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We all hear Google is always with algorithmic updates and its Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting better. What should you do for 2019 to keep your current rankings or improve your site rankings? Almost every single update gives an impact in SERP ranking. Many websites may get serious drops in keyword ranking while others get benefited. Have you ever seen your site ranking dropped or benefited when you checked with your main keywords? Might be you lost or gained in the SERPs due to Google updates, you should look into things you need to understand about SEO for 2019. The following are the SEO trends from many experts for this year.


Google says the same constantly – build your brand, don’t buy links, don’t create dodgy links, don’t game the system, etc. If you break their guidelines, your site gets penalized. Today, SEO has changed many folds. Throw away such old practices like keyword stuffing and serious backlinking. You will get hit by Google updates. But, one thing you should remember is natural links are still important as a Google ranking factor. Build your brand naturally, improve user engagement, increase social interaction and create informative content. They are what Google is looking for to rank.


Now, Google is not happy with article marketing, directory links, blog commenting and artificial links. Forget those old fashioned SEO techniques.

Google releases new updates constantly. So, your SEO strategies should be changing frequently. Keep in mind your competitors might be doing SEO like you. Your site should have unique, quality content. You should have quality backlinks and you should disavow if you find harmful links to your site. Never think of shortcuts, SEO is a long process for long lasting results.



What can you do in 2019 for effective SEO campaigns?


1. Mobile version of your site is increasingly important
Google indexes both mobile and desktop versions of your site. But Google uses the mobile version first for ranking. Switch to it as soon as possible (if not done so already). But it doesn’t mean m-dot (for example, Check how your mobile pages look like with a website auditor.


2. Optimize your site speed

Desktop loading time is a ranking factor. Like that, mobile page speed becomes a Google ranking factor. Improve your optimization score for mobile devices.


3. Increase your brand awareness

Brand mentions online provide good ranking signals to search engines. By analyzing the properties, Google can get a better picture of your authority. Try to mention the brand name whenever is possible online. It is a natural way to boost your rankings. Engage with your customers or clients to address their pains. Your reputation gives ranking signals. You can use Awario to monitor your brand mentions. Find influencers and use them to expand your company and business. You can also check the strategies of your competitors how they do to increase their brand awareness.


4. Keyword research with Amazon

Some study reveals that 56% of people with shopping in mind goes to Amazon first. So, if you are a seller, you need to research for keywords they use on Amazon. Find an good Amazon keyword research tool and find valuable buyer keywords used by shoppers.


5. Know visitors intent

Visitor intent is one of the most important things you should take care in 2019. Based on your industry sector or niche, some visitors prefer texts, some others prefer videos or images or audios more importantly. Find out which type of content is more interested to people based on your business goal, and produce more quality content for them.


6. Try to be everywhere

The more people find you, the quicker your business will grow. You can do many things for this. Some of them you can do are: write useful articles and post them to sites that allow guest blogging, make your mobile app and upload to app stores, create eBooks and publish to eBook directories, create infographics and publish to infographic sites, make video tutorials and make them available at Youtube and other video sites, record promotional audios and upload to audio sites etc. Do it any where your target audience are.


7. Use Structured Data Markup whenever possible

Contextual relationships between topics and behaviors supported by structured markup are critically important these days for Google. They help search engines identify your topic clearly. So, try to apply structured markup in your site pages whenever possible. Use appropriate schema vocabulary on pages for products, offers, events, contact information, organizational information, ratings, content type etc. You can use a plugin if yours is a WordPress site.


8. Improve your On-Page SEO
Content is king. Content is the solution. Google is always intent to provide the most relevant content based on user’s keywords. Google has also Knowledge Graph to provide faster answers to user’s queries. Create quality content that answer visitor requirements. Although links are still important, you should focus more on such on-page optimization. Make visitors easier find anything they are looking for. Make them easier to contact you. Add a sharing widget to make them share your content easily to others.


9. Watch Google search features

If you watch search results for different search terms, you’ll see often features like – local results, Knowledge Graph, featured snippets, “People also ask” box, news from Google News, images from Google images and videos from Youtube. Websites capable of including most of these Google search features can win more traffic and conversion in 2019. For this reason, you need to improve your SEO strategies for these search features.


10. Optimize Conversion
Return-on-Investment (ROI) is important for every business. You should track how much percentage of visitors is turning into sale or your goal. For securing more conversion, you should provide right content they are looking for. Easy to follow navigation and clear value of your content are important for them. Improve, improve and convert more of your traffic to achieve your marketing goal.


I think you are clear with some of the above SEO tactics for 2019. For more SEO techniques of the year, check our Weekly SEO News updates here.


Here is a video you can watch about search engine optimization in 2019 from Neil Patel:


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