Landing Page Optimization Tricks in 3 Steps (Infographic)

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Landing page optimization is not only meant for AdWords advertisers but it is also used for SEO. If it is well optimized, you get more conversions for minimal cost. A well optimized landing page attracts visitors. So, they take actions like purchases and registrations. If they like it, they click on the payment link or the linking site, buy things, contact for questions and refer to other people about it. Find the landing page optimization tricks in the following infographic.

In the infographic, you need 3 steps in landing page optimization. Take the ideas in the steps and implement them in your landing page.

Step 1 in the infographic says that you should add a clear and concise headline in the page. Also add important details of your product or service. Call to Action should be stand out. Adding testimonials boosts more sales. Don’t add too many navigational links in the landing page. You need also add an impressive image or video in the page. Adding benefit list also boosts conversion. Also consider to add a third party verification if you don’t have one. It will increase in buyer’s confidence and conversion.

In Step 2, it says that you should improve SEO. Improve your Title and Meta tags and use strong headline incorporating the keyword. Correct HTML coding is recommended. Making attractive page layout and adding social buttons improve sharing and convertibility. Build backlinks to the landing page for improving search engine ranking.

Step 3 says you need to test the performance of your landing page using two methods i.e. A/B Testing or Multivariate Testing until you achieve the desired result.

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