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Every SEO expert has learnt that old techniques no longer work since there are the constant changes in search engine algorithm. You always need to update your skills of search engine optimization to boost your Google ranking or get top spots of search engines. With these latest SEO books in 2016, you can implement new techniques on your site to achieve the optimal search performance in Google and other top search engines. Read one of the following latest SEO books and learn how these authors are talking about the new tactics to improve your Google ranking and traffic. If you are looking for our suggested books, check these Top 10 Best Books of SEO.


Key details of the books are given. To get more details and buy these new SEO books, click on the following book titles:



Product Details1. Tactical SEO: The Theory and Practice of Search Marketing 1st Edition

by Lee Wilson


This latest book is about doing a long term SEO plan and taking opportunities for digital businesses with value based SEO. The author discusses search marketing strategies for Google and other search engines.



Product Details2. Seo 2017: Search Engine Optimization for 2017. On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Keywords (SEO Books, Search Engine Optimization 2016) Paperback

by Dr. Christopher Nash


In this SEO book, the author teaches the readers to have the true understandings of SEO as how your SEO may bring you harms or opportunities to your website. The book aims to teach the right SEO strategies to readers for getting top ranks in search engines. SEO tips for 2017 are included in this latest book.




Product Details3. SEO Fitness Workbook: 2016 Edition: The Seven Steps to Search Engine Optimization Success on Google Paperback

by Jason McDonald Ph.D.


This book is the updated edition of one of the best selling SEO books in Amazon. The current edition includes the up-to-date coverage of Google Penguin, Panda, Semantic Search, mobile and local algorithmic updates. The book also covers important SEO topics in On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, link building, blogging, Social Media SEO etc. This new book teaches you to train search engine optimization in 7 steps.



Product Details4. Introducing SEO: Your quick-start guide to effective SEO practices 1st ed. Edition

by Aravind Shenoy and Anirudh Prabhu


This latest book is for beginners who want to learn effective search engine optimization techniques quickly. The authors teach you to use effective SEO methods with keywords, link building and social media marketing.



Product Details5. SEO for Beginners: Proven SEO Strategies And Techniques To Dominate In 2016 Paperback

by Jeremy Clark


SEO is just the methods to drive lots of free traffic to a website. The book teaches readers deep knowledge of SEO and skills to boost traffic and conversion on a website.



Product Details6. All you need to know about SEO: The ultimate guide for small business owners Paperback

by The WordPress Genie


Today, the success of a website is much dependent on search engine traffic or Google traffic. SEO is the key to success. The book includes an SEO checklist required for an effective SEO campaign and for standing ahead of competitors in Google.



Product Details7. What the heck is inbound marketing?: Website lead generation, SEO, content marketing and social media marketing…. Paperback

by Andy Alagappan


This latest book covers the topics on inbound marketing, SEO process, content marketing and social media marketing.



Product Details8. Search Engine Optimization: Questions and Answers Paperback

by George A Duckett


In this new book, you’ll find latest SEO questions and answers. The book answers many questions you want to know in the topics such as PageRank, HTML, Sitemap, URL, Title, Images, Google Search, HTML 5, CSS, robots.txt, Web Hosting, Backlinks, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Bots and many more.



Product Details9. Seo: Seo Bible & Tips – Google, Bing, Yahoo! (Volume 3) Paperback

by Thomas Clayton


This book is one of the latest and best SEO books you should read. The book attempts to build a worthy website for achieving high Google SERP positions. It discusses in Google algorithmic changes and ranking tips to achieve the website goal. It is a 2-in-1 book including the books – SEO: How to Get On the First Page of Google  and SEO: The Seven Tips to Succeed in Google.



Product Details10. Local SEO (Marketing Guides for Small Businesses) Paperback

by Ray L. Perry & Phil Singleton


In local SEO, the strategies are for getting local traffic to your business website. The new book suggests you what you should do for a successful local SEO and Google Local ranking. The book also includes the implementation of social media marketing to boost the local SEO performance.  


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