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Website without traffic is useless. If you have a website, you want traffic to expose what you are offering on your website. But if you are an Internet marketing newbie, you are not aware whether you are doing right or wrong. For building traffic, you need first to learn Search Engine Optimisation. For generating continuous traffic, you need to learn white hat SEO. If you want to outsource the SEO work, get a SEO Service Provider.

 The following are some tips to be helpful to you in building traffic for your website:

 1. Article Marketing Can Turn Into Lots of Traffic

Write good articles and publish at article sites. You can use your keywords and links back to your website in your articles. If your articles are interesting, value based and useful to readers, you will have many readers. They will come to your website with the help of links provided in the articles. It is the effective technique of generating traffic. If you can’t write your articles, we have the content writing service for you.

 Write your articles people would like to share and submit to article sites like Article Base, Ezine Articles, Articler etc.

 2. Find Questions from People and Give Answers

Everyday people ask 1000s of questions on every topic you may imagine. From Yahoo Answers, you can get traffic by answering the questions asked by people. In your answers, don’t forget to link to a relevant page of your website. Go to Yahoo Answers and search for questions you can answer. Give helpful answers to the questions you are interested. If you provide a link back to your page, it will drive lots of traffic to your website.

 For example, you are experienced in link building. At Yahoo Answers, look for the link building questions. You will find lots of questions in link building. Select some commonly asked questions and write useful answers for them. This way will increase your site exposure.

 3. Build Traffic with RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are auto-content updater system to subscribers. Once you publish a new post in your blog/website, subscribers will find the update from their web browsers or RSS readers. If your blog/site runs on WordPress, Blogger etc, RSS feature is contained itself. RSS feed has its own URL. Using the URL, feeds can be read with the user’s browser and RSS readers or grabbers. There are web based, desktop base and mobile based programs to read RSS feeds. Put your RSS icon at a visible area on your webpages attracting visitors to subscribe. Subscribers will see any updates from your website. It helps to increase the frequency of your visitors. It is one of the scoring factors of Google ranking.

 4. Easily Build Traffic with Social Bookmarking sites

You can create traffic with Social Bookmarking sites. Delicious, Digg, and Reddit are popular social bookmarking sites. These sites allow users bookmark their websites and the site contents can be displayed publicly. Create interesting contents and bookmark them. People will view, share and vote your contents. If your content is useful and persuasive, you’ll get more and more visitors for your website. Join those bookmarking sites and enjoy free traffic to your website.

 5. Drive traffic by Guest Blogging

If you write an article and publish in other’s blog, it is known as Guest Blogging. It is a good link building practice that brings in visitors to your website. Search blogs in your keyword space and ask blog owners that you want to write articles for their blogs. If they need content for their blog, they will accept your proposal and publish your articles. Write good articles in the interest of the blog audience. Readers will visit your website. Guest blogging is a great way for building traffic.

 6. Use the power of Squidoo to generate traffic

Conceive a relevant topic of your website and create a page, known as a “lense”, on Squidoo based on the topic. Write enjoyable and useful content in the lense. People will find your lense with relevant keywords or search terms. If you are already a Squidoo user, you might know Squidoo lenses are easily ranked in search engines for competitive keywords. So, create good Squidoo lense to get more traffic since they are search engine friendly.

 Squidoo receives around 9 million visitors per month and the number is increasing. The large community in Squidoo seeks information to learn and they will find your lense. Squidoo lenses are the powerful traffic builders.

 7. Build Traffic with Facebook Fan Page

We can estimate most of internet users have Facebook account. Millions of users are sharing and interacting on Facebook. You can take the advantage of sharing the useful content of your website with them. Create a Fan Page and share with your friends. If you do so, your fan page will be seen by the members and it will also be seen by member’s friends. It helps getting more traffic for your site.

 8. Build Traffic with Twitter

Whenever you have a new content on your website, tweet it on Tweeter. Use attractive headlines in Tweeter posts to increase clickthroughs. If you tweet about a government job, add #government and #job at the end of your post. It helps Tweeter users find your post when they search using the keywords on Tweeter.

 9. Put Link Asset

Link building creates traffic. Put very useful, enjoyable content on your page. It may be free articles, software, infographic, cheat-sheet, checklist or anything other webmasters would like to link from their websites or blogs. By doing so, you will get traffic to your website from multiple sources.

 10. Drive Traffic by Forum Posting

Search forums in your niche and start posting. Put a link back to your website in the forum post signature. It is another traffic generating technique. Use Google to find those forums using your market keyword. For example, if you offer web design service on your website, try searching on Google as “web design service forum”.

 11. Comment on Blogs to Get backlinks for Your Site

Search blogs in your keyword space and find blog posts you can give valuable comments. In your comments, use a link back to your website to fetch visitors. If you provide valuable, knowledge based comments on those posts, you have the chance of getting more traffic. Note that you should try to give the comment as soon as the post is published. If you are first, your comment will stand ahead of others, so you get more clickthroughs. You can use a RSS Feed Reader to alert you when a new post is published.

 12. Open Contests on Your Website

Run contents on your website. People will love to participate and win the contests. If you don’t have any, you can search sponsor programs on Google.

 13. Run PPC Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click Marketing can drive traffic instantly to sell your products or services. Google AdWords is the most popular PPC program. You can try it and get relevant traffic quickly on your website.

 14. Use Videos for More Conversions and Ranking

Studies show that good and relevant videos improve conversions and Google ranking. Use videos in landing pages and other important pages of your website.

 15. Update Your Website with Fresh Contents Regularly

Put new contents on your website. The number of returning visitors will increase if you update your site with new contents. If your website has fresh contents on regular basis, Google indexes your site regularly and helps in improving page rank.

 16. Use XML Sitemap

Put a sitemap that helps search engines crawl your pages properly. You can submit your sitemap to major search engines whenever you have a new content on your website. It makes search engines index your new content quickly.

 Even though you can’t do all from the above tips, do some of them you can. The more you can do, the more traffic you get. You know that there are lots of ways or works you can do to build traffic. You can outsource some of them to our experienced SEO team. We can work for you on an affordable budget.





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