9 Free Link Analysis Tools You Should Use Regularly

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You need a regular check of your site’s backlinks. We have some free link analysis tools you should use as an important part of your search engine marketing campaigns. With these tools, you can get your invaluable backlink data easily and effortlessly. From the data, you can identify which links are good and which ones are bad. Some of these tools can even find out competitors’ backlink data. By seeing those data, you can sort out the SEO opportunities to outrank your competitors on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Not all the following link analysis tools are totally free. Some of them are totally free, some are free to use with limited functionality and some are with full functionality with free limited time. If you want to spend for a paid option, the most recommended ones are MajesticSEO, OpenSiteExplorer and Moz. They can provide you more in-depth analysis and reporting.

However, before you use one of these tools you should have the insight skills of link building. Google started based on off-site factors. Google ranks sites based on link quality. Websites having high quality backlink profiles rank higher on Google SERPs. Can you identify which links are boosting Google ranking? Which links are adversely affected your site ranking? How to read a competitor’s backlink data when you see it? What is the best way to remove toxic inbound links to your site? There are lots of things you should learn before using these tools. If you are the right person, you can use these free tools easily and get the benefits of using the tools. If not, I recommend you read some books written by top link builders of the world.

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1. Link Analysis with Google Search Box

You can view links to your site with Google search. Open Google homepage and type link:yoursite.com (where yoursite.com is your domain name) in the search box. When you hit ENTER on the keyboard, Google returns the results of your backlinks. To remove your site from the results, you can use the command as link:yoursite.com –yoursite.com. But, the setback is Google lists only a few of your backlinks.


2. Use new free tool OpenLinkProfiler.org

It is a free tool for analyzing backlinks. When you go to the above site, you’ll be needed to enter the domain name or a url of the site. The url may be yours or that of your competitors. Click on the button Analyze Backlinks, then you’ll see all the backlinks directed to the url. See the list of backlinks. If you find bad backlinks, you should disavow them.







3. Another new tool WebMeUp.com

WebMeUp has the same procedure to analyze backlinks like OpenLinkProfile. It is a paid tool, but you can use the limited trial version as a registered user.


4. Ahrefs, a well known link analysis tool

It is a paid backlink checking tool. But you can try it for free. It can show you the number of backlinks, referring domains, backlink types, referring TLDs, anchor clouds according to the amount of backlinks, anchor terms and phrases.


5. Moz – Another mostly known tool

Moz is also a paid link analyzer. But you can use it free for 30 days. With this tool, you can analyze rankings, links, social, brand, content and traffic. You can also view site errors, missed conversions and SEO opportunities.


6. Bing Webmaster Tools

This is a free tool from the Bing search engine. If you aren’t already a user, sign up and find the webmaster tools. Add your site to get indexed. Click on your site image/domain to see various data. Find a heading named “Inbound Links” and view the list of your site urls with the number of backlinks. Click on a url and see the backlinks.


7. Google Webmaster Tools

A free and must-have tools from Google like Bing Webmaster Tools. Like Bing’s, you should sign up or sign in to use the tools. If you’ve not already done, add your site and do everything necessary. You’ll see your site’s image. Click on it to get various data of your site. Find “Search Traffic” at the right site and click on the arrow in front of it to view the drop-down menu. Then click on “Links to Your Site” to load the link data of your site. You’ll see the number of links, referring domains (Who links to you), your landing pages of backlinks (Your most linked content) and anchor texts (How your data is linked). Those are the very useful data for your site. Analyze them.


8. Try OpenSiteExplorer analysis tools

Powered by SEOmoz, this link tool is used by several webmasters. As a free user, you get a limited number of backlinks. It allows site comparisons based on domain authority. It also allows anchor text analysis and export to Excel.


9. The most popular tool – MajesticSEO

MajesticSEO is the most known and widely used link analysis tool. It can provide unbelievably detailed analysis of links. As a free user, you can view the link analysis of your sites only. It allows site comparisons, anchor text analysis, export to Excel file, analysis of backlinks and domain links, easy analysis of quality links etc.


Use any of the tools mentioned above. Your valuable comments are most welcome.




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9 Free Link Analysis Tools You Should Use Regularly
We have some free link analysis tools you should use as an important part of your search engine marketing campaigns. With these tools, you can get your invaluable backlink data easily and effortlessly.

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