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Landing Page Optimization Tricks in 3 Steps (Infographic)

Landing page optimization is not only meant for AdWords advertisers but it is also used for SEO. If it is well optimized, you get more conversions for minimal cost. A well optimized landing page attracts visitors. So, they take actions like purchases and registrations. If they like it, they click on the payment link or […]

5 Mistakes in Link Building That Invite Google Penalties

Your mistakes may lead your site to Google penalties. Once your site gets penalized, it is hard to recover the old rankings. Sometimes, you may need to start a brand new site since you never can escape your existing site from the penalties. So, you should always be careful for any mistakes in link building. […]

SEO for 2014 – Things You should Know and Do for Your Website

We have lived in a year with enough Google updates. Still, we have to face the same in this year 2014. Almost every single update gave an impact in SERP ranking. Many websites got serious drops in keyword ranking while others got benefited. Was your site ranking dropped or benefited last year? Might be you […]

How to Cut Down Your SEO Costs and Save Huge Money

Many site owners are looking for ways to cut down their marketing expenses. I am sure you have one or more websites to sell your products or services. If your SEO knowledge is shallow, you seek a reputed SEO company to outsource the work. Or, if you don’t have free time to work for your […]

Social Media Strategies for SEO Performance in Your Successful Marketing Practices

In the current trends of search engine optimization (SEO), the importance of social media is increasing. More activities in social media will improve your SEO performance. You need to look into the following social media strategies for improving SEO performance. Social Media and Link Building Link building is still important for improving search engine visibility. […]

How to Increase Google Page Rank fast with SEO

Google Page Rank is a numeric value from 0 to 10 given to websites. 10 is the highest value given by Google to most trusted sites. You can find a site’s page rank by installing a Google Toolbar or a browser add-on like SEO Quake. To increase the Google page rank of your site, you […]

A Guideline to Directory Submission

Directory submission is the oldest form of link building. Since long ago, webmasters have been using web directories to list their websites to get backlinks and traffic. But, in recent times, the value of directory links is considered to be dead. It is because of the fact that webmasters use directory submission software to auto-list […]

18 SEO Tips for WordPress to Enhance Search Engine Visibility

If I have to say a content management system (CMS), the most used and popular, that will be WordPress. It was released in 2003 and it is used by millions of websites. WordPress is free and easy to use without much pre-requisite of coding knowledge. If you add something to the core software, you can […]

Common WordPress SEO Mistakes You Can’t Ignore

Most bloggers know the potential of WordPress. Yes, I am a huge fan of WordPress, too. I remember one said WordPress is the wonderful creation of mankind. It might be the reason why it has so huge users worldwide. It is true that WordPress is well equipped for search engine optimization. But you also agree […]

Google ‘Not Provided’ Keywords – How to Get the Organic Keyword Data

What is ‘not provided’? Before Google hide them, you saw the keywords on Google Analytics, which brought visitors to your website. But today you see ‘Not Provided’ instead of the organic search terms. It is why Google has encrypted the organic search keywords and hidden from Analytic data or not passed to the destination site, […]

Infographic: How to Boost Your Site’s SEO with Video

  Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your site increase visibility in search engine results. With the power of SEO, you can increase visitors or traffic on your website and boost your leads or sales. Here is an infographic on how you can boost your site’s SEO with video. Reading long blocks of texts feels boring […]

Google Penguin 2.1 Update – The Impact and Solution

Just a few days back we heard about Google Hummingbird update, now Google Penguin 2.1 update has arrived. On October 11, 2013, Google’s Head of Search Spam Matt Cutts announced on Twitter that Google Penguin 2.1 has been released and he said the update impacted 1% of search queries. We also found that many webmasters […]

Google Hummingbird Update – The Insights of the New Algorithm

 It may be good news or bad news to you when you learn that Google unveiled a brand new algorithm update named as “Hummingbird” on the eve of their 15th Birthday some days ago. Webmasters around the world are wondering if their sites have been affected or not by the Google Hummingbird update on the […]

An Overview of Modern SEO by Infographic

We have seen algorithmic changes in search engines last few years. We need to change the SEO strategies to comply with the changes in search engines for securing our online success. So, we have an infographic of modern SEO for you, showing the areas you should focus in your SEO campaigns. View the following SEO […]

Subscribe Free SEO Articles and Read Useful SEO Tips

Our SEO articles are written by experienced professionals in the field of search engine optimization. These articles and tips are based on the latest algorithmic changes and quality guidelines of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. By learning useful tips revealed in our articles, one can achieve the desired ranking and traffic from […]

Google PageRank is Dead or Not

Google PageRank (PR) is a value given to a web page to show how much Google trusts it. The value is indicated by Google Toolbar installed on a user’s internet browser. The PR value is represented from 0 to 10. New and no trusted pages are given PR value 0 while the most trusted pages […]

How to Do SEO Without Link Building With This SEO Book

Ask some SEO experts about how to do SEO. Linking building will be one of the important SEO strategies common in all their answers. Yes, incoming links are a ranking factor for search engines. But, link building is the hardest part of SEO campaigns as we know. You may ask, “Is there any way to […]

Penguin proof SEO to Safeguard Google Penalties

It is apparent that Penguin hit the web and Google roll out its algorithmic updates more often. Every time an update is released, many websites rise up on Google and many others lose out of sight. These new updates have changed the face of whole SEO industry. While individuals in the industry who faced the […]

Launching a Unique and Efficient SEO Campaign

Now that every business has a website, and millions of people and organizations have blogs, search engine rankings have become increasingly competitive. Due to this intense competition over targeted keywords, and Google’s frequent updates to the Panda algorithm, search engine optimization campaigns require more thought, analytics, and effort than ever before. Business leaders and online […]

The PR Tactics SMEs Should Be Utilizing

In order to generate coverage and raise their profiles, there are several PR tactics small to medium sized enterprises can explore. These range from traditional tools such as press release announcements, media relations and stunts, to digital practices including networking on social media platforms. When utilising traditional core communications tools such as press releases, businesses […]

Guest Posting in Link Building Strategies

The world of Internet is a collection of websites comprised of trillions of links between them. Without links, the web as we see today might not happen. We are building roads for connecting one place to another. Like that, link building is an essential part of SEO campaigns. Building links influences search engine ranking and […]

How Google PageRank Works

Google is the top and most used search engine in the world. It is estimated that Google alone holds more than 65% of the whole search engine market. Google goes ahead of other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc. In the USA alone, the number of searches was 10.2 billion in July 2010. It […]

Author Highlighting in Google Search Results to Increase Brand Awareness

In online marketing strategies, it is imperative to improve the authority of your website. You have to promote about yourself and your company. So, you come across another form of marketing called ‘Branding’. Author highlighting is another form of the strategy to promote your brand in Google search results. When people want to know something, […]

16 Tips to Build Website Traffic

Website without traffic is useless. If you have a website, you want traffic to expose what you are offering on your website. But if you are an Internet marketing newbie, you are not aware whether you are doing right or wrong. For building traffic, you need first to learn Search Engine Optimisation. For generating continuous […]

The Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing is any marketing type done with creating and sharing of media and content for generating traffic. A marketer uses the forms of news, interactive videos, white papers and case studies, tips, downloadable e-books, infographics, text articles, images, etc. It is used to take business advantages. Learn more at Wikipedia. Google have changed its […]

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