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Any efforts to attain high search engine ranking positions using white hat SEO techniques are good. I don’t discourage anyone who is applying good SEO techniques. Any traffic generating technique without hurting the Google rules is good to practise. But get noticed. As the world ever changes and marketers always try to dig out the secrets of hitting the Google’s gold spots, we see more and more fresh new techniques, guides, books, and more capable tools constantly coming out almost everyday. Old ideas, books that were famous years ago and SEO tools that were so popular in the past, are they still worth to go with in this toughest marketing environment? Let’s look in something new and try a peculiar way of gaining online success.


You have to invest something in terms of money or efforts if you want to fight for your business survival or, if possible, to push up your position above the competitors. Look at what’s new and what’s hot to help you get the return or profit for your online efforts. Be you an affiliate marketer, a freelancer, a writer, a blogger, a big business model or may be anyone, we all want a good traffic volume to our websites – traffic to sales or leads or anything we want them to convert. It is well known that it takes long time (even years) or ‘NEVER’ to get an organic ranking position in Google first page results. Will we wait for it or do something for getting the way we want to achieve our marketing goals quicker?


In this page, I am listing hot, interesting or worth-to-consider products, guides and digital marketing tools that may be helpful to you to survive or even push your online endeavor on top in this highly competitive era. They seem to be good and awesome to us right in the moment. You can try any of them if it looks like to be working for you. Don’t worry for your money! Most of them offer full refund if you are not satisfied as you use it. So, try any of them below and look if they are so good as for your expectation. If not, ask for refund to them. I never had a loss to try such things!


I will constantly update the listing here whenever we come across a hot or trending item for our visitors. Check and click on any one or more links below for more details, and try as if it looks needful to you:



Xmails Autoresponder

Pay a low one-time fee and use the world’s smartest email autoresponder for years. And send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers. Use this complete cloud-based email marketing software and get high inboxing, high open and click rates for more profits for years. Select any high converting email template, modify the content for your requirements and then send or schedule your mails to unlimited list. Xmails contains 50+ amazing features including smart segments, analytics reports, automatic pixel placement, GDPR compliant, No SMTP, domain or hosting required, integration with 150 major apps, dedicated 24*7 support etc. Includes complete step-by-step video training and tutorials. Use xMails System and get 25% high conversions and 400% times more profits. Email marketing is one of the most important campaigns to boost traffic and sales. Xmails is one of your best choices ahead of other top email marketing tools you know.

For complete details of Xmails and bonuses, Click Here!





 Tappit: Build your profitable site with viral content on autopilot!

With Tappit, you can build your own beautiful and super engaging viral website with 3 simple clicks. Nothing to worry for content creation. You can do one-click viral videos and content generation, one-click traffic generating system, and one-click post to 10+ social media networks. Tappit can create SEO friendly pages, integrate with autoresponders and use 1.2 million royalty free images. Set and forget system! You can create a beautiful and profitable website with Tappit and drive free search and social media traffic on autopilot in any niche. No domain and hosting required. Complete video training provided.

For more details, Click Here!




Viraleze: A New Instagram Marketing Software Making 1000s Easier
Instagram is an easy market with no competition like other social media platforms yet for any niche, so you can easily get loads of new and repeat customers. And this new cloud based software Viralese helps you automate the whole hard works of your marketing strategies. With Viraleze, you can schedule and post Instagram stories directly via desktop, post to your Instagram account directly from desktop, do Viraleze analytics, entry to 7 figure Instagram Vip Mastermind Group,  proxy support repost viral content in 1 click, make upto $200 by doing just 1 post on Instagram using shoutouts, commercial license included to earn $1000-$5000 by managing clients Instagram accounts, automate Instagram stories-schedule posts for months instantly, automate your growth by scheduling 1 month content in just one day and more. In short, Viraleze Training + Viraleze Scheduler = Money Making Machine. Make your marketing efforts and sales easier with Viraleze.

For exciting details of Viralize Pro, Click Here.



convert curator


Convert Curator: New WP Theme To Build A Profitable Authority Site Without Writing A Single Word!
This amazing WordPress theme can automatically populate your sites with great curated content. So, you don’t need to worry about content writing. When you buy Convert Curator, it comes with an unlimited site license. So, you can build a lot of sites with great curated content with just a few clicks! You don’t need to create content or worry for creating content of your sites. Real members will build your content for you! As your sites grow, they will attract members who will automatically start curating and adding content to your sites. Your sites, lists and income will grow without doing anything. Completely hands free! Special features are Automatic List Builder, Step-By-Step Tutorials, Free Social Media Traffic, Full Flexibility, Fully Monetized etc. Increase your rankings, clicks, subscriptions, sales and traffic by using this WP theme!

For more details about Convert Curator, Click Here!




spin rewriter

Spin Rewriter: The Spinning Software with ENL Semantic Spinning Technology
Whether you want visitors, site ranking or any marketing strategies, you need content, a huge amount of content to boost your marketing results. You know you need to produce lots of content. But can you write all the content you need or can you expend a lot to outsource the work to content writers? If no, here comes the importance of a good spinner. Spin Rewriter is the market leader that delivers hundreds of human-quality articles time and time again. It uses the ENL Semantic Spinning technology that analyzes the actual meaning of your content. The world class spinner is regularly updated the ENL Semantic Spinning engine to include more and more synonyms and sentence structure variations. It has been improved the machine-learning backbone of ENL. It comes with Copyscape integration, Grammar and spell-checker and lots of other useful features. If you are looking for an article spinner, Spin Rewriter is the best choice for you. Why pay before knowing it perfectly? Try it for 5 days for free. If you are fully satisfied, you can pay for it and get all discount offers and bonus products.

To know more about Spin Rewriter‘s powerful features, Click Here



StockNation – 25,000+ HD stock videos for marketing campaigns

We all love videos and enjoy every day watching them. So, use videos in your marketing campaigns and see the amazing results. Videos are by far the fastest method to make sales online today. But, will you shoot, create or buy the videos to use in your projects? Imagine the time and costs to you. NO! We have StockNation with 25,000+ HD videos you can use in your campaigns in almost any niche. Save lots of money and time! Use them and get your desired marketing results.

Note these facts of marketing advantages:

51% of marketing professionals worldwide agrees videos give the best ROI. Video users grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching videos. Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. Blog posts with video attract more backlinks. Video traffic will be 80% of all online consumers by 2019. Knowing the facts, video marketing is now a must to achieve your online success. Use the StockNation videos in generating sales videos, promotional intros, explanatory videos, lead generation videos, affiliate product reviews, Facebook videos, tutorial videos and many other ways you want.

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SociJam – A tool to turn your Facebook posts into profits

SociJam by Cindy Donovan offers you the secret trick to turn your normal Facebook posts into profits. This bestselling software comes with full training guide. Optimize your posts, feature posts, groups, comments and Facebook ads and get 100% free traffic and sales. SociJam can create more likes, clicks, comments, shares and sales quickly. The simple trick instantly draws attention to the visitor’s eyes. This best Facebook tool can make your Facebook posts standing out and retains visitors who may be lost easily. SociJam System uses the attention-grabbing formula on Facebook to make your posts really stand out. It makes more sales, more reach and engagement, and easily build high ROI Ad campaigns.

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timesless traffic

Timeless TrafficA New Way to Generate Huge Buying Traffic

What is always hungry to website owners and businesses is traffic. They are always struggling to get quality traffic, but they lose their valuable time and effort without getting the desired results. The buying traffic or conversion we want are hard to get. But this Timeless Traffic system can bring you lots of free or cheap traffic on your money site. No need to wait for Google ranks your site; no need to pay high AdWords expenses! A student uncovers the “Idiot Proof” way to get 52,984+ targeted visitors and make $3,322 per week using this traffic system. How you can set up as many passive traffic packs as you like, with as little as 20-30 minutes per day! Set up your FREE or CHEAP traffic using this traffic source or both! This is a NEW Way of generating targeted traffic for Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce and anything. No Prior Experience needed! It works in any niche you are working on.

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Make Money with MINI COURSE Email Marketing

This is about a simple trick how you can get prospects to buy the products you offer. It goes like this. When people visit your website, you offer them to subscribe a free mini course to teach something that they are interested about. After subscribed, you send a set of emails with content between 5-7 emails about the topic. In those emails, you include your own products or others’ to sell. That’s it. It is a totally automated system. In this guide, you will learn how to create a high converting Opt-In page, how to create a mini course, strategy to sell the products you offer, and traffic generating technique to build a big responsive email list. In this way, you will make profits year after year automatically.

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link pipeline

Automate indexing and get found quickly in Google

Get your content found quickly in Google using Link Pipeline. This tool does indexing works for your links automatically so that search engines find and rank them quickly. If Google doesn’t know your links or backlinks exist, it never rank your content. Link Pipeline does the jobs for you and also builds backlinks pushing link juice and strengthening the power of the links that you’ve built, indexing those links, and giving your site a faster, higher, and more stable ranking increase in Google. A great tool for all internet marketers.

To learn more about Link Pipeline, Click Here!





Find best keywords with Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is one of our top 6 best keyword research tools. It finds good long tail keywords in minutes. It is super easy to use. It contains 3 modules – Keyword Research, Competition Analysis and Rank Checker. Use the keyword research tool. It will generate several hidden targetable keywords showing keyword competitiveness, search volume, competition, PPC bid, rank value etc. Competition Analysis shows you the report how easy or hard a keyword is to rank in Google. And Rank Checker allows you to check the ranking improvements of your URLs in Google over time. A must-have tool for all marketers! For more details, read our Long Tail Pro review.

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Boost SE rankings with Backlink Beast

Are you serious about backlink building and achieving top search engine rankings? Now look at what Backlink Beast can do for you. This system automates building thousands of backlinks for your sites without the possible risks of any Google updates. It builds diversity links from social media sites, Web 2.0 sites, social bookmarketing sites, PDF and document sharing sites, Web 2.0 profiles, Press Releases, RSS links, 1000s of custom sites based on platforms like BuddyPress, Drupal, WordPress, Oxwell, Social Engine etc.  The software creates buffer links to protect your main site from over-optimization. It also use a Schedular to grow the number of backlinks naturally over time automatically. It automates account creation, content submission, anchor text diversity and backlink generation reports. Truly automatic! Hands free way link building!

Want to know more about Backlink Beast? Click Here!





 Boost Your WordPress SEO with SEOPressor Connect

 Truly, it is not a new SEO plugin. Comparatively, there are two most powerful WordPress SEO plugins most of the site owners in the world use today. They are WordPress SEO by Yoast and SEOPressor Connect. Yoast’s SEO plugin is the best free plugin. But when it comes to a paid version, I would like to recommend SEOPressor Connect, without any hesitation, as it has lots of useful premium features.  Just at $9/month, you will be satisfied with the amazing features and results of SEOPressor. It contains all the essential tools like On-Page Analysis, SEO Intelligence, Semantic Builder, Crawler Control and Link Management. This SEO plugin can optimize up to 3 keywords for a page, provides SEO suggestions while editing the content, strengthen your contextual signal using SemantiQ™ Engine, maximize machine readability by defining the markup of your website; you will get a lot more tools inside it. It’s really worth the money. Enhance your SEO power using it and boost your Google rankings and traffic.

Want to know more about its features and capabilities? Click Here!




Instabuilder 2.0


InstaBuilder 2.0 – The Landing Page Creator To Boost Your Sales

This WordPress drag and drop plugin can create stunning landing pages in minutes to boost sales. Don’t miss this No. 1 choice of smart marketers around the world. Create high converting pages and quickly increase your sales. It comes with 100+ templates, 2 and 3 step Opt-in Technology, built-in image editor, One-Click HTML Converter, Export & Import, Split Testing, Advance Analytics, Scarcity Builder and more. It has also SEO features, auto-responder features and webinar integrations. If you need to build profit pulling landing pages and sales pages, InstaBuilder is your right choice. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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Grow Faster and Monetize Faster with Biggest Social & Blog Platforms Automatically

 Yes, automatically! Grow and monetize with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger etc. Use Fan Page Robot to automate all the works. This tool can generate viral content, generate best hashtags, automate Facebook video marketing, discover hot new content and auto-post to social fan pages and blogs, discover top influencers, create powerful backlinks and much more. Fan Page Robot does wonders for you. It brings for you newest and most exciting content from social media platforms, Google, Youtube and more for any of your niche keywords and provides you the most searched trending keywords on Google in the current hour. The viral content generator notifies you new, hot content right in your inbox which you can directly post to your website. This robot can post automatically to your social media networks from your websites and also post keyword based viral content to your websites, blogs and social media accounts. Enjoy free advertising and lead generation with it. You can place your ads at Yahoo, Youtube and any high authority page for free. It is integrated with email marketing tools AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, iContact, etc. without any additional cost. This robot tool automatically generates best hashtags and inserts into your social posts to increase engagement and exposure of your content. It is also a video marketing tool for Facebook. It automatically fetch videos from top social media, news and video sites with just one click to upload to Facebook. It auto-creates content and post to Blogger, WordPress, and Shopify. It is a social media auto-poster to many social media networks. What’s more! It can discover top influencers and competitors who can impact your business. This tool saves your time, boost SEO, drives more traffic and increase revenue almost automatically. So simple to start for anyone, and supports any language! A tiny investment can grow your business more than you expected. Grow your followers, traffic, sales dramatically.  Really, really amazing!

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Youtube Marketing Secret


12 Hidden Secrets of Youtube Marketing

I don’t need to introduce about Youtube. Almost everybody knows it. Youtube is the third most visited site on the web. You know billions of people are visiting this video site for information, answers, ideas and solutions. You can turn them into your site visitors. TurboTubeTraffic is your handy tool to bring the Youtube traffic to your website easily and convert them into buyers. This toolkit makes your life easier and drives targeted traffic on your site with ZERO cost. As you know, getting popular on Youtube will push your site at top positions on Google. So, you enjoy huge traffic from both Youtube and Google. TurboTubeTraffic is the solution for you if you are hungry for traffic and Google rankings. You will get it with the insider know-how, techniques and tricks to position your Youtube videos. It is the perfect blueprint to create very simple 2-3 minute sucking videos optimized for traffic. You don’t need expensive camera and equipment – no acting, no face time. Your phone or tablet camera is enough for it. Follow the simple technique. No experienced required, no one to be hired! Boost your Youtube ranking, Google ranking and your desired targeted traffic volume with this toolkit.

Learn More about TurboTubeTraffic, Click Here!



Make Money on Autopilot with Auto Tweets

In this system, you don’t need any of your website, products or any previous skill. Set it up once, then it will work automatically and earn for you on autopilot. This system has been designed to work with any social media platform, but Twitter is the best for you. Once you start it, you’ll learn the easy fool proof way of building your huge Twitter following in any chosen niche market. This passive income system will keep providing your followers updated valuable news and information that will be interested to them and sharing your affiliate links of any affiliate program to solve their problems. And you’ll make more and more cash automatically. It’s nothing complicated. You can set up the system within the day, then sit back. It is a ‘Set and Forget’ system.

Learn more about  Auto Tweets, Click Here.



Earn $2000+ Monthly on Autopilot

The traffic volume and content relevance is a good indicator of a site’s popularity. Generating traffic and increasing it is a major concern of all website owners. In this case, here is a traffic generation course which reveals you how to fetch tons of visitors to your website almost automatically. Internet marketers, network marketers, bloggers, web publishers, writers and content creators and many others will get a great value with this course. In this course, you’ll learn the following:

How to generate daily traffic, guide to free website advertising, free WordPress traffic generating plugins, 20,000 free premium visitors, 50,000 free guaranteed visitors, send unlimited emails to 1000 subscribers, 60 Youtube subscribers every day, 40 Instagram followers every day, blast your ad to 20 million leads  automatically, blast your ad to 241 social bookmarking sites automatically, blast your ad to 5,000 backlinks automatically, unlimited instant premium visitors to your website, download $500+ 42 money making products (software and eBooks) and much more!

 Want to know more and buy it? Click Here!



Grow Your Business with No. 1 PLR Membership

PLR stands for Private Label Rights.  You can use such items as of your own. So, you can make profits with PLR items. IDPLR boasts of offering 200,000+ PLR articles, 6315+ eBooks, 1707+ videos, 1330+ software, 604+ graphic packs, 1219+ templates, 260+ audio packs, and 1200+ turnkey sites. The beauty of PLR products is that you can rebrand them in your own name, modify them, create your own digital products using them, resell them and even use them as a giveaway on your site to attract visitors. In short, you can do anything with them to make money. If you owns a website, you can use them to attract more and more traffic. No longer short of content for your site! You no longer have a headache of writing articles or creating content for your site. Be an IDPLR member. There are many articles on any topic you may imagine. Download the related articles of your niche and post them to your blog or website. But I don’t recommend to use the same articles exactly. You can simply rewrite them without any effort of building the topic in your head. You can also mix 2-3 related articles and rewrite them into a single article to produce a unique informative content. You can also do this by using a powerful spinner like Spinrewriter to rewrite or create unique articles effortlessly from those PLR articles. If you are a freelance writer, you can use these PLR articles to rewrite quality articles for clients. There are so many ways you can do and make money with PLR products.

To learn more and become a member, Click Here!.



Write Top Quality Articles with Web Content Studio

Web Content Studio is a software created by Andy Williams, a well known SEO master and author. I have read many of his books written on SEO and content writing from Amazon. His books are good and outstanding. WCS helps to write high quality articles Google loves to rank high for many keywords. Because, the articles contain important LSI terms or theme phrases for Google can easily identify the topic without keyword stuffing. The software works like this. You create a project to write any article. Click on Keyword tab and enter your article topic or keyword to fetch LSI or theme words from top ranking pages from Google. You select best theme words and phrases relevant to the topic. WCS has a tab called Researcher, click on it. Now, you can collect any relevant information worth to include in the article from different sources on the web. Then, open the WYSIWYG editor to start writing your article naturally using those information collected. After finishing it, you can check within the editor which important theme words and phrases missing in the article. You can also check keyword map, theme report and theme words against top 10 sites in Google results. By doing so, you can write top quality articles using WCS. Since they are the tight articles with quality theme words and phrases, Google will rank them with different keywords at higher SERP positions. The software comes with a tutorial which helps you learn to use it quickly.

To know more and buy it, Click Here!



Get Instagram followers automatically

Instagram is one of the most important social media sites marketers should not miss. It gives you an opportunity to build right audience and grow your business effectively. Millions of people use this channel everyday. With Social Auto Boost, you can increase engagement and followers for your Instagram account. It is a user-friendly cloud based tool. You can use on any devices like computer, tablet or mobile phone. It works with all internet browsers. This tool contains important features like auto like, auto follow/unfollow, auto comment, targeted search, insights and stats, multiple accounts, logs and more. The beauty of this cloud based software is what you can save your settings, then it will do the tasks automatically for you (set and forget). It has easy mode and expert mode. Hence, anyone can use it with or without any previous skill.

To try this tool, Click Here.



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