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 Google Penguin 2.0 has been rolled out, as announced by Matt Cutts, on May 22, 2013 and it affected around 2.3% of English-US queries. We have witnessed some sites we know have been affected. After implemented it in Google’s algorithm, now the question in the SEO community is “How to recover” affected sites. Since Penguin 1.0 implemented in April, 2012, there has been mini updates threatening the SEO world. Penguin 2.0 is a major update of the algorithm.

 Before this Penguin update, see what Matt Cutts said on Youtube:

 If your site is found affected after the Penguin update, you should do some steps to recover your site from rank drops.

What Penguin 2.0 does?

The new generation of Penguin is primarily designed to penalize the websites using unethical SEO techniques and reward those websites having genuine value. Authority sites and websites offering quality contents and values to users won’t get affected.

 Webmasters should remove link spamming and hacking. Cluster results from the same website are also a problem.

 Certain search keywords closest to spam and websites with too many advertisements may be penalized. The space taken by ads on a page should not exceed the space taken by content area. Google’s aim is to provide users with the relevant high quality results.

Is link building still helpful?

Backlinks from reputable and high PR sites are important. A lot of links from bad neighbourhoods won’t do much good. Links from the relevant contents of trusted websites protect your site from future Google updates. Websites with good social signals (Facebook and Twitter) are good for building links.

Understanding Link Velocity

Webmasters should check the link velocity. Quality sites accumulate links over time. But, if a site acquires more than 75 links a day, the site is red flagged by Google.

Too many exact match anchor texts are the indication of spamming

Words in the anchor texts should occur naturally. Anchor texts with excessive exact match keywords are counted as web spam and penalized.

Check relevance of links to your site

Penguin 2.0 penalizes links from irrelevant websites. Link quality should be considered in future SEO campaigns. If not, page rank of a site is adversely affected.

 So, if you find your site is affected by the iteration of Penguin, it is recommended to audit link profile to identify bad links to your site. Check which sites link back to you. If you find sites with poor link quality, it is recommended to remove those backlinks. It will result in a negative impact on the SEO campaigns.

 It is necessary to remove and disavow harmful inbound links to get back your SEO rankings. If you don’t know which link to remove and disavow, you should consult SEO professionals to do the job for you.

 If your site has been hit by Penguin 2.0 and your SEO strategy is link building, start building new, highly relevant inbound links from high quality websites. You may do this by guest blogging.

Penguin 2.0 looks at Advertorials

Advertorials have been popular SEO techniques. Paid content placements should have a disclaimer and ‘nofollow’ links since it is against link buying terms and conditions.

Has your site been hacked?

Hackers might crack down your site to add their links without your permission. It commonly happens with Content Management Systems (CMSs). Your site might get penalized. Try to update it to the latest version to avoid it. Here, Google Webmaster Tools can help webmasters a bit.

Build an Authority site

Try to be an authority site to become an authority in your niche. Here, brand is important. To become an authority site, the key areas are Authority rank, Google Plus, Social shares and Rich Snippets. You need high quality contents for social signals. Try to get natural links to the contents. Build relationships within your niche. Build a social site.

Use 301 Redirects

If you have pages no longer used, use 301 redirect method to tell Google the pages have been permanently moved and it should follow it. You can also put ‘noindex’ tag in the header. Use your canonicals in place and correctly.

Over Optimization with Keywords

If too many keywords are used in a page in the hope of gaining page rank on Google, it is likely to get penalty for keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing should also not do in ALT attributes on the images.

Avoid unethical or Black Hat SEO techniques

Any manipulative activity to gain the SEO rankings in Google results may result in spamming that leads to removing from Google results.

 penguin 2 seo

The New SEO after Penguin 2.0

As you read this article, you’ve learn you need a content strategy. The new SEO after Penguin 2.0 update is content marketing. If you ignore content, you ignore Google and its algorithm. So, it will affect your site.

Content marketing can create traffic, leads, rankings, and brand awareness. Content may be text, images, video, infographics, or anything on your website.

But content marketing is not all the things you should think of. Don’t forget there are 200+ factors of Google algorithm. So, we also need to think about other factors beyond that content writing.

You need to look at internal and external links, spam comments on your blog, site speed and usability, Google crawl rate, sitemap, viral activities, etc. You need also to check user generated content spam if someone is scamming you on your website/blog. Visit Google Webmaster Tools regularly to check if there is any crawling issue to be fixed.


The above are few things you can check out of a long list. Long vision SEO is a real SEO. Webmasters need a Post Penguin 2.0 SEO. It is recommended to conduct a site audit. Instead of trying to recover a Penguin hit site, it is better to go Penguin free. If attacked by Penguin, a very few websites only can recover fully. If your site was hit, sometimes you may need to start your site all over again.

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