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The world of Internet is a collection of websites comprised of trillions of links between them. Without links, the web as we see today might not happen. We are building roads for connecting one place to another. Like that, link building is an essential part of SEO campaigns. Building links influences search engine ranking and website traffic. The importance is to build quality links, drive more traffic and dramatically improve search engine ranking.

Guest posting is one of the link building strategies you can include in your SEO campaigns. For this, you need to write good articles and publish them on someone else’s websites to get links back to your website. A guest article is also known as Bylined Article.

To post a guest article requires planning. You should research about your right audience, websites to publish your articles and effective content design. I have explained below the guest posting guidelines to perform it effectively:


Know Your Audience:

If you have a website, you know your niche. Keeping your niche in mind, you have to brainstorm who the targeting audience are. You have to find keyword phrases people are using in your niche. A good place for the keyword research is Search there using your niche keyword and look for a keyword from the results to be your article theme word.


Find Websites to Host Your Articles:

Post right content on the right sites. It is important for getting visitors and search engine ranking. So, find relevant websites for your campaign. It is easy to find the websites with a Google search as follows:

[Targeting Audience]+InTitle: “write for us”

Targeting Audience is the keyword found from your research as mentioned above. For example, if your keyword is seo article, search on Google as in the following image:

search websites for guest posting

You’ll see the results of websites indicating a demand of content. By the way, you can also post a SEO related article for our visitors. If you want so, Click Here.


Write Content of Strong Demand:

By making a great guest post placement, you’ll get your traffic share from the host website. So, for your guest posting campaign, create a great article of strong demand on your topic within the guidelines of the site. The content should be clear on the topic. Write in simple language without any grammatical and spelling errors. Write giving a great value for readers of the website. If the readers feel great, they will come to your site through the links provided in your piece. But you should never try to submit copied or reproduced content. Spun content generated by article writing software won’t also help. You won’t achieve the desired SERP ranking. To avoid getting rejected, always submit unique and useful content. Don’t create keyword stuffed content. Don’t write the article just for building backlinks. People love original, research based information from the right person. And Google also loves authority content for placing at high rankings. High quality content will improve your brand awareness.


According to Matt Cutts in an interview, Guest posts can be problematic: “If people just move away from doing article banks or article directories or article marketing to guest blogging and they don’t raise their quality thresholds for the content, then that can cause problems.” So, consider “quality” in your posting.


Preparation for Submission:

You may place your already written articles by sending to the webmasters. But, for some webmasters, you may be required to contact him/her for content idea approval. You should also tell the webmasters about yourself and content as follows:

1. Tell clearly what the article helps to whom.

2. Tell the webmaster that your content is fit for the site audience.

3. Tell why you are writing the article.

4. Write about yourself and your brand.

5. Mention if you have any already published articles anywhere else.


What if you are hard to find good guest blogging opportunities?

If you want to guest post, you need to find your guest blogging opportunities, write great content for them and get approval of the site owners. If the processes are hard to do for you, you can hire a freelancer to get the guest posting sites and write content for you. If you want to do so, Click Here.



If rightly done, your article will be published by the webmaster. Several visitors of the site will read your content. You get links back to your website. Write useful article for the site audience. Great articles gather several readers. If you place a thoughtful content written from your experience, many of readers will trust on you. So, they will enter your website from the links provided to know more about things offered on your site. So, it builds traffic. If your post is good in the minds of other webmasters, they will also link to it from their websites and blogs. Google ranking still depends on links. So, guest posting helps in improving search engine ranking, traffic and authority.


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