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If you are an AdWords advertiser, you want more Click-Through-Rate (CTR). Really, you need more clicks from your ad. By increasing CTR, you can also improve AdWords Quality Scores and increase visibility of your product or service. Higher CTR helps in reducing Cost-per-Click (CPC).

Increasing AdWords CTR helps in improving AdWords Quality Scores.

Improve Quality Scores to increase your campaign performance and ROI. Improving Quality Scores will realize your goal. By higher bidding alone, you can’t get higher positions in AdWords ranking. Quality Score improves your ad position. The position is determined by the equation:

Ad position = Maximum Bid * Quality Score (plus some other factors).

Quality score helps in reducing CPC. Your Cost per Click is calculated using the formula:

CPC=[Ad Rank of the ad below yours / your Quality Score] + $0.01.

Improving Quality Score will also help in reducing Cost per Conversion or Acquisition (CPA).

Now, you have learnt Quality Score is so important for your AdWords success. So, how to improve it? For improving QS, you need to increase CTR. Because, Google wants more clicks from your ad. If your ad gets more CTR, Quality Score improves itself.

 importance of google adwords ctr

The following are the ways how you can increase your Google AdWords CTR:

  1. Use commercial keywords: More people use commercial terms like products or services (for example, nokia lumia 520, email marketing software etc) when they search on Google. Informational keywords (i.e how to write a resume) are used in less percentage. So, use more commercial keywords in your AdWords campaign to trigger your ad frequently and increase CTR. This type of keywords rank better in Google paid results. You can also bid more on your branding terms to improve Quality Score.


  2. Use Dynamic Keyword insertion: Your keyword list in the AdWords account may not have the same keyword like users typed in the Google search box. If they see the same keyword they typed in your ad copy, they think that your ad is relevant to the things they are looking for. So, they click on your ad resulting in more CTR. Consider using Dynamic Keywords. For more details, look at Adwords Help page.


  3. Write better ad copy: Your ad copy has two portions – headline and ad description. The headline is the most important portion for the searcher’s first attention. Make it more targeted to them using your most important keyword. You have 25 characters to make your great headline. In the description portion of 70 characters, you can also include other relevant keyword and Call to Action. Capitalize the first letters of each word in your ad to make it standout. A better ad copy turns out more CTRs.


  4. Use Ad Extensions:Ad extensions help to show more information about your site in your AdWords ad. They will help you increase CTR and conversion. Use extensions for local, social, products, subscription etc. For more details of using extensions, look at Guide to using Adwords Ad Extensions.

  5. Use Sitelinks with your ad

    Sitelinks are also extensions. You can show them with other extensions. You can add links to your site from your ad with sitelinks. So, you have additional chances to get more CTR from your AdWords campaign.

  6. Help your ad stand above the organic results

    If your ad stands above the Google organic results, it will get more CTR. You can do this when you creating your ad copy in Google AdWords. As you see, you have three lines to fill your ad texts – Headline and two Description lines. When you write in the Description line 1, use punctuation mark (.) at the end of it. This will group the headline and description line 1 in a single line to show above the organic results.


show ad above organic results

  • Make the Display URL more relevant

    The Display url is not to be a real url of your landing page. Make it more relevant to the product you are advertising. For example, if you are selling Nokia Lumia, you can write your url as This will provide more relevance in the eyes of customers. It will increase AdWords CTR.

  • Use festivals in the headline

    When people see your AdWords ad related to a coming festival, it looks timely and relevant. So, your ad gets more CTR. If you can give a big discount for Valentine’s Day, you can write your headline something like “Valentine’s Day Discount on Shoes”.

  • “Free” is the powerful word

    Almost everyone on earth gets excited when they see free gifts or things. “Free” is the most exciting word to attract customer’s attention. Use the power of “free”. If you can give out something free, mention it in your ad copy. Your ad will get more attentions and CTR in your AdWords advertising campaign.

  • Test and test everything

    Test your ad copy changing words in it. Test new keywords to check its effectiveness. Test your landing page by changing content to increase relevance with your ad and keywords. Change your bid amount and daily budget. And test every possible thing in Google AdWords to improve your CTR.

If you want to raise the AdWords click-through rate (CTR), the above ways will help you attain your goal. You should always test by changing everything in your campaigns. That is how you can optimize your campaigns to increase CTR.

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  1. Steve

    Great article! I didn’t know this before, but with site extensions on your Adwords ads you can give people several options to visit your page, or, just offer a bunch of different ad copy in the form of links that all point to the same place. Do you have sitelinks setup, and actively gaining impressions/clicks in your account?

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