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Free PPC Services

We are offering free Pay Per Click services along with our SEO packages. PPC campaigns are great for instant sales or promotions of your products and services on your website. PPC means Pay-Per-Click. Google AdWords is a PPC program by Google and it is a great way to get more customers on your website.

Under this program, you can run your ads anytime and pay for every click on your ads. But, if you have a little knowledge of this useful tool, your campaigns may spend high unnecessarily. You should understand that the visit from a click is worth the price you pay for the click. Our AdWords specialists can help you to reduce the price you pay for your AdWords ads while getting more sales at the same time.

Why You Need PPC Campaigns With Our Adwords Specialists?

You need it if you need more visitors and more sales your website.
You need it if your website is not found on Google’s first result page.
You need it if you want to reduce your AdWords costs.
You need it if your click prices are too high for your PPC campaigns.
You need it if you have many websites competing with your site on the Google result page.
You need it if your existing AdWords campaigns have not been successful.
Many online marketers have these common problems.  You can solve the problems with our AdWords specialists if you take it along with our SEO packages! Our AdWords service is free if you take along with our SEO packages. You only need to pay us for the AdWords costs.

Beat Your Competitors With Free PPC Management Services From Our AdWords Specialists in India!

Since Google’s AdWords program is so popular for quick sales or promotions, the competition is tough. You’ll find yourself difficult to find affordable keywords and you may find even more difficult to write effective ads that return a positive ROI (return on investment).

Our AdWords specialists know how to get new and targeted visitors for lower cost per click (CPC).
We will find affordable keywords, write successful ads and increase the effectiveness of your AdWords ads. Click through rates (CTR) of up to 6% can achieve through our specialists.

Satisfied AdWords Campaigns

Successful PPC campaigns will increase the number of new and targeted visitors on your websites! Test our AdWords specialists with our SEO packages. You will save more money and make additional profit from the campaigns!

Pay only the AdWords cost and take our service free: Pay a minimum AdWords cost of Rs. 1000 per month. But you should be an existing subscriber of our SEO packages for taking this free service. You will save time and speed up your advertisements on Google in no time.

How We Do The PPC Campaigns For You?

  • Optimizing AdWords ads with five factors
  • Keyword matching in Google AdWords
  • Negative keyword matching
  • Increasing clickthrough and conversion rates with negative keywords
  • Finding profitable keywords with professional tricks
  • Understanding seasonal keywords
  • Knowing click-fraud keywords and Illegal keywords
  • Creating targeted keywords list for high Quality Scores
  • Writing headlines that attract your customers’ attention
  • Writing profitable ads
  • Finding the perfect display URL
  • Powerful expressions that sell more
  • Lessons from the smartest competitors
  • Price quotes in AdWords ads
  • Optimizing images ads in AdWords campaigns
  • Increasing the conversion rate with regional targeting
  • Setting right daily budget
  • How to succeed pricing strategies and avoid of bidding wars (mutual outbidding)
  • Optimizing the click potential of the keywords
  • Improving the Quality Score of your ads
  • Optimizing landing pages to increase your profits
  • Saving weak campaigns
  • AdWords troubleshooting
  • Competing with big advertisers on competitive keywords
  •  Geo-targeting
  • Other variables supported by Google
  • Optimizing your display URL
  • Local business ads
  • Mobile ads
  • More other our professional tips not mentioned here.

Want to sell your product or service QUICKLY and want to save BIG on AdWords expenses?
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