Does Click-through Rate Influence Google Organic Ranking?

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As you know, Google always tries to show the best possible results for a particular keyword in its first page. The best results can be the results of most popular pages or most clicked pages or anything. There are many factors of Google which determine the probability of appearing a web page in Google SERPs. In this article, the question is “Is Click-through Rate a Google ranking factor?”. If yes, can we boost Google organic ranking by increasing Click-through Rate? This article deals with the answer of the questions.




First, let me figure out about Google organic ranking and Click-through Rate as you might be a beginner in SEO topic. When you search in Google, you’ll find two kinds of results – Paid results and free/organic results. Paid results are the ads run by advertisers through Google AdWords Program. The Google advertisers put their efforts to get the top placements in the paid results by improving Quality Score. Organic results are the free, natural results provided by Google in return for a user’s keyword input. Since these main results are free, all website owners on the web put their maximum efforts to grab the top positions of Google organic ranking by improving their SEO and many other strategies. If you can stand at top in Google results, you’ll get most of the traffic for free from Google.


Then, what is Click-through Rate? Simply, we can say Click-through Rate (CTR) is the number of clicks per 100 appearances of a site in Google results. For example, 100 people search in Google as “best seo books” and Google shows a particular website in the results every time they search. If 50 people out of the 100 click on the result of that website, the CTR is 50%. Now, let’s study in this article if Google organic ranking will boost when CTR is maximized.


In his article, David Harry says, “It just seems logical” that behavioral data like this could influence rankings. But Google is wise enough to deal with such behavioral data. So he ticks out such user behavioral data like click spams, click bias, Caffeine update etc.


Click spamming is the multiple clicks from the same computer or device done intentionally or unintentionally from a user. We know that Google can detect click frauds as they do in their sophisticated AdWords and AdSense programs.


In other case, people tend to click the top result as they see it first in Google results. It is the Click Bias as Google understands as it should be natural.


As the SEO community knows, Google constantly updates the algorithm to provide ever better results for users. Google Caffeine update gives them the ability to consider the behavioral data in a meaningful way.


Then, CTR is a Google ranking factor?? I am not sure. Some SEO practitioners, after their experiments, say, “It’s not all”. But Dave Harry seems he would like to say a partial “Yes”. But from my experiences, I want to say that CTR is not a direct ranking factor but it takes part of it. I mean it helps to boost ranking along with other ranking factors. Let’s see in a view. As you might know, Google loves brands. If your brand is popular on the web, Google favors to place your website at top for the brand searches. For an instance, do a search as “Citibank credit card”. Google throws out many Citibank pages in the results. People doing a search like this will click on the Citibank results, read their pages or do as they need. It is true in the eyes of Google that such natural clicks, traffic and user activities from several people will add relevance and credibility to a site like Citibank website. In another example, people often search with domain name such as “Android mobiles at Amazon”, “Amazon Kindle eBooks” etc. So, Amazon results top in Google results and drive more visitors to the Amazon site. People buy products, browse for other items in Amazon and leave reviews. They even share Amazon pages to social media sites. Hence, Google knows the richness of Amazon and place at top of results for related keywords in most time.


My assumption is that frequent natural clicks, lots of traffic and thereafter increasing user engagements happening in a website will be rewarded by Google. From the above examples, if you can somehow increase CTR and traffic, the presence of your website in Google results will increase. It means the organic ranking of your website for many relevant keywords will improve dramatically month after month.


There are some measures you can try to increase CTR and traffic. Try the following strategies:

1. Increase Brand Awareness

Extending brand awareness strategies is a very must for every digital marketers. Brand may be your name, company, product or anything you want to be reputable and memorable. Use the power of social media to expand your brand awareness. People will directly come to your website from social media posts or they will use your brand as a keyword in Google to find easily your pages from the results. You are recommended to read these Top Social Media Marketing Books.


2. Build Traffic

Think of some traffic building practices. You can publish your unique eBooks and infographics on authority websites that allow it. People will directly visit your website from the referring links in the eBooks and inforgraphics. They will also use your brand name mentioned in your publications in their Google searches. For more traffic building tips, read the recommended books on traffic building.


3. Advertise in Google

Google AdWords is known for the best PPC marketing tool. You can advertise with Google to enhance the popularity of your website, products or services. But it is a paid service offered by Google and you should know the insights of using Google AdWords as a marketing tool very well to save from unwanted extravagance. If you are new in AdWords, read these best Google AdWords books.


4. Improve Result Snippets

Write compelling titles of your product pages and other important pages. Attractive headlines and descriptions in Google results will bag lot of click-throughs from searchers.


5. Write Quality Content

If people finds pleasing content and right stuff they are looking for, they react instantly and do what you want from them. Google knows it and lift your website in organic ranking. If you are hard to write content for your pages, read these best books of content writing.


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Does Click-through Rate Influence Google Organic Ranking
In this article, the question is “Is Click-through Rate a Google ranking factor?”. If yes, can we boost Google organic ranking by increasing Click-through Rate? This article deals with the answer of the questions.

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