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Every SEO expert has learnt that old techniques no longer work since there are constant changes in search engine algorithm. You always need to update your skills of search engine optimization to boost your Google ranking and get top spots of other search engines. Check these latest SEO books and look for any new SEO techniques you can use in 2017.  Implement the fresh new techniques on your site and achieve the optimal search performance in Google and other top search engines. Read one of the following books and learn how the authors are talking about the new tactics to improve your Google ranking and traffic. If you are looking for our suggested best books, check these Top 10 Best Books of SEO.


Key details of each book are given. To get more details and buy these new SEO books, click on the book title links:  


Product Details1. Digital Marketing, SEO and Graphics Design Guides: Learn How to Self-Publish Books, Inbound Marketing Tips, Optimize your Product Listing on Search Engines, Cover Design with Photoshop and Canva Paperback

by Kelly Joseph

This book is all about publishing a book or starting a product and marketing tactics to increase visibility and sales. The book deals with the techniques to optimize for search results in Google and Amazon. You’ll learn SEO techniques of your product pages and high performance selling techniques on Amazon. You’ll also learn graphic design of your product images to boost sales. Above all, you’ll read how to set up Amazon and Create Space products in this latest book to boost your sales performance.  


Product Details2. Visibility Online: 6 Steps To Success – Building A Strong Digital Business: Digital Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs – Website Development, SEO, Advertising, Social Media, Usability & Analytics Paperback

by Mr Bernat Riera

The new book is about building a website and generating income streams online. Build your website with WordPress without previous knowledge and apply best SEO techniques to increase visibility. Advertising techniques in Google and social media sites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, improving site usability and user experiences to increase conversion rate, and site analysis and measurement are all you’ll learn from this book.  


Product Details3. SEO Training 2017: Search Engine Optimization and Marketing for Small Business Paperback

by Zhe L Scott

This latest SEO book will specially teach you to improve news search results, image search results, video marketing, practical geo tagging method etc in Google. Like other SEO books, you’ll also learn finding best customer keywords, discovering long tail keywords, adapting new Google updates, social media strategies, building best backlinks. Plus lots more.   


Product Details4. Marketing Strategy 2.0: Experiential, Direct, Digital, & Social Media Marketing That Works Paperback

by Marion Baillat

Marketing Strategy 2.0 by Marian Baillat is a new book to teach you new marketing techniques to grow your business in this competitive age. The book introduces you new changes in technology for a future proof business.   



Product Details5. SEO For Beginners – Simple SEO Strategies to 10x Web Traffic Overnight and Instantly Optimize Visibility on Top Search Engines Google, Bing and Yahoo Paperback

by Tony Robson

Increase 10 times traffic to your website with this book. You’ll learn importance of SEO, best techniques to implement, rapid SEO growth, most important SEO aspects and much more. 



Product Details6. 3 Months to No.1: The “No-Nonsense” SEO Playbook for Getting Your Website Found on Google

by Will Coombe

The book includes video tutorials, step-by-step SEO blueprint and checklist, tools and know-how for getting top ranking at Google. Learn SEO secrets, finding profitable traffic, what to do in social media, monitoring people doing SEO for you, online marketing 101, advice for your business, configuring WordPress, how to build links, content marketing, Google penalties, etc.



Product Details7. Online Business: This Book Includes 3 Manuscripts: SEO Marketing for Beginners, Advanced Strategies, And Secrets That Will Maximize Your Online Profits Paperback

by David Scott

This book includes three books in one – 1) Step-by-Step Beginner Guide, 2) Advanced Strategies Course, and 3) Internet Marketing Secrets Course. From the first book, you’ll learn basic SEO guide you should have. The second book will teach you advanced SEO tips and tricks. From the third book, you’ll get marketing techniques for driving more traffic and gearing up your business.  


Product Details8. Web Traffic Optimization: How to increase website traffic, SEO tutorial from scratch Paperback

by Benjamin Button

In this latest book, the author teaches you the expert knowledge of building traffic to your website. You’ll learn search engine optimization tips, traffic building and search engine ranking tips.




by Lloyd Dobson

This book is for implementing the best marketing strategies to get more buying customers and profits. This book by Lloyd Dobson focuses on creating successful and lasting marketing plans with right marketing tools to save time and efforts.



Product Details10. Everybody’s Doing It: Advertising Redefined by an SEO Expert Paperback

by Kellen Kautzman

Success is hard if you don’t have the total involvement physically and mentally in your business.  You should work for others, work with them and share with them. If so, you’ll succeed in your business with them. About your SEO and advertising success, read more details of the book from the above title link.



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