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These days, I rolled round the web in looking for what Matt Cutts, Google Head of Spam, said about SEO. I started making a compilation of the public speeches from him and other Google authorities. I thought such a compilation will be tremendously useful to me and other people in the SEO subject. Now, I have published it as an ebook called “Most Things Google Said About Good SEO”. I am giving away this ebook for free. Download it from the following link and enjoy reading.

Before you download, it’ll make sense to know why you need such an ebook. I was influenced to do this work when I found Penguin 2.0 update released on May 22, 2013. Due to that Google algorithm update, some websites I know were affected their keyword ranks. Affected websites are not easy to regain their rankings. Because, the penalties given to them are ‘black marks’. You’ll be interesting to learn why they were filtered out from Google results and what Google said not to do tricky SEOs or such things like excessive optimization techniques to rank on Google.

All of us never saw Google ranking factors. All buzz talking among SEO people are theories. The techniques used by them are from the results of several experiments and researches. How Google page rank works and how they can rank were the questions with their researches.

Now-a-days, there are lots of SEO experts who can manipulate SERP rankings. As you know, there are two worlds in SEO – white hat SEO and black hat SEO. White hat SEO follows the guidelines of search engines and black hat SEO uses tricks beyond the quality guidelines. From that point of optimization tricks, search engines release algorithmic updates time to time to penalize them. Google thinks that these updates are important to deliver quality results quickly to users. They have released Panda updates to remove low quality content and Penguin updates to penalize aggressive SEO.

Most of us use Google. So, the targeting search engine of webmasters around the world is Google. In the struggles to stand out in the top 10 listing pushing down other 1000s of competing sites, serious techniques are being used beyond tolerance level. Now, the dominant search engine always prepares to catch bad techniques to penalize.

Google take seriously on links. But, Matt Cutts said “Link building is not illegal”. He said about bad things in article marketing, guest blogging, link schemes and more. He mentioned about the importance of social media and other ways of marketing instead of thinking about Google only. This ebook is about most things they said.

If you want to rank on Google, learn about Google and then Google SEO. In case you turn into the SEO for Google, this ebook will be an invaluable asset to you. You’ll be awakened of new SEO strategies from what they said. You can correct any wrong way and ease the process of your SEO campaigns. From that point of view, I might call this free ebook as “How to do Google SEO”.

But, this is not really a SEO book. If you are looking for that kind of book, I recommend you read a book called Effective SEO Strategies“.

After you read, I hope a comment from you about this ebook and Google. Also share it through the social buttons available below to your friends and colleagues. And don’t forget to bookmark this page to get the latest edition of the ebook. I’ll continuously update it anytime with new things I find from Google.

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