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What is Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC Marketing)?

Pay per Marketing is a form of internet marketing to increase visibility of poor performing websites in search engines. PPC is a short for Pay-Per-Click. Google AdWords is one of the PPC marketing programs. It runs your advertisements of your products or services in Google. When Google users click on your ads, AdWords charges for each click. Other search engines such as Bing have their own PPC advertising programs.


Pay per Click Marketing is also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Google AdWords is the most popular PPC program offered by Google. Google conducts SEM Training Programs for SEM companies and individuals to use Google AdWords for a successful PPC Marketing. A PPC marketer should be an AdWords specialist. If you are not specialized in Google AdWords for your ad campaigns, engage an expert PPC Marketer. He will work for your ads to increase Click-through-Rate (CTR) and maximize traffic volume with minimum cost (CPC). But, you should note that, before any PPC campaign starts, you need to create a well-optimized landing page for your AdWords campaign. With a highly relevant landing page, you’ll enjoy high CTR and lower CPC in Pay per Click advertising.


pay per click marketing


While Google tries to give more relevant results to users, they also consider about their revenue generation. So, Google also regards the highest paying advertisers for less relevant ads in Google AdWords.


The landing page in your website should have a logical relationship with the PPC campaigns. It is your sales copy. It should have everything that should motivate visitors and fulfill the needs of them. You might want an action from visitors such as to register, to subscribe, to buy, or to simply post a comment. You need SEO skills. Place supporting page elements such as images, buttons, hyperlinks etc at proper places in your landing page. Create your page professionally using action triggering phrases and sentences. Offer free gifts or discount prices. The effectiveness of a landing page is measured as the percentage of the number of visitors and the number of action converted by them.


If you are looking for doing Pay per Click marketing for instant results, the Google AdWords Program is the best tool. Research your keywords, put them under logical ad groups, create two ads for each ad group and link the ad campaigns to your highly relevant landing page. So, you can improve CTR and CPC pricing and increase your sales volume consistently.


You can see PPC campaigns in the Google result pages listing down the right hand side, and sometimes, you also see them at the top or bottom. If you have something to sell immediately, Google AdWords is the best tool you can consider.


Click here to go for Google AdWords. Sign up with a Gmail account or log in the Google AdWords account. Add your advertising balance to start your ad campaigns. Now, you can drive huge traffic on your site immediately. For doing this, create ad units, put your keywords, set the bid and the daily budget for your ad campaigns. Then Google AdWords brings traffic to your site automatically until the balance is exhausted. Recharge your balance and start the campaigns again to display your ads in Google. Monitor the keyword price (CPC) and bid higher than the competitors do. Your ad will always appear at top position as long as you bid the highest. As a result, you’ll get a large volume of traffic and sell your item amazingly. But, if you don’t have good insights of running PPC campaigns, you probably lose money.


PPC ads are seen in Google result pages – right hand side, above and bottom. If there is no competitor for a keyword, your ad appears always at the top position. Ranking position is determined based on the bidding amount (high or low) and other factors. For maintaining a desired position, users are on tough wars with their ad campaigns. AdWords advertisers always try to bid higher and higher for hot keywords due to the competition.


Bidding is the setting an estimated price to be charged by AdWords when a Google searcher clicks on your ad. While AdWords users are fighting for getting high ranking by bidding higher on competitive keywords, Google advises, “Increase the daily budget”. If done so, Google rewards cheaper cost per click (CPC) to those advertisers. Hence, advertisers get more clicks (more visitors) at lower CPC in their AdWords Campaigns.


For example, you set a daily budget of $100 and CPC of $1 on a keyword of your ad campaign. If so, you’ll get 100 clicks in a day. You increase the daily budget from $100 to $300 while the CPC is same. Arithmetically, the number of clicks you’ll get is 300. But due to you have increased the daily budget, you might get more than 300 clicks as Google rewards cheaper CPC to you.


If you don’t pay well higher than your competitors for a keyword, your ad may not appear every time when people search in Google. You may not get the expected number of clicks in a day since Google can’t use up your daily budget amount. So, bid higher to defend the competitors and build a large volume of traffic to your website, then skyrocket your sales instantly.


Learn more techniques to enhance clicks. Google wants to give the exact results for a user’s keyword, in any case. Google uses a formula to know who clicked a Pay per Click campaign and why. Based on this formula, Google lists the relevant ads by giving their ranking positions. The higher in the rank get more clicks. Also note that, if your ad campaign gets more clicks, the rank position goes up; your campaign get even more clicks at lower CPC. Note how relevance matters.


Relevance matters always. If your ad gets more clicks, Google thinks your ad is more relevant. Hence, you’re rewarded less price per click. In AdWords, less relevant ads can be placed at high rank positions if advertisers bid higher.


Keywords rightly matching to your ad campaign and the campaign rightly matching to the landing page of your website are both mandatory to rank up your ad position as well as to get low CPC in Google PPC Program. It is about how quickly a person finds his exact requirement from Google.


Here comes the term CTR (Click-Through-Rate). CTR is the rate of clicks per 100 appearances of your ad. When your ad appears 100 times, your CTR is 5% if 5 persons click your ad. Note, CPC decreases if CTR increases. It means more clicks for less CPC. On the other hand, CPC increases if CTR decreases. So, you have to pay more if your ad is lack of clicks.


To avoid of high CPC in your Pay per Click marketing, constantly improve your ad texts to boost the campaign performance. Test how Google stands on your side. While traffic goes up, bid the price lower so that you get more traffic for less spend.


Remember one thing. You can push up your ad by bidding higher so that more people see your ad and you get more clicks. But, if your page can’t fulfill their needs, conversion dies. Here if you can reduce the bounce rate, Google is on your side. Google tries to place relevant ads at higher ranks.


Find the best keywords to best support your product or service, and create a compelling ad unit matching with the landing page to capture the imagination of the largest proportion of your targeting audience. Test your ad constantly modifying until the performance (CTR) is satisfactory. Pause low performing ads.


To enjoy the highest CTR and the lowest CPC, follow the guidelines given below:


· Create ad groups of similar keyword groups.

· Create two ad units for each ad group.

· Put all the keywords found from keyword research in the ad groups. But don’t place the same keywords in different ad groups to avoid of competing each other.

· Include the most used keyword in the first line of an ad unit and put the first and second most used keywords in the lines of another ad unit. So, the audience will choose the best one for them.

· Develop the campaign’s landing page – editing or creating new one. Incorporate the keywords in Metadata, bold texts, headlines, hyperlinks and page filename.

· Run different ad groups of different keyword groups.

· Watch constantly which ad group performs well. Change texts to improve campaign performance. Pause the low performing ads/group.


Look at the available features of Google AdWords Program and use them in performance tests. Don’t run campaigns with too few keywords. Other competitors might use the same keywords you are using. Hence, those keywords may not be working. Use enough keywords for each campaign for improving performance.


You can use Google Keyword Tool for keyword research. Select the highly relevant keywords. Don’t delete non-working keywords, just pause them. Don’t forget to use Google Analytics. Get Google Analytic code and paste in all pages of your site. It gives valuable information about the number of visitors, page traffic, keywords traffic, traffic sources, and many more data. Analytic report is important in improving your site.


Never try to outbid keywords if clicks are not worth the visitors. If uncertain, limit down the day budget. You may not need to run your campaigns for whole days, weeks or months. Find out which hours in a day get more searches of your campaigns. You can pause in the thin traffic hours in a day. You can pause your campaigns in weekends. But the concept may have downsides since the competitors may take advantages during your campaigns are off.


By implementing your skills as mentioned above, you will save thousands from your PPC Program. For getting more expert advices, look for a book from our list of Top 10 Google AdWords books.


But, here is one question, “Will you always use Google AdWords in your marketing campaigns?”


Our answer is you should use a PPC program or Google AdWords when you need:

1. To target more visitors by geography and keywords.

2. To dominate the first page of Google.

3. To get instant results (like sale or conversion).

4. To make a quick announcement.

5. To quickly measure the performance of your SEO.


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  1. nigcworld

    PPC Marketing is Pay Per Click marketing. It is done on search engines like Google when page rank of a website is poorly visible on search engine result pages. It is known as search engine marketing as it is done on search engines. Google AdWords is a PPC program. Ads by Google AdWords are charged for every click on it. You pay only for the number of clicks on your AdWords campaigns. Marketing done through PPC programs is called PPC marketing.

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