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Every SEO expert has learnt that old techniques no longer work since there are constant changes in search engine algorithms. You always need to update your skills of search engine optimization to boost your Google ranking and get top spots of other search engines. Check these latest SEO books and look for any new SEO techniques you can use in 2018.  Implement the fresh new techniques on your site and achieve the optimal search performance in Google and other top search engines. Read one of the following books and learn how the authors are talking about the new tactics to improve your Google ranking and traffic. If you are looking for our suggested best books, check these Top 10 Best Books of SEO.


Key details of each book are given. To get more details and buy these new SEO books, click on the book title links: 


Product Details1. Business Warrior SEO: Search Engine Optimization Guidelines for your Business Paperback

by Mr. Paul Clukey

There are many SEO guides, books and services around you that claim they can put your website in the first page of search engines. According to the author, the book will teach you where to start and grow your business to the next level. You’ll learn the fundamentals of getting ranks and find answers to the secret of achieving your desired ranking and improving the online campaigns and website performance.



Product Details2. WordPress SEO: 72 Google Search Ranking Factors You Wish You Knew: Drive Targeted Organic Traffic Easily Paperback

by Aziz Ouabbou

Many website owners use black hat SEO techniques to rank high in Google and other search engines. But their websites got penalized with Google’s new algorithmic updates. According to Aziz, Google uses 200+ ranking factors. If you apply safe rules of Google, your website will never be impacted by Google ranking factors. The author says, if you can apply only 72 ranking factors, your WordPress website will rank high and get lots of free organic traffic.



Product Details3. SEO 2018 Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Internet Marketing Strategies: Learn SEO with smart internet marketing strategies Paperback

by Adam Clarke

The latest edition is originally the top selling SEO book at Amazon. In this book, Adam Clarke discovers new SEO secrets of Google for 2018. You’ll learn SEO concepts for beginners and advanced, tricks to get local SEO rankings, inner workings of Google algorithm, ways to find best keywords, link building strategies to push up your rankings, using social media and web analytics, 25+ SEO tools to automate SEO to save time and efforts, steps to recover from Google penalties etc. Read the book and apply the new techniques.


Product Details4. International SEO: A Compact Guide: Domain Strategies, Markup Tips, Linking Advice, Hreflang Implementations, Best-of-breed Tools & More Paperback

by Andreas W Mueller (Author),‎ Markus Hoevener (Contributor)

In this new book, learn domain strategies, markup tips, linking strategies, Hreflang implementation, best tools etc.  The latest book for global online marketers!



Product Details5. Branding and SEO: : Social Media Plans and Marketing Tips for Small and Online Businessses (MONEY MATTERS 101 SERIES) Paperback

by Dr. Danette O’Neal

This small book will teach you to enhance your brand visibility and presence to achieve your business goal through SEO and social media marketing techniques. A new book for those who want to grow their business through the power of branding!



Product Details6. SEO Checklist Step by Step: Learn Search Engine Optimization Fitness & Success With Web Designers,Smart Online Internet Marketing Strategy Guide to Getting Traffic from Google (SEO 2018) Paperback

by Daniel QM

SEO checklist is important to look up the ranking factors for your website. In this book, you’ll learn SEO checklist more importantly for on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Off-side SEO, image optimization etc.



Product Details7. Do What We Did: A Guide to Making Excellent Money from Anywhere, Blogging for the SEO Industry 1st Edition

by Brian McKay and Jerry Mooney

In this newest book, the authors tell the story of their online business success. You can use their ways without any previous experience. You’ll need a little bit work and a small investment. You’ll learn to establish your business entity, initial website considerations and designs, social media, domain authority, growing your audience, helpful resources and more.



Product Details8. Getting Started in SEO Writing: We will help you get published and improve your writing skills Paperback

by James DA Young

With SEO writing, you can make earnings in your spare time, work when and where you want and create your own schedule without anyone’s dependence. The book teaches you SEO writing, to improve writing skills and earn extra income. The book will also reveal different tools you can use for SEO writing.



Product Details9. SEO Ranking Factors: The Art to Win Every Battle Paperback

by A.R Pandey

Google ranking factors are hard to know. Google doesn’t want anyone know their ranking factors. But the author reveals you the SEO ranking factors based on his long experience and regular Google algorithmic updates. The book uncovers the secrets to achieve top positions of Google search results and SEO tricks and facts. 


Product Details10. The Business Side of SEO: Building a Business Within the Digital Marketing Industry

by Mark Preston

This book is not for search engine optimization tips and tricks. Instead, the book teaches you to set up a successful business of SEO services for clients. With the author’s 15 years of business experiences, the book teaches you how to do SEO for clients properly and profitably.




I will update the above list of latest SEO books as often as I can. However, you can view yourself the up-to-date list anytime, Click Here.

If you are looking for Kindle eBook editions, click on the following link: Latest SEO eBooks


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  1. Ashutosh

    Thanks for these books. All are quite good.
    Personally, I like the moz’s official and that is also one of the great for a newbie.

  2. Chandrashekhar

    Great list of books on SEO. Will read them and hopefully will be able to improve my site’s ranking. Thanks for sharing.

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