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Directory submission is the oldest form of link building. Since long ago, webmasters have been using web directories to list their websites to get backlinks and traffic. But, in recent times, the value of directory links is considered to be dead. It is because of the fact that webmasters use directory submission software to auto-list their websites in hundreds of directories. You should follow a directory submission guideline.

Why is Directory Submission?

A directory is a collection of websites categorized by topic and/or location. As a ranking factor of Google and other search engines is primarily on links back to a website, webmasters are used to get directory links. There are hundreds of web directories. As you can see, most of them lack of editorial guidelines and they are mostly for making AdSense or other network ad incomes. The following are some of the most regarded directories on the web:

web directories

These directories have strong human reviewers to look into every listing request. So, they are highly respected by search engines.

Usually, a site is hard to get listed at such directories like DMoz. Read their submission guidelines carefully and submit to the right category. Even if you are rejected, don’t get disappointed. Look other sites already listed in there to be your link partners.

Criteria for Choosing a Good Web Directory

Search for directories on Google. You may find different directories of multiple categories and directories of your niche. Don’t force yourself to list your site at any directory you find. Before paying to list your website to those directories, ask yourself:

  1. Some directories host AdSense or other ads. Do the category pages host such ads? Such ads may value your listing down.
  2. Does the directory violate the Terms of Services (ToS) of search engines? If yes, don’t submit your site to such directories.
  3. Does the directory have human reviewers and any person you can contact to for any question? If yes, you can list your site in such directories.
  4. Does the category page you want list your site get indexed by Google and other search engines? Check it. If not, avoid those directories.


As an online marketer, you try to be found almost everywhere to enhance your reputation. Know your marketplace and do your best to dominate it. You can do directory submissions to enhance your reputation although search engines don’t regard much to directory links these days. You can do it to pass link popularity and improve your backlink profile.

To avoid mistakes and update your SEO knowledge, it is always recommended to know more about Google and study Google SEO to improve your search rankings. Read a free Google SEO eBook.

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