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It is apparent that Penguin hit the web and Google roll out its algorithmic updates more often. Every time an update is released, many websites rise up on Google and many others lose out of sight. These new updates have changed the face of whole SEO industry. While individuals in the industry who faced the impact of Google penalties are looking for a solution, here I am giving you some SEO tips to safeguard from those attacks. Then, what should you do now?

 First of all, ask yourself, “Why are they releasing these serious updates?” You know the answer. But, they did not say to stop SEO. Google say they want to provide the good content quickly to people. So, instead of looking for loopholes, you should go safe respecting their quality guidelines. If you show support to what they want, you are in the safe side and your SEO will be resistant to upcoming Penguin updates.

 It is simple. Read the Google’s webmaster guidelines and follow them. Don’t act against them. Don’t do magical tricks for quick results. Build trust and think of legitimacy.

1. Speed Up Your Site

Nobody can’t wait “page loading” too long. Google love speed. If your site takes too long to load, it hurts visitors and Google ranking.

Optimize your images and CSS. Compress your site files for improving speed. Try to make your website lightening fast. Use paid CDN services or use free CDN like Google Libraries and CDNjs. You can also try a Google tool to speed up your website.

 2. Avoid Duplication

Recently, Matt Cutts said webmasters should not be worried about duplicate content. Modern search engines are good at picking up duplicate content. However, it is better to kick it out. They may be imprecise sometimes.

To remove the trouble of duplication, you can use ‘noindex’, ‘rel=canonical’ or 301 redirect methods. Use parameters to block robots at where you don’t want them index. Don’t try to use multiple URLs for a single destination.

 3. Write Great Content

Content should be considered at the first place. If there is no good content for visitors, your website is like a book shop selling useless books. Your content should be unique and original. Note that Google frequently release algorithmic updates to improve search results for users to provide best content.

To provide great content for your visitors, load up your site or blog with useful information about your products or services. Put the stories about your company or industry and current trends of other authority sites. Provide how-to information for your products and services to help customers.

 4. Improve Your Site Structure

Good site structure makes visitors browse your pages easily. You can take visitors to where you want them to go. Search engines also follow them behind. The link structure should be easy and less cluster.

 How to do it? Put all important links on visible areas of your pages. Create main categories and sub-categories. Link to other related pages from within the article body of your pages.

 5. Optimize for Specific Location

Some businesses don’t need to global reach. Who are the customers to buy your product? Where are they? In most cases, buyers or visitors look for local. Localization is important.

 So, create pages talking about the people and area. List them in local listings.

 6. Take Part in Social Media Sites Frequently

Google+, Facebook, and Twitter are wonderful places for generating free traffic. Update your posts or products and interact with people. Google value conversations on social media sites.

 7. Check Your Backlinks

Although backlinks help in improving search engine rankings, bad backlinks will force you down your rankings. Check who are linking to your site.

 Don’t participate in link schemes and don’t leave spammy comments. It is not a good idea to host multiple domains on the same IP for backlinking to your main site.

 8. Visualize Your Interest

Don’t pretend. Say clearly. Make clear what you are doing and offering. When a customer buys a product from you, fulfill the exact quantity and quality you have said. Honestly, spell out what you don’t know and you can’t do.

 9. Push Forward To Be Better

If you don’t look forward, you’ll fall down. Look for expert knowledge, correct past mistakes and try to get the horizon. Struggle in branding, build trust over people and build the highest level of authority in your niche.

 These are the everlasting ways to help your business to grow without any worry of Penguin’s wrath.

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