How to Cut Down Your SEO Costs and Save Huge Money

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Many site owners are looking for ways to cut down their marketing expenses. I am sure you have one or more websites to sell your products or services. If your SEO knowledge is shallow, you seek a reputed SEO company to outsource the work. Or, if you don’t have free time to work for your website, you want SEO experts to do the job for you. Whatever the case may be, you have a thought of high Return on Investment (ROI). So, I am sure you are thinking of how you can cut down the SEO costs. In this article, I tell you some ways to save a lot of money.

1. Do keyword research yourself so that you can minimize the SEO costs.

Keyword research is time consuming, tedious work. Find the keywords most relevant to your niche. You can use Google Keyword Tool for the purpose. For finding the profitable keywords, webmasters usually look for high traffic but low competitive keywords to easily rank on search engines. For example, if you do Auto Repairing Services, enter the phrase in the specified box of Google Keyword Tool and search to find the keywords used by people on Google. Download the list as CSV file and look for high search volume, low competitive keywords to use for your site. If you can do this piece of work, you save some money to be spent to an SEO company. You can use it in other SEO campaigns you can’t do, such as link building.

2. Write the content of your website to save your expenses.

You’ll save a lot of money if you can write quality content. You know your content better than others. If you outsource the work to an expert SEO writer, the content writer will do a lot of research to produce high quality content so that it could rank high on search engines. The writer will charge you a good deal of money you can invest in other SEO campaigns you can’t do. So, learn to create quality content for your site. You’ll save a lot. To learn how to write quality content, I recommend you to read an article. Click Here.

3. Build backlinks and cut down your SEO costs.

Backlinks are the important factor of search engine ranking. Quality incoming links help you improve your position on search engine result pages (SERPs). Use legitimate link building methods. Look for highly relevant websites in your niche and send link requests. Place useful contents on your site to attract other webmasters to link back to your website. If you do rightly, guest blogging will also help you to create backlinks. So you save the costs of hiring a link building expert, if you do the job for yourself. Read this article about legitimate link building strategies.

4. Drive traffic from social media sites and minimize SEO expenses.

Share your good, interesting content to your fans on Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. Google algorithm counts social shares. Update useful content on the social media sites. Your fans will appreciate for your content. When they visit your site, your traffic volume will increase. Social media marketing is one of the strategies done by SEO companies to boost traffic on clients’ website. If you can do the same for your site, you can minimize the SEO costs. Google+ is now the second largest social site. Read a helpful article about using Google+ sites to get traffic. Click Here.

5. Try a cost effective service from our SEO experts.

Small business site owners can’t subscribe the costly SEO services from reputed companies. Here, I want to introduce an affordable SEO service. If you want to avail expert SEO services at the lowest fee, here is the solution for you. Under this service, you have to pay a minimal one year fee. The experts will provide you the instructions on how to do SEO for your website. Follow the instructions and do the actual works yourself. You can get advices on various concept of SEO and you should do the works from the advices. So, without any mistake, you can optimize your site to achieve high search engine rankings and traffic. The cost is so low in comparison to regular SEO programs. If you are interested in such a service, Click Here.

6. Subscribe free SEO articles to boost your knowledge.

The web is full of resources – may be good or bad. Google those reliable resources about the topic you want to learn. This site has also useful SEO articles written by experienced persons in the subject. Visit this site regularly and read the articles to upgrade your knowledge. If you explore mostly on the subject, you save the costs to hire SEO experts.

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7. Do you have the core concept of search engine optimization?

I have just told you some ways to cut the SEO costs down. Outsource those you can’t do to SEO experts and do whatever you can do to save money. But make sure that you have the core concept of SEO when you optimize your site. If not, your website may get penalized for a small mistake. Here, I recommend you a book – EFFECTIVE SEO STRATEGIES. In this book, you’ll learn how to rank your site in Google top 10 results and build traffic quickly. With the strategies outlined in the book, you can achieve the permanent page one rankings on Google and other search engines. The results are permanent and no one can beat your positions. As SEO cost is rising year after year, the book will help you save a huge money. Read this book.

Another book you might be interested to read is DNO the SEO Revolution: A Detailed Guide for Achieving Permanent Page-One Rankings for Under 00

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    This is good but it will take alot of time especially when building links

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