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Google Page Rank is a numeric value from 0 to 10 given to websites. 10 is the highest value given by Google to most trusted sites. You can find a site’s page rank by installing a Google Toolbar or a browser add-on like SEO Quake. To increase the Google page rank of your site, you should follow the SEO techniques below.

Online folks especially webmasters rumored that Google page rank was dead. But recently it has been updated on December 6, 2013 after several months. So, now you need a strategy to improve your site’s page rank. Don’t use black hat techniques. The risk is too high. You should do white hat SEO strategies. But the challenge is too high. You should play a safe method.

Google says about how to increase page rank, “In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by creating high-quality sites that users will want to use and share.” (More information available at

1. Build quality backlinks
Quality backlinks improve page rank. Bad or cheating backlinks will lead to penalize your site. Build authority backlinks with the following ways:

  • Quality content in your website
    Content is king and quality content is essential for improving your site’s rank. Publish quality content people may enjoy and share with others.
  • Use social media.
    Social signals are important. Update or share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Conversations on social media sites influence an impact on Google.
  • Guest blog.
    Quality backlinks improve Google Page Rank. Backlinks from guest blogging are high quality backlinks. Write guest articles for other websites and blogs to get such backlinks.
  • Content Marketing.
    Popularizing your site is one of the modern SEO strategies. Increase your brand awareness and build backlinks through content marketing.

2. Use Right Keywords

Find your profitable and high traffic keywords. Look about which keywords brings more visitors and which keywords convert more. They will increase your SEO performance. More traffic (more popular in other word) on your website will increase your page rank.

3. Increase Your Web Presence with Google’s Services.

Google offers many services for you. Use them to increase your website presence. Some of them are given in the following:

  • Google Places
    Submit your details to Google Places. It will increase your presence on the web.
  • Google+
    It is a social networking site like Facebook and Twitter. Use it to increase your website presence.
  • Sell on Google Shopping
    If you have any products or services relevant, sell your products and services on Google Shopping.
  • Google News
    If you have any news to propagate, submit it to Google News.
  • Build a blog on Blogger
    A related blog outside your main site plays a vital role in improving your SEO strength. It helps to increase your page rank.

4. Work with a SEO Expert.

Mistakes may harm your site and lose your business. If you don’t have the right and uptodate skills of search engine optimization, it is better to hire a SEO expert to avoid of suffering the consequences. It will save a lot of your money and time.

5. Study Why You Fail.

If you fail to raise your page rank although you have tried a lot, it means that you did seriously to increase the page rank. You might forget quality. Work for quality instead of quantity. Publish quality content and earn quality backlinks. Increase the value of your website. Don’t work for search engines. Just work for real people to entertain them and give value to them. Don’t try to manipulate search engine result pages and don’t create fake backlinks. Visit your website and improve the design and content.

If you do SEO on your own, you should study the subject well before you work on your website. You should learn experts’ tip on the latest SEO trends by reading some Best SEO Books. Today, there are also available many good SEO software tools to automate your SEO campaigns. We have a list of best SEO software you can check and use one for you for faster and easier SEO campaigns.

Some recommended books you might be interested:

1. Google’s PageRank and Beyond: The Science of Search Engine Rankings

2. SEO Leo 2013-2014: How to Rank on 1st Page of Google in 2 Weeks with Web Properties, The Alpha Guide (with Local Small Business Owner Money Secrets)

3. How to Rank in Google Book: SEO Strategies post Panda and Penguin (How to Rank in…)



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