5 Mistakes in Link Building That Invite Google Penalties

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Your mistakes may lead your site to Google penalties. Once your site gets penalized, it is hard to recover the old rankings. Sometimes, you may need to start a brand new site since you never can escape your existing site from the penalties. So, you should always be careful for any mistakes in link building. If not, you’ll get penalties and rank drops for heavily using manipulative tactics.

Check Google Webmaster Guidelines while you are undergoing strategies for getting backlinks for your site. Now, Google has the better technology in detecting link spam. Create quality backlinks, you’ll get the fruit.

You can do the following link building strategies. But be aware of the link building mistakes. You should do without mistakes for earning quality links back to your site.

1. Mistakes in Blog Comments

Blog commenting is used easily in link building strategies. Some years ago, webmasters used it for getting lots of backlinks for their site pages. They even used software tools to send several blog comments in less time. What’s wrong is using automated tools. These automated software tools provide too generic comments. They  provide unrelated comments under the blog articles. Does it sound good if you give a comment on Apple iPod on a blog page on Diabetes? Now Google can detect such SERP manipulative practices easily.

Today, you don’t need several backlinks to achieve your goal. A few high quality backlinks are important for you. Give some nice and engaging comments on some blogs of your topic. Do it manually so that it should be natural.

Blog commenting mistakes

Example of Good Comment

2. Mistakes in Press Releases

Check also Google’s update on Link Schemes. If a link in your press release is not placed editorially or vouched for by the site’s owner on a page, it is taken as unnatural link. It is a violation to Google. Don’t make your press releases just for acquiring backlinks. Make it for news to public, make it an announcement and make it a publicity. Avoid of spamming, keyword rich anchor texts in the press note.

Links added by you in the press release are devalued by Google. Don’t add links for the purpose of manipulating search rankings. If your press release has value, other publishers will publish it. Links added by them will be valued by Google. So, use your press releases just for important publicity for your company events. Just write it to get attention from journalists and media persons. Release this publicity when you need attention to your company developments.

If you do it for only link building purposes, that will be a mistake and you’ll be penalized for manipulating Google search results.

3. Errors in Reciprocal Links

The idea of reciprocal linking is this, “if you link to me, I will link to you”.  It is making partnerships between like-mended websites. It is a white hat link building techniques. You’ll see positive increase in Google SERPs and traffic. But if you do it excessively, your website will get penalized. Google says in their link schemes that such excessive cross linking processes will negatively impact on the SERPs.

Partnering with other websites is a great way to enhance your business. Do it for enhancing your business. But don’t do just for hacking Google SERPs. Make partnership with related sites or pages for increasing traffic and business naturally. Think why you should do reciprocal linking to that site before you do it. Do it for building business relationships with other websites. Do it to gear up your brand awareness across the web. If you do reciprocal linking exclusively in the wrong way without any positive reason, that will be a link building mistake to invite Google’s wrath.

4. Listing Mistakes in Web Directories

Directories provide lists of websites based on categories. They list useful sites to provide information for users. Before Google ignored them, Google loved directory links as trusted sources of information. But today they turn into link farms against Google’s guidelines. They are lack of relevant, business value and traffic. They allow including any of your listings if you have paid. Since links give power to Google, directory links have become spammy.

Still, you can list your website in directories. Find niche specific directories and local directories. Niche specific directories give link power. If they can give you opportunities to improve your brand and drive referral traffic, they are worth to list your site. They should be relevant and specific to your site’s theme and they should also mean for improving your business, but not for improving Google rankings.

You can also include your site in local directories to enhance your online presence within a community. Some worth mentioning local directories are Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Yellowpages.com, Yelp etc. 

It’s extremely important to be involved in these local business sites if you’re looking to be found by local users, customers, or clients. Inclusions in local directories are extremely important if you need local users. Keep a business mindset first. Google always runs after you to see how important your site is to place at the top ranking spots.

5. Mistakes in Guest Posting

Originally, guest posting articles provide high quality backlinks. But, the mistake is the use of guest posting just like low quality article marketing. If your guest blogging strategy is just for getting backlinks, it becomes spammy. Google’s Matt Cutts pointed out that there is a world of difference between quality guest blogging and spam guest blogging. Google wants to pick good content and links in the content.

Your guest article is bad if:

·        The content is poor grammar, usage of words and formatting.

·        The content is poor writing style and lack of newsworthy information.

·        The content is lack of substance and authority.

·        You use spun content.

·        The Bio section has no biographical data.

·        You use too many exact match anchor texts.

·        The guest posting is made for building links.

Don’t treat your guest article as an advertisement. Make it important information to read. Linking to your site should be made as a reference only.

From the above link building mistakes, you have learnt that you need a natural, diverse link profile. When you make backlinks, forget Google and make links just for people. Build links that value to your business, links that make sense and links that Google value. Don’t buy links and try to make one time large scale link building approach. Don’t make it a tactics, but make it natural. Or, you’ll ruin your business because of Google Penguin attacks.

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