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In the current trends of search engine optimization (SEO), the importance of social media is increasing. More activities in social media will improve your SEO performance. You need to look into the following social media strategies for improving SEO performance.

Social Media and Link Building

Link building is still important for improving search engine visibility. Social signals i.e. Likes, Shares etc are incorporated in Google ranking algorithm. It is obvious that Google+ is included into Google results and Facebook data into Bing. Social media activities will enhance your link building advantages. Old link building techniques like article submission, directory submission and blog commenting work no longer. Now, the most efficient way of promoting your content is social media.

Inbound links from social media and seo strategies

Social Media leverage SEO. Because, it generates inbound links. Inbound links influence SERP rankings. Google love links generated by social media sites. Activities at social media are also your fresh contents search engines love (if they include your keywords). In short, you need SEO for improving your search rankings and social media for talking with/among your targeting audience. But, today the combined strategies are essential.

So, do your SEO and integrate social media with it. According to Searchmetrics, seven out of ten most important SEO ranking factors are from social media. From this point, it is necessary to go your SEO and social media practices together. You should consider the following strategies for an online marketing success:

1. Interact with others in social media channels:  Join in social media sites and start conversations with people. Share your high value content to them and engage with them. Engagement should be done by sharing their content, appreciating them for retweets and shares, and joining them in conversations. Spend a few minutes per day with those people.

2. Promote your brand:  Take opportunities to promote your brand. Use your brand image and name in social profiles. Link your profile name and descriptions to your site. Share good, relevant content consistently with your brand name to social sites.

3. Add Social buttons to share your content: Add social media buttons on your pages. By doing so, people who visit your site will share your content whenever they want. Make sure you include the buttons of Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and Pinterest. Include social media profile badges on your homepage. You should also include social sharing buttons in your newsletters, blog posts and sidebars. Add social commenting functionality through Facebook, Disqus etc. Add Google Authorship for content contributors.

4. Have a Google+ presence: Have a Google+ account and ensure that your profile is connected with your website. Also put a Google+ button on your pages for people who want to share your content. Google+ is now the second largest social site only after Facebook. Spend your time to build your audience there. Social signals give an impact in Google algorithm. But signals from Google+ have more weight than Twitter and Facebook. So, spend your time more with Google+.

5. Think of keywords in social media: While keywords are important in your SEO campaigns, they are also important in your social media activities. Think of those keywords or keyword phrases people might use in social media. Use the keyword phrases in social updates of your content. Use in tweets, Facebook updates, Google+ posts etc.


6. Listen what is talking about in social media: Know what is trending now. You can use social software like Nimble and learn what your targeting audience are talking about.


7. Use your blog to enhance your SEO and social media campaigns: Have a blog in your marketing space and post strong content. It will strengthen your SEO rankings and social media reach. Integrate social media with it. When you promote your content to different social media sites, use different wording; don’t use the same words used in Facebook post to Google+ post. Create internal links within the blog properly. Build relationships with other authority blogs with your blog. Webmasters build their blogs integrated with social media to build link and authority in their niche. You should link from your blog posts to relevant pages of your main site. It is a good idea to add navigational links on your blog to your main site. By doing so, your SEO performance will strengthen. Leveraging sites like YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc is important from a content marketing point.

8. Analyze your strategies through Google Analytics: Without knowing what you are doing, you won’t succeed. Tracking what’s working and what not in your SEO and social media campaigns is important for you. Learn hits and misses from the Analytic data. See the quality traffic, not the volume.


SEO is a complex subject. In this era, if you follow a single dimensional approach, you can’t attain your goal. If you want to make your strategy effective, you need to create great content incorporating your keywords, social media strategies and link building strategies. They are the three elements of your marketing success.

I think that this article will help you greatly in your online marketing campaigns. If so, please share this article to other people with the following social buttons. If you have something to complement or improve the article, leave your valuable comments below. Your comments are most welcome.

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