SEO Tactics for 2016 and Books to Avoid Google Downranking

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Google is ever changing. So, SEO tactics is changing. Google updates its Algorithm a number of times in a year. We need to update the SEO tactics to tackle Google updates. SEO 2015 will not always be the same in SEO 2016. Today, many experts have begun predicting for SEO 2016. Many SEO writers have started publishing new SEO books for the year 2016.


If you are always thinking of SEO success, high Google SERP ranking, and a huge free traffic from Google, always look out for brand new SEO techniques, expert articles from SEO gurus, SEO books by seasoned marketing gurus.


So, what’s new in Search Engine Optimization in 2016? Read this page for a profitable business in 2016. This article is based on an article by Shane Barker. Read carefully and see what’s to be expected for a new SEO strategy in 2016:


1. Link Building: Link building has been used to be an important SEO strategy by webmasters since long. But Google’s John Mueller said link building should be avoided as it is unnatural. Then Google clarified that buying, selling, or asking for links is okay if you don’t violate Google Webmaster Guidelines. You can build links, but you should check Google’s rules to avoid its penalties.


2. Anchor Texts: They are the texts used in hyperlinks. Using exact match anchor texts in links invites Google Penguin since they are abusing for over optimization. So, you should use links with several anchor texts, but just a few of your major keywords. Note that the linking page (landing page) should be highly relevant.


3. Link Profile: Link profile is one of the most important SEO factors. Evaluate your link profile in your Google Webmaster account. Check your link profile for SEO 2016.


4. User-Friendly Mobile Design: Today, mobile users are constantly increasing worldwide. So, designing your site for mobile users is essential. Now, mobile friendliness is one of the important ranking factors. Optimize your site for mobile devices like cell phones, tablets etc. Your site will enhance engagement and conversion. So, it will strengthen your SEO in 2016.


5. User Engagement: User engagement is important. High user engagement will be a Google ranking factor in 2016. Websites with low visitor engagement will face threats in the coming year. Think of what your visitors want the most. Feeding your site with those things that interest the visitors will help your site improve user engagement. You can apply A/B Testing to learn what your visitors are interested to.


6. Bounce Rate: Look at your site’s Google Analytic data and find user behaviours. How long they stay in your website while they are visiting? The ‘dwell time’ will also be an important ranking factor for Google in 2016. Try to reduce bounce rate. If visitors bounce back quickly to Google from your site in most times, Google pulls down your site in lower search ranking. Keep interesting and regularly updating content, visually appealing images and videos, and user friendly navigation in your site.


7. Fresh Content: Google de-ranks those sites without updated content. Content freshness will be a ranking factor in 2016. Update your website with interesting topics for visitors. Visitors come back if they found hot, new topics or things in your site. That also attracts new visitors. Hot new content will enhance engagement and conversion. Update your site with one or two new posts in a week. If you have nothing to post, update your existing pages with new information.


8. High Quality Content: Yes, you need it. What’s in high quality content? Your content should be a unique content. Content should be useful to visitors. If your content can excite the visitors, that’s great. It will enhance user experiences and search ranking in Google. Create great content for users, not for search engines. While creating content, remember how users will react with your content. Create fat content that will be happy to them.


9. Annoying Ads: Even though you have high quality content to be very useful to visitors, your site gets downranking if you have interstitial ads. For example, you want visitors to download your site’s mobile app. But when visitors land on your site, it annoys them hiding the real content behind. It gives negative impacts to your site. From November 1, 2015, such ads will get impacted. So, you need to change your SEO strategy for 2016.


10. Reconsideration Requests: Your site may be affected by Google penalties automatically or manually. Clean all those errors found in your site against Google webmaster guidelines, then you can make a reconsideration request to remove the penalties. But if you violate Google again with the same after revoking the penalties, you’ll get difficulty for passing reconsideration request in future.


Note that every Google update comes with smarter filters for tackling spams and loopholes used by webmasters. So, start the ethical, wise SEO strategies for the coming year 2016.


Find below some books by SEO professionals written for SEO 2016. Read them, you’ll get many valuable SEO advices from the SEO experts:


1. Search engine optimization 2016: Learn SEO with smart internet marketing strategies by Adam Clarke

2. SEO 2016: Learn Search Engine Optimization by R L Adams

3. SEO 2016 & Beyond: Search engine optimization will never be the same again! (Webmaster) (Volume 1) by Dr. Andy Williams

4. The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization by Eric Enge and Stephan Spencer

5. Search Engine Optimization All-in-One For Dummies 3rd Edition by Bruce Clay


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SEO Tactics for 2016 and Books to Avoid Google Downranking
Google is ever changing. So, SEO tactics is changing. Google updates its Algorithm a number of times in a year. We need to update the SEO tactics to tackle Google updates. SEO 2015 will not always be the same in SEO 2016.

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