Google PageRank is Dead or Not

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Google PageRank (PR) is a value given to a web page to show how much Google trusts it. The value is indicated by Google Toolbar installed on a user’s internet browser. The PR value is represented from 0 to 10. New and no trusted pages are given PR value 0 while the most trusted pages are given PR value 10. It is totally different from search engine ranking. But we have seen that the values have not been updated for over 6 months. The last Google PageRank Toolbar Update was back in February 2013. Is Google PageRank really dead or what?

I looked around for this fact. In SearchEngineLand, they said that support for PageRank has dropped. Google never offered a Google Toolbar for their browser Chrome or any add-on to show PR values. Google has no more offered the Google Toolbar for Firefox since June 2011. Only in Internet Explorer, it is still showing the PR value but it has not been updated anymore. According to them, Google said that PageRank in the toolbar wouldn’t be going away.

How did people think when they saw that Google’s own value of a page? They thought a high PR site has something honorable. Webmasters having a high PR site thought that their website is a prestigious site. So, every site owner has been trying to increase their site’s PR score. Thousands of webmasters still consider a high PageRank value a good thing. But, lots of marketing gurus including me weigh no importance on the Google Toolbar value now.

Let me tell you what some webmasters said to me. The website you are reading this article is offering a guest blogging opportunity. They say they want to contribute their articles for this site. But they say this site has no Google PageRank. They mean that they want to build backlinks for their sites. What I said to them is that this site was in a different niche some time ago. But I changed my mind and also changed this site completely to a new niche. I agree that this has no PageRank with the new theme. And now the PageRank value has no longer updated. Then, what are they looking for now?

I want to say that the importance is more exposure. Promote your site at more and more places. Let search engines do their own jobs. Trying to manipulate SERP rankings won’t help you.

What is the importance of Google Toolbar PageRank anymore? I think high Toolbar PageRank doesn’t mean it will rank higher in Google results. The value displayed by the Toolbar is months old and outdated value.

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