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Now that every business has a website, and millions of people and organizations have blogs, search engine rankings have become increasingly competitive. Due to this intense competition over targeted keywords, and Google’s frequent updates to the Panda algorithm, search engine optimization campaigns require more thought, analytics, and effort than ever before.

Business leaders and online marketers are constantly looking for those quick and easy SEO tips and strategies that will provide immediate results, when effective SEO campaigns require a dedicated process with a concentration on generating the content fickle search engine algorithms seek. There is only one tried and true tip that will lead to search engine domination: diversity and originality. The bottom line is that you have to show, through your SEO, that you have quality content that readers will not be able to find elsewhere. Here are a few ways you can make your website more unique and valuable.

Deliver Important Content in Creative and Imaginative Ways

The way that you present content to readers has a great impact on the quality and attractiveness of what you are offering. For example, instead of including text only descriptions of your products, services, or portfolio, you can take your readers on a visual tour using easy to navigate photo galleries. Each of the photos can include search engine optimized tags that include targeted keywords and locations that can greatly improve your search engine results. There are many great premium WordPress templates available that will help you find innovative opportunities and new ways of incorporating SEO creatively.

Using Anchor Text Carefully When Creating Inbound Links

Most search engine optimization experts will tell you that having inbound links directing traffic to your website is crucial. However, not all inbound links are treated equally by search engine algorithms. Recent Google algorithm updates certainly take a hard stance on the quality of not only the websites that are providing the links, but also the anchor text that is being used for the link.

One of the biggest mistakes a website can make when link building is use overly sales and keyword oriented anchor text. If the anchor text says something such as “order cheap medical supplies online medical supplier”, this is most likely going to send bad signals to the search engines. It can actually be much more valuable and effective to take a less aggressive approach. The anchor text should sound like natural speech and include a relevant word or phrase.

Diversify Information in Guest Posts

Publishing guest posts with links to your website is an excellent way to increase traffic and search engine rankings, if this method is completed the right way. The wrong way to use this tactic is to create one blog post, with the same information and links, and post it to dozens, or even hundreds, of blogs. This strategy is a very quick way to get labeled a spammer. It is possible to post the same information in multiple places, but the wording should be changed, or the ideas should be approached from new angles. To further diversify the links, it can be helpful to provide links to various pages within the website when guest posting to different blogs.

Have a Comprehensive Online Marketing Approach

If there is one thing you can rely on when it comes to search engine algorithms, it is that they will always be updating and changing. One day, social media presence may be important, while blogging may be weighed more heavily the next. The only way to practice effective SEO strategies in the face of changing rules is to have all of your bases covered well.

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