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Privacy Policy

We regard and protect your privacy for any input to us and in our website. We never rent, sell or share any information given to us to others. By collecting your inputs like name, address, email ID, phone number, comments and feedback in this website, you agree the terms and conditions mentioned hereunder.

Any information and feedback collected from you is used for the purpose of fulfilling the service for you and providing an efficient service for clients like you.

Purchasing our services or any product demonstrated in this website is absolutely safe for your credit card through our website. Any of your payment is done on third party websites and protected by a reliable third party payment gateway. We provide the highly secured transactions on the third party websites from this website.

By taking our services and using this website, you agree to the collection and use of your information by us as described. You can erase your data if you wish at any time by using your credentials. If you face any issue, contact us for any solution. Any legal disclaimer statements (i.e. terms and conditions, etc.) on our website and in our services do not negate the promises made in the privacy policy.

Note that when you visit third-party websites through a link on our website, you will be subject to agree the third parties’ privacy policies. We cannot be responsible for the actions of third parties.

Our service is just exhibiting  the products and services found in other websites. Any post-purchase cases like refund, return, replacement etc should be done on those third party websites.

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