10 Best Web Traffic Books You Need to Read in 2019

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Site owners use different techniques to increase traffic for their websites. They do on-page optimization, link building, social media marketing, PPC marketing etc. Here, 10 best books related to traffic building are listed. The books are focused just on traffic generation mind-set. These 10 books are recommended by many marketing experts and they are very effective to build web traffic for any website. These are the best web traffic books you need to read for 2019 as far as I know.


When I selected the books and eBooks, I looked for trusted authors and new books with latest website traffic building techniques. For more details of any of the following books, click on the book titles:  



47 Latest SEO Secrets to Getting More Web Traffic From Google: What the professionals charge big bucks for and don't want you to know.1. 47 Latest SEO Secrets to Getting More Web Traffic From Google: What the professionals charge big bucks for and don’t want you to know

by Jim Kaspari


In this book, the author reveals his 47 SEO secrets to drive more traffic and sales and to save lots of money in doing so. You’ll learn his secrets for increasing visitors on your website, auto-responder, opt-in system, effective ways to entice the visitors to what you want them to do, etc.



The CLICK Technique: Tap into the Internet’s Massive Power to Produce a Steady Stream of Traffic and Leads for Your Small Business2. The CLICK Technique: How to Drive an Endless Supply of Online Traffic and Leads to Your Small Business Paperback

by Lindsey Anderson


This book helps you build a strong digital marketing strategy for your business. The author Lindsey Anderson teaches you how to create an online marketing system from customer’s perspective and achieve success with this revolutionary technique. The author guides you to build credibility and trust for getting endless traffic leads for your online endeavour.  One of the best books to read! 



Free Traffic Frenzy: How To Get 450,000+ Website Visitors3. Free Traffic Frenzy: How To Get 450,000+ Website Visitors Paperback 

by Don Sevcik

This new book tells you proven secrets to get 450,000 monthly visitors for free. How? Read the book and learn about a Japanese process called 5S to get high search rankings, 3 minute fix to increase rank, secrecy behind search algorithm, secret to Google local algorithm, one mistake to avoid Google penalties, Michelangelo method to reduce bounce rate, protocol search engines use to detect weak content, Chinese strategy of Lingchi to beat your competitors and more. A must-read book for driving traffic to your website! 



How To Drive Traffic To Your Website - The Ultimate Guide: Get 100,000 Visitors In Less Than A Hour And Learn How To Drive Targeting Traffic To A High ... (MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS COLLECTION)4. How To Drive Traffic To Your Website – The Ultimate Guide: Get 100,000 Visitors In Less Than A Hour And Learn How To Drive Targeting Traffic To A High … Online! Paperback

by Dale Cross


Read this new book and learn how to drive to your targeted landing pages and make money. Specially, Dale teaches you how to drive 100,000 visitors in less than one hour. Learn more to set up a great traffic source, how to optimize your traffic campaigns, how to use YouTube to drive traffic, how to drive traffic using Facebook, how to get targeted traffic using SEO and much more. A good book worth to read! A reader says, “After reading the book, I got huge valuable information from here. I want to suggest my all lovely friends.



Product Details5. Increase Website Traffic Now!: 45 Proven Tips That Will Increase Your Website Tr Paperback

by Marc Pierce

Every webmaster wants to get traffic and they are trying different strategies to build traffic on their websites. In this book, the author discusses 45 traffic building tactics from his tested strategies. His system includes writing compelling content, social media marketing to increase followers, SEO tactics and other inexpensive working tactics.


   Product Details 

6. Internet Traffic & Leads: The Past, Present And Future Of Internet Marketing For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Win Paperback

by Vince Reed (Author), Jeff Moore (Foreword) In this book, the author reveals his techniques of traffic and lead generation with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. A reader says, “This book is everything that I expected it to be. Vince has laid a foundation here for anyone that is ready use the internet to create sales in their business. It’s a book that every business and entrepreneur should have. I am a very satisfied customer. 



7. Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing: How To Flood Your Website With Traffic in 30 days Paperback

by Romuald Andrade

The book is a 30 day traffic driving plan. In this book, you’ll learn to create a website of right traffic, Email campaigns to generate leads, SEO and social media. You’ll learn enough examples of how to turn visitors into customers in this book. A good book for beginners in digital marketing and traffic building!



8. Web Traffic Magnet 2: 77 Free Ways to Drive Traffic and Generate Leads on your Website Paperback

by Liam Scanlan

Building web traffic costs you efforts and expenses. This book teaches you about free ways to generate a massive traffic to your website. Read the book and learn free and easy tricks of building traffic from the experienced marketer who has been building online success to clients for many years.


Flood Your Website With Traffic: 99 Website Traffic Tips

9. Flood Your Website With Traffic: 99 Website Traffic Tips

by Mick Macro

This is a hot selling book on Amazon. The book uses many techniques such as viral sharing, scripts that brings traffic, free giveaways, free promotion and advertising sites, short tail and long tail keywords, audio, video and other multimedia techniques and lot more.

I want to mention a reader’s review about this book:

“All I can say is Wow! Author Jack Mitchell has included everything but the kitchen sink (and it may be lurking in there somewhere). This book is a must-have for everyone who has a website and needs more traffic. I was totally astounded at all the hints and suggestions Mr. Mitchell has included. For a non-marketing expert like myself and, I suspect, even for those who are marketers this book is invaluable. There are ways to promote your website here I had never even heard of but will be sure to try. I cannot say enough positive things about what I’ve just read. Now I cannot wait to put them into practice. Thanks Mr. Mitchell for giving the public such a great tool. You’ve definitely spent a lot of time and research and it shows!” 



How to Attract Traffic to Your Website... And Make Money10. How to Attract Traffic to Your Website… And Make Money

by Brooks, N. K.

How to get visitors and how to attract to your website? For this purpose, you need to optimize your site to gain site ranking and web presence. Your amount of success depends on the amount of traffic. Right? But, you don’t want junk traffic. Focus on getting targeted traffic to promote your products or services offering on your website. Improve your offers and presentation to be interested in them. The author N K Brooks says you don’t need to be a scientist to get traffic. The author teaches you the tricks for getting unlimited traffic and inbound links to your website from the web.



If you are planning to improve web traffic volume for your website or blog in 2019 and looking for other good books and tools, click on the following links. You’ll find Amazon bestsellers and powerful web traffic generating tools.


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