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The dream of every webmaster is acquiring page one ranking on search engines and getting huge traffic. The first result page of Google is goldmine to them. They know the clickthrough rate on the first page is more than those second and remaining other pages. All webmasters want to include their site into that listing. For this purpose, site owners invest thousands of dollars to SEO and SEM companies. Unfortunately, the results are temporary. There is tough competition on this page. Competitors will beat one another for a better position. If lost, to regain a ranking, one needs to continue struggles or investing to those SEO and SEM experts. Whenever site owners want to stand on that top spots of Google, he or she needs throwing out thousands from their pocket. Here, a question arises, “Is it possible to achieve a permanent top 10 ranking on Google?

Yes! From my experience it is possible. Before I tell you about it, I want to know with you why all webmasters are rushing for Google Ranking. A study reported that the top first position gets 36.4% clickthrough rate (CTR). The second and third positions get 12.5% and 9.5% respectively. So, you know the top 3 results alone get 58.4% of all clicks from users. The study report also said that average CTR of page one is 8.9% and page two is 1.5%. The 10th position on page one is always better than the 1st position on page two. Knowing this metrics, the struggle on page one is so tough.

If you want to stand out, you need extraordinary efforts to beat the competitors. You need money and efforts to acquire those top spots in both AdWords and SEO results. When you outsource the work to SEO or SEM companies, you need to spend thousands and spend repeatedly to maintain the desired ranking. Another study says website owners spent 23.6 billion dollars in 2009 to own this Google goldmine. But the results are temporary and the maintenance cost increases by 20% every year. Realizing this fact, site owners are looking for a solution to achieve a permanent ranking on the Google top spots. Here, I introduce you a book called “Effective SEO Strategies – Search Engine Optimization to Achieve Top Rankings in 2013 and Beyond”.

seo book - Effective SEO Strategies

The author James Telles says the book is a product of his experiences after many years in the investigation. He says SEO and SEM companies won’t like to reveal the strategies to site owners. Because, their business will dramatically be down if the strategies are widely used. Really, the strategies outlined in this book are simple. It is not required any technical skill. A simple site owner or webmaster can do it easily and hold the desired top ranking with minimum spend and efforts for decades.

I have seen his example website. He gave me 3 keywords to find how well the website ranks on search engines. I searched on Google with the 3 keywords. I found the website at 1 to 3 top positions for the keywords. Then, I did the same on other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc. Again I found the website within the top 3 positions. In the meantime, several Google Panda and Penguin updates have been released and several websites got affected their rankings due to the updates. But, to my wonder, till now the website remains standing at their positions.

The author says he uses a systematic approach. SEO companies will like to use this book, because they’ll like to use the same strategies for their clients. Search engine rankings using the strategies are unbeatable and permanent. No other SEO techniques can defeat it. For example, if you use “free game download” as a keyword for a relevant page of your website, the keyword ranking on Google’s first page listing will be permanent. No one can push it down. If you want your 10 important pages to rank, you can optimize them for 10 keywords using the system. In short, you can optimize any number of pages to get rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AltaVista, Ask etc. But you should have relevant pages for each keyword. Using this system, you can cut off the expenses to SEO experts. Any experienced and inexperienced person in SEO can use the strategies in this book.

It is not hype. You just wait for two weeks to achieve the results. After optimizing with the strategies, you should submit them to search engines you want. Once search engines index your website(s), you’ll see your desired rankings in the top 10 listing of search engines. It may take two weeks or less.

You can take this article as a review of the book. If you want to acquire a permanent ranking and to save a lot of SEO costs, I recommend you this book for a try. If you are interested, read this book – Effective SEO Strategies.

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