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We have seen algorithmic changes in search engines last few years. We need to change the SEO strategies to comply with the changes in search engines for securing our online success. So, we have an infographic of modern SEO for you, showing the areas you should focus in your SEO campaigns.

View the following SEO infographic. You’ll find information from it about:

  • Lead Generation by Device: It tells the amount of lead generation got from smart phones, Tablets and computers.
  • Mobile Internet Growth: It tells the amount of growing mobile internet uses from smart phones and tablets for the years 2010 to 2013. The growth of mobile internet users out of all internet users is upto 8% in 2013.
  • SEO Strategy by Popularity: We do various SEO strategies through articles, blog posts, infographics, videos and social media. Among them, social media strategy is more popularly done by SEO people these days. By popularity, Facebook users are 39%, Twitter users 37% and Google+ users 24%.
  • SEO Zoo: Google uses some animal names to its algorithmic updates. They are Penguin, Panda and Zebra. Penguin updates target the websites involved in spammy links. Panda updates target the websites with poor quality content in web pages. And Zebra updates may be next Google update to focus to social factors of a site.
  • On Site Factors: They are the SEO factors you should look into your site. The URL of your pages should be simple and relevant to the page content. Page title and Meta description are very important to grab attention. Images should include ALT text. You should also have a sitemap to submit to search engines. If necessary, you should implement redirection methods for necessary pages.
  • Strong Content: Without good quality content, you can’t improve SEO ranking. Create high quality content, videos and infographics people would like to share to others online.
  • Outreach: For link building, create excellent and engaging content in your market segment and place them at other relevant sites and blogs.
  • Social Signals: Important for high search engine ranking. Build up social signals on Facebook, Tweeter and Google+.

Overview of Modern SEO by infographic

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