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On-Page SEO is the optimization of your website content to be presented to search engines. It is the optimization of a site’s page to get found in search engines with a keyword(s) from search engine users. On Page Optimization improves search engine rankings as well as usability of the site. You can improve a page by tuning wrong elements. You can never succeed your SEO campaigns without good On Page SEO. Note that Off-Page SEO only comes after On Page SEO. So, you should note the importance of On Page Optimization. Fortunately, there are On Page SEO software tools that can do the work very easily and quickly.

Before discussing about good On Page SEO software tools, I want to mention some elements for On Page Optimization as follows:


1. Page Content and Keywords

You should have original, unique and high quality content for your pages. Google put superior content on top spots. While creating your content, keep your mind on a single key phrase. Write your page content around the primary and secondary keywords. Note that you should not write too short. But, it is also not necessary to write too long. More content intensity and depth performs well on Google result pages.

2. Page Title

Your page title is the headline on search engine result pages. So, it is the most important element you can’t ignore. It should be attention grabbing, keyword relevant and concise.

3. Meta Tags

Most SEOs agree that Meta tags should be included in every web page. Google spiders index it and look for relevancy into the page content. You should write an attractive Meta description for each page. Sometimes, Google shows Meta description in search result snippets. You should also include your keyword in this page Meta tags. A well-written description increases click-through-rate on search engine results pages.

4. Heading Tags

Heading tags are also the important page elements. Every page should use <h1> incorporating the most important keyword in it. You can use other important keywords in <h2> and <h3> tags to define exactly the topic of the page.

5. Internal Linking

Internal linking in the right way boosts Google rankings. You should interlink relevant pages together. Use keywords in the anchor texts. You should link to other pages through navigation links, texts in article body, page tags etc.


One On-Page SEO software is SEO Master Express.  

seo master  express

This On-Page SEO software monitors your page content and corrects any elements to scale up your site on Google top spots. The following are some features with the tool:

  • One-click Analysis:  You can check the SEO score of your page using the URL and keyword. The tool analyzes quickly and it provides the easy-to-follow instructions. From these instructions, you can optimize all your site pages to the highest degree.
  • 50+ On-Page SEO Checklist: The tool will provide you detailed recommendations and instructions to optimize any web page. The powerful tool collects statistical data from Google and it shows the SEO score of a web page based on 50+ On Page SEO elements. These page elements are essential for improving your SERP rankings. It tells you detailed tuning instructions for the weak areas in your pages. SEO Master Express is the effective software with over 50 On-Page SEO elements.
  • Issue Detection: The tool highlights identified issues and problematic areas in your pages.
  • Free Automatic Updates: You will get free updates for the latest search engine algorithms. You need these updates as search engines change frequently in the algorithm. On daily basis, the software tool collects reliable statistic data from 100,000 URLs and provides optimum optimization recommendations. You can always maintain your site to the latest algorithmic updates.


The On-Page SEO Tool works on the latest search engine algorithms and provides you tweaking suggestions to drive your site on the top spots of search results. It is easy to use. Just follow the instructions to optimize your pages for top 10 ranking. So, you don’t need to outsource your SEO campaigns to any specialists. You can tune your pages like a professional.

You work in the Editor View to edit your pages directly and export the code to use in your page. You can view the output in the Preview Browser. SEO Information shows the possible ranking position on search engines. You can also view the Score as you edit your page.

The tool, the first of its kind, uses the data mining techniques to analyze search engine algorithms based on every aspects and characteristics of high ranked pages. It enables you to do the most effective page optimization.


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Google look for high quality web pages to display on the top spots. So, for On-Page Optimization, SEO Master Express is the best tool for you. However, if you are looking for the complete set of SEO tools, check our Best SEO Software tools.



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