need to have a well planned business idea. Only after you have a good money making plan, you should start your online business. Read how to start a successful website with minimal cost. I am going to tell you the important steps, so read this page carefully up to the end.


1. Get a money making idea

Think of a profitable idea to be popular by people. Imagine about your audience how much they will love your website for offering valuable products, services or information. If you can’t see any profitable idea in your mind, read the article and books:

How to Find the Most Profitable Niche

Niche Research Books


2. Buy a domain and web hosting space

Search web hosting in Google. You’ll see lots of web hosting companies in the results. I suggest you start your website with a good web hosting company with affordable pricing and great features. I like Godaddy for their low priced and fully automatic tools suitable for any type of business. If you like their easy-to-use, powerful and world class hosting services, Go to GoDaddy .


Once you land on Godaddy, you have to buy a domain name and a web space to host your website on their server. Find the domain search box and check availability of your domain name. Type a name and search. If available, buy it.


What’s in a domain name?

A domain name is the website name to locate your information on the web. Usually, the domain name can be your company name, or any name to be remembered easily. Some webmasters use keyword in the name to rank their site easily on Google. Yes, I see these keyword domains or Exact Match Domains (EMDs) rank better. For example, when I search seo books on Google, I found stands high in Google search results. But the site is not about SEO books. Note that Google prefers to filter out EMDs anytime in future. See another example. is not about the Amazon river, but it is one of the largest retailer on the internet. So, when naming your domain, use your company name or any name to be easily remembered. You can even use your own name as your domain name.

Read Goodbye Exact Match Domains, Hello Brandable Websites


For domain extensions, you can choose .com if you want to target international audience. If not, choose other extensions specific to your country.


After you get your domain, you need to buy a web hosting space. You can choose a Linux or Windows hosting. Some prefer Linux over Windows. For a tight budget, you can buy a Starter or Economy Webhosting Package from Godaddy. You can upgrade it anytime when you are required.


After you complete your purchase, your website goes live after some time. Try visiting it; you may see a default Godaddy page. Because, you have yet to upload your pages to the web hosting server. Start uploading your files using a FTP software like Filezilla. For any solutions about file uploading and other issues, see the helpful resources in Godaddy.


3. A Static or a Dynamic site?

A static site includes those sites like HTML sites. Designing such a site usually requires the work of a web designer specialized in the job. You also need to invest in the applications like Adobe Dreamweaver. Instead, you can use a free Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. With WordPress, you can design the layout of your webpages for yourself. It has a WYSIWYG editor, so you don’t need to know HTML codes while creating the site pages. In Godaddy, you can install WordPress with just a few clicks. If your site runs on other hosting services, download WordPress and upload it to your hosting server. Read How to install WordPress.


If you don’t like the default look of your Worpress site, you can change a new theme or customize it until you feel happy. If you can’t do it, read this article How to Customize WordPress. For in-depth reading, check these books.


To make your site more powerful and search engine friendly, you should add or remove WordPress plugins and other elements inside your WordPress installation. Check best WordPress SEO plugins. If you did it, you’ve finished setting up your site. Now you are ready to publish your site content. Open WordPress page or post editor, create your Homepage, categories, article pages and add tags. You can also use Microsoft Live Editor to edit or publish new content to your site from your computer.


4. Optimize your site for search engines

If your site is ready for visitors, optimize it for search engines. There are several search engines to get your website found. The most important and most used search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Even without submitting to them, these search engines crawls your site. Go to and search your domain ( If you see your site pages in the results, Google has found your site. If not, wait for a few days and check again.


Then try searching on Google with a keyword of your product or service offered on your site. For example, if you are selling self help books, search self help books on Google. I know that you don’t see your site in the top 10 results. Why? There are several factors for achieving top 10 rankings. New sites or pages are hard to rank immediately. Your job is always trying to achieve the top Google positions for getting lots of free traffic and sales on your site. Use SEO techniques.


What is SEO?

Search engines take a very important role in finding websites like yours for their users. Their aim is providing the best information for users’ keywords in their results. But most search engine users don’t look further than the first page of results. If a searcher can’t find the right result from the top 10 results, he searches again using different keywords. If your site is not found in the page one, your site misses thousands of customers. So, you need to acquire those high search positions to get success with your site. Here comes SEO. SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization. Webmasters use SEO techniques to achieve the gold spots for maximizing free traffic from Google and other search engines. It is worth to note that most webmasters do SEO for Google since it has the largest number of users in the world.


Read Starter Guide to Search Engine Optimization by Google. It is an essential guide you should read, but don’t expect from it that you’ll get advanced SEO tips and tricks from it to achieve your goal. So, look for some books from our selected top 10 Most Recommended SEO Books. If your site runs on WordPress, you should also check the Best WordPress SEO Books. Follow the techniques from the SEO gurus. You’ll learn lots of valuable lessons about improving Google ranking and traffic volume.


Tips to Boost SEO and Traffic:

To make a successful website, you need to have customers – lots of highly targeted people. But, the above SEO books can’t fit all in-depth lessons in a single volume. You may want to learn more about the different marketing topics individually. You may take the following are the ways to make your marketing campaigns more effective.


5. Keyword Research:

Keyword research is the most important task you should do in developing a new site and updating an ongoing site. Using right keywords for your products or services offering in your site will bring you more buying customers. Keyword research also helps in finding new content generation ideas for your visitors. You should find the best keywords with high traffic volume but low competition. Read this article How to Do Keyword Research.


If you are not satisfied with the article, read the Best Selling Keyword Research Books. Also note that keyword research is a time consuming and tiresome task to find the best keywords for high Google ranking and organic traffic. So, you can try these easy-to-use, fully automatic Keyword Research Tools. You can also use some free keyword research tools even though they are limited in functionalities.


6. Quality Content

Even though you have the best product, you can’t sell it, if you don’t express about it well. Improve your content writing. Content can be text articles, images, infographics or videos. You should create and publish quality content to fulfil your customers’ requirements. Google ranks quality content based on clickthroughs and visitor behaviours on your site. I suggest you read the Web Content Writing Books. Or read this article for getting some skills on How to write SEO friendly content for High Google Ranking. Because, quality content is the most important factor for top Google placements and sales conversion.


7. Google AdWords

A hiding product gets no buyer. Google AdWords is a very good advertising program for promoting your new website or products instantly. It is based on Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising system, so it won’t charge you until your ad gets clicks from customers. Your AdWords campaign can increase traffic hits on your website, so it helps in Google search ranking in future. But if you are a beginner, your Cost-per-Click (CPC) may be too high unnecessarily. AdWords experts invest their efforts for maximizing Click-through Rate (CTR) by minimizing CPC. You can get AdWords success by improving Quality Score. Read these Best Google AdWords Books.


8. Link Building

When you place your links in other websites back to your site, you get free traffic from those websites. You’ll also see your site rising in Google results. But, if your link building campaigns becomes spammy in search engine result pages (SERPs), your site ranking will be adversely affected due to Google Penguin penalties. You’ll lose free traffic from Google suddenly. How to earn quality backlinks and get the benefits? Expert link builders can still get the benefits in this age of constantly changing Google algorithm. Read how they do it effectively and efficiently with these Link Building Books.


9. Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc are top social media sites with millions of users worldwide every day. Promote your site and products to them. You’ll get recognition and huge sales. Sharing your content to fans and talking about your brand in these social networking sites gets clickthroughs to your site. People in SEO industry believe that such social signals improve Google SERP ranking. Learn how Social Media marketers do their best to achieve their business goal. Read the Best Social Media Marketing Books. Or study the marketing skills individually about Facebook Marketing, Google+ Marketing and Twitter Marketing.


10. Content Marketing

In content marketing, you create valuable content and distribute them to drive more traffic and sales on your website. Read this article about the Benefits of Content Marketing. I know that you might wonder about how to create valuable content, how and where to distribute. Learn top secrets and techniques from these Content Marketing Books.


11. Email Marketing

Most small business owners ignore email marketing. But, note that it is an effective sales driving system. Let’s take an example. You offer a free ebook to download to your visitors for subscribing your newsletter. Visitors will fill their email address and name in your subscription form for downloading the ebook. The email addresses will be automatically recorded in an email software. Now, using the email software, you can send them your newsletters, new product announcements and any information to drive more traffic on your website. So, you can turn the visitors into buyers and you can keep relationship with them for long. Get the know-how’s and marketing secrets with these Email Marketing Books.


12. Conversion Optimization

I think, if you did most of the above, you’ll get lots of visitors and you’ll find your site rising up in Google SERP ranking. Check your site data in Google Analytics. You’ll find the number of visitors and other valuable data. Your success depends on the sales of your products or services. For example, if your product page got 1000 visitors yesterday, see how many sales you did from that page. Do you think the conversion rate is quite low? If yes, your product page needs to be improved. Learn how to optimize your page for increasing sales or for getting more actions from visitors. Read these Conversion Optimization Books.


So far you have learnt some marketing techniques to make a successful or profitable website. You know that you have to read some books and use some SEO tools as mentioned above. You should do it. If not, you’ll need to hire SEO experts and spend a big amount of Dollars – not once, but periodically as long as you want to stay at the position you desire. You might think that you have to read a pile of books and use different tools. You may feel boring. No, really! Know you can’t get success overnight. So, you should read and work to some extent. But you can do it easily in your own pace.


Follow me. After you set up your site with a web hosting company like Godaddy, prepare your site pages and publish them on your site. Then, read at least two different SEO books mentioned above and apply the techniques to your site. You’ll learn different SEO strategies from the two books. If you want to learn more, read other SEO books. You’ll see different views of SEO strategies and, get your own SEO, finally.


Usually, SEO books include a collection of different topics of marketing techniques. Choose a technique in need and read the books on the specialized topic like link building, Google AdWords, Content Writing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing or Video Marketing, as you wish. Use keyword research tools or SEO Software as you like or as you can invest on them.


Remember that you can earn more success using diversified strategies. Only one strategy may not fulfil your goal. Always look for new, effective marketing tactics for your site success. Frequently monitor your competitors in your market sector and invest your efforts to stand above them. Always remember that SEO or internet marketing strategies are not always the same. You have to update your skills as Search engine algorithms update and your competitor strategies change. Read SEO articles found in this site and other sites regularly. Read more Internet marketing books and use advanced tools to always remain on top of others.


Whenever you need a marketing guide, don’t forget to visit this Web Marketing Bookstore.


And I always welcome any relevant comments if you feel something to say about marketing strategies on the internet.



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