SEO Tactics for 2017 and Books to Avoid Google Downranking

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Google is ever changing in its algorithm. So, SEO tactics should be changing. Google updates its Algorithm a number of times in a year. We need to update our SEO tactics to tackle with Google updates. SEO in 2016 will not always be the same in 2017. Today, many experts have begun predicting for SEO 2017. Many SEO writers have started publishing new SEO books for the year 2017.


If you are thinking of a success in your SEO strategies, high Google SERP ranking, and huge free traffic from Google, always look out for brand new SEO techniques, expert articles from SEO gurus, SEO books by seasoned marketing gurus.


So, what’s new in Search Engine Optimization this year? Read this page for a growing success in 2017. This article is based on many thoughts from SEO community.


1. User Intent: Search engine users today are more intelligent than ever before when they perform a search.  They use full length search words or queries to get the right results more quickly. Top search engines like Google know the user intent and provide the results effectively. When optimizing your page, think of a better long tail keyword and focus exactly on the target keyword in the content.


2. Brand: In your SEO tactics in 2017, brand is going to be the important value when you optimize your content. It is even becoming more valuable than your keyword. So, consider your brand awareness to improve in the On-page and Off-page SEO strategies. 


3. Schema Markup: Structured Data Markup (aka Schema Markup) is still the need of the day. If you have not yet included in your website, do it without delay. Schema Markup helps search engines (more importantly Google) understand your content, present your content in a way to be useful to searchers. So, your page or content will have more chances to display in search results.


4. User-Friendly Mobile Design: Today, mobile users are constantly increasing worldwide. So, designing your site for mobile users is essential. Now, mobile friendliness is one of the important ranking factors. Optimize your site for mobile devices like cell phones, tablets etc. Your site will enhance engagement and conversion. So, it becomes a mandatory in 2017.


5. User Engagement: High user engagement will be a factor of ranking already. Websites with low visitor engagement are facing threats. Think of what your visitors want the most. Feeding your site with those things that interest the visitors will help your site improve user engagement. You can apply A/B Testing to learn what your visitors are interested to.


6. Fresh Content: It is not true a top ranking page will always hold the position. Update your website with interesting topics to attract visitors. Visitors come back if they found hot, new topics or things in your site. That also attracts other new visitors. Hot new content will enhance engagement and conversion. Update your site with one or two new posts in a week. If you have nothing to post, update your existing pages with new information.


7. High Quality Content: Yes, you need it. You need high quality content in 2017 and in the years to come. What’s in high quality content? Your content should be a unique content. Content should be useful to visitors. If your content can excite the visitors, that’s great. It will enhance user experiences and search ranking in Google. Create great content for users, not for search engines. While creating content, think how users will react with your content. Create fat content that will be happy to them.


8. Voice Search: In this tech advanced world, people get idle in their day-to-day activities. They feel idle in typing too. So, they often use the voice search option with the browser. Though today’s voice search technology is not in a perfect level, Google tries to improve it to satisfaction for its users. So, it is time for SEO folks to practice for the voice search innovation beyond text searches.


Note that every Google update comes with smarter filters for tricking spams and loopholes used by webmasters. So, start the ethical, wise SEO strategies for the coming year 2017.


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SEO Tactics for 2016 and Books to Avoid Google Downranking
Google is ever changing. So, SEO tactics is changing. Google updates its Algorithm a number of times in a year. We need to update the SEO tactics to tackle Google updates. SEO 2015 will not always be the same in SEO 2016.

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