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Every webmaster wants to put their website in high Google ranking. They are always seeking the answer for how Google ranks a website. Yes, we want to know Google ranking factors and implement them to our website. The following infographic reveals you how to rank in Google.

As we know, there are more than 200 Google ranking factors. They are complex and hard to implement all the factors. To easily understand, I bring this SEO infographic from Quicksprout and explain here briefly what it says.

  1. The domain started with targeted keyword has more advantage to rank than others don’t have.
  2. The keyword added in the page title tag gives more ranking signal.
  3. A keyword appearing more than other keywords gives relevance signal.
  4. More content length plays deep importance.
  5. Pages with images provide relevance signal.
  6. Google prefers sites with appropriate contact information.
  7. Google looks at a site’s freshness how often it adds new content.
  8. Google prefers Youtube videos in a site.
  9. Backlinks from old high PR websites are more powerful.
  10. Links in a page’s main content are more powerful than others found elsewhere in the page.
  11. More Twitter tweets and Facebook shares boost Google SERP ranking.
  12. Clocking, buying links and auto-generated content are spams to Google and may lead to penalties.

 Now, find the infographic below. Any comment from you is welcome.

Google ranking factors infographic


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