How to Optimize Product Pages for Improving Google Ranking

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If you are in affiliate marketing, you create product pages to promote the products. Or, if you are a seller of an e-commerce site, you have to create a product page for each product you want to sell or promote. But, without optimizing them, you can’t get what you expected from them. This article is about how to optimize your product page and to achieve high Google ranking. There might have hundreds of product pages of a particular kind of product on the web. For getting high search ranking and traffic from Google, you need to optimize your product page to stand ahead of other competitors in Google SERPs.


To identify your competitors, simply search with your product name on Google. You’ll find there are several pages promoting the same product you want to sell or promote. If your page is not found at the top positions of Google organic results, you can’t sell or promote your product at your desired level. So, now you need a product page SEO.


This page is based on an article by Yoast, founded by Joost de Valk. If you are a WordPress user, you might hear about Yoast WordPress SEO plugin, the famous WordPress plugin used by 1000s of WordPress sites. Now let’s see briefly how to optimize a product page as in that article.


Note the following points while optimizing your product pages:

1. The product page should be rich in user experiences as well as good SEO.


2. It should have a great page title. The title should focus on product name and you can add manufacturer name if possible. You may also add SKU, ISBN etc to help specific searchers.


3. Write the product description with unique content. The content should not be the same as of that manufacturer’s. If you use the original description in your page as it might be found in hundreds of other sites, your page may end up as duplicate content that invites Google’s black and while animals.


4. Add a unique Meta description for each product page. Meta description is a short description about the product or page. Different pages should have different Meta description in your site.


5. Product images should have proper ALT texts. The important image of the product should add the product name.


6. Add other things of Product Page UX.


7. You should further optimize your product page with markup. Search engines like Google, Bing etc can easily identify product pages with the markup. They can easily index those pages. markup consists of two main parts as:

1. The itemscope (the type of schema declaration)

2. The itemprop(s) (the elements within that specific schema)

For instance, we may discuss about two itemscopes as product and offer. In the product itemscopes, you can include all the product details. In offer itemscopes, you can include details about price and availability. Note that markup is an important part of optimizing your product pages.


8. Add Open Graph Product tags and Twitter’s Products Card in your product pages. They are not actually meant for improving page SEO. Like markup, they divide your page into easy-to-digest chunks for social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You can highlight things like product images, and prices and availability. You can do this easily with a WordPress plugin like Yoast WooCommerce SEO. In the page coding, you’ll find og:type and twitter:card like itemscope as in markup. These items tell the social media platform about the product. Adding such items in the product pages will influence the performance of your links in social media. They will help to improve CTR to your page. So, they will surely improve the SEO of your product pages.


Be sure to add the above things in your product pages to enhance your optimization strategies. Always think of adding extra things. You’ll definitely fly above your competitors (who use normal optimization techniques) in Google result pages.


Some books to be useful in optimizing product pages:

On Page and Off Page SEO books

Conversion Optimization books


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Article Name
How to Optimize Product Pages for Improving Google Ranking
This article is about how to optimize your product page and to achieve high Google ranking. There might have hundreds of product pages of a particular kind of product on the web.

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