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We have lived in a year with enough Google updates. Still, we have to face the same in this year 2014. Almost every single update gave an impact in SERP ranking. Many websites got serious drops in keyword ranking while others got benefited. Was your site ranking dropped or benefited last year? Might be you lost or gained your SERP ranking due to Google updates, you should look into things you need to understand about SEO for 2014 to maintain success with your website. The following are thoughts and tips from many SEO experts.

Google says the same constantly – build your brand, don’t buy links, don’t create dodgy links, don’t game the system etc. If you break their guidelines, your site gets penalized. Today, SEO has changed many folds. Throw away such practices like keyword stuffing and serious backlinking. Your pages will get hit by Google updates. But, one thing you should remember is links are still important for Google ranking. Build your brand, user engagement, social interaction and create informative content. They are what Google is looking for to rank.

Now, Google neglects article marketing, directory links, blog commenting and artificial links. Forget those old fashioned SEO techniques. Know some these SEO facts:

Google releases new updates constantly. So, your SEO strategies should be changing constantly. Keep in mind your competitors are doing SEO like you. Your site should have unique, quality content. You should have quality backlinks and you should fight if you find damaging links to your site. Never think of shortcuts, SEO is a long process.

What can you do in 2014 for effective SEO campaigns?

1. Design your site for mobile devices
It is reported that, in 2014, we will see more mobile web users than desktop users. So, it becomes mandatory to design your site both for desktop and mobile users. You can make an investment in mobile site designing.

2. Focus on Content
Content is king. Content is the solution. We saw it in 2013. Google always has intent to provide the best content based on user’s keywords. Google has also released Knowledge Graph to provide faster answers to user’s queries. Create quality content that answer visitor requirements.

3. Promote your content
If your content is put at a solitary island, it can’t reach people. Promote your content with the following best known ways:

  1. Social media: Use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others to promote your content. Increase exposure by encouraging people to share, like, tweet etc.
  2. Paid advertising: You can get instant promotion through PPC marketing, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing etc. By doing so, you can earn targeted and instant traffic for your products or services.

4. Optimize Conversion
Return-on-Investment (ROI) is important for every business. You should tract how much percentage of visitors is turning into sale. For securing more conversion, you should provide right content they are looking for. Easy to follow navigation and clear value of your content are important for them. Improve, improve and convert more of your traffic into sale.

5. Increase User Interaction
Note that, if visitors on your website like your content, they share it to others, bookmark and visit the page again and again. Google knows the content has high quality. It gets high search engine ranking. Create relevant content that provide value to visitors.

6. Know about Google Semantic Search
For user’s queries, Google provides results based on the related terms (not exactly the keywords or phrases). After Hummingbird update, we have seen it is clear. For example, when you search “books” as keyword, you may find results of book stores. So, when you create your content, keep this in your mind. No more emphasis on keywords, it is about relevance.

7. Use cocitation while linking
Don’t use too many same keyword rich anchor texts. Use cocitation practices instead.  For example, instead of saying Best On-Page SEO Tool, say something like Best On-Page SEO Tool at It will be imperative as Google keeps away from keywords in 2014.

8. Acquire ‘Not Provided’ keywords
Google has encrypted keyword data in Analytics. So, you no longer view those valuable keywords. Don’t worry. Read this article.

9. Create Youtube videos
Google+ integrates with Youtube. If someone wants to provide a comment on your Youtube video, he needs to sync with Google+. So, conversation starts with those people of his Google+ circle. Create ‘how-to’ videos and interviews and upload to your account. Your Youtube account and videos will add more SEO performance in 2014.

10. Get reviewers
Reviews are great. Get related reviewers or review sites and introduce your product or service to them. If you get reviewed, many people will talk a lot about you. If so, your brand and product awareness will further enhance among the web community.

I think you are clear with some of the above SEO tactics for 2014. Google changed the way in 2013 and they will move on in 2014 too. Google keeps away keyword priorities. Keep priorities on quality content this year.

Here is a video:

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