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Every SEO expert has learnt that old techniques no longer work since there are constant changes in search engine algorithm. You always need to update your skills of search engine optimization to boost your Google ranking and get top spots of other search engines. Check these latest SEO books and look for any new SEO techniques you can use in 2017.  Implement the fresh new techniques on your site and achieve the optimal search performance in Google and other top search engines. Read one of the following books and learn how the authors are talking about the new tactics to improve your Google ranking and traffic. If you are looking for our suggested best books, check these Top 10 Best Books of SEO.


Key details of each book are given. To get more details and buy these new SEO books, click on the book title links:  


Product Details1. Search Engine Optimization 2017: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Search engine optimization for Beginners Paperback

by Tim Barnes

The success of your website is really dependent on traffic.  Is your website not getting a sufficient amount of visitors? If so, you need to optimize your website properly for search engines. In this latest book, Tim Barnes teaches step-by-step SEO techniques including – working with crawlers, fixing the site problems, applying SEO, high search engine ranking techniques, driving more business to your website etc.  



Product Details2. Learning SEO: Internet Marketing Guide (Learning Internet Marketing) (Volume 1) Paperback

by Alan Rushing

Search engines gather information from websites and index the information systematically to find them easily. In this new book, the author tells how the most relevant pages returns at the top of search engine results for any given keyword.  




Product Details3. From Ranking To Revenue: A Business Owner’s Guide To Successful Search Engine Optimization Paperback

by Mr Jason H Healey

In this new SEO book, Jason Healey tells the need to place your business at higher search results. The author shows how to research your market, find the targeting keywords, apply SEO, use effective inbound links and measure your ROI (Return on Investment).  



Product Details4. OnPage Search Engine Optimization Best Practices Paperback

by Dan Kerns

Darn Kerns claims the need to get at least the top 3 positions in SERPs for enjoying a substantial amount of traffic. The new book keeps trust on ethical on-page SEO and it also keeps an eye on how search engines are looking for to rank. The books teaches you how to position yourself in any Google algorithmic updates.  



Product Details5. The Book on Service Business SEO: A practical guide for the clueless or the informed to get found online Paperback

by Yoan Ante, Robert Henry, Tammy Florczak , Ada Smith , & 1 more

The book tells the need to exploit Google. Anyone can do SEO from scratch and apply the latest SEO techniques to get their business or service found online. According to the authors, you don’t need to waste your money on Pay-per-Click advertising and other paid services. You can start it free. Important lessons in this book are how to focus the entire pages of your website on a single keyword, how to get quality backlinks, how to do Google Business listing, how to improve page speed and how to track your results and traffic. Plus a lot more.



Product Details6. Say No to SEO: Using tools and strategies that really work for Search Engine Marketing Paperback

by Warren Andrew Macdougall

This book among the latest SEO books says that SEO is not to be confused by many sources you might have seen anywhere. The author focuses on a framework to work with. It will help to do SEO on your own or outsource the work to someone else. Understand SEO clearly so that you’ll save more even if you have to hire someone to work for you.  



Product Details7. The impact of SEO on business Paperback

by James Michael Esser

The strategies of internet marketing are changing fast. If you don’t go with these changing strategies, you are lagging behind of those competitive performers. This book suggests you to incorporate SEO in your website. The author tells how SEO can grow your business, and you should learn SEO skills for visibility and profitability.  



Product Details8. WordPress SEO 2017: Optimize your WordPress Site for Better Rankings! (Webmaster Series) (Volume 4) Paperback

by Dr. Andy Williams

The well known SEO expert presents his latest, up-to-date edition to optimize your WordPress site for search engine visibility. The author says, if not careful, a WordPress site may have a lot of duplicate content to be penalized by Google. He teaches his best on how to minimize duplication. From the book, you’ll learn about to consider for buying a reliable host, using CDN, configuring WordPress theme to avoid of duplicate content, using WordPress Settings properly, essential plugins for SEO benefits, using categories and tags correctly, setting up a dynamic navigation system, improving page speed, creating high quality content and lot more.  


Product Details9. Step-by-Step SEO Basics: Expert Advice, Made Easy (Everyday Guides Made Easy) Paperback

by Chris Smith, Mark Mayne

As the author claims, the book deals with deeper knowledge of search engine optimization. It gives the creative, marketing and technical SEO ranking skills to drive more visitors and increase visibility. The book teaches you how to structure your website for both search engines and human readers.  



Product Details10. The SEO Battlefield: Winning Strategies for Search Marketing Programs 1st Edition

by Anne Ahola Ward

The book discusses how to build a specific SEO program for your business. The author points out the skills you need to have such as – marketing, analysis, site development and automation. In this book, many case studies of real SEO programs are included. You’ll learn about keyword research, campaigning for traffic and measuring results, mobile and platform specific strategies to grow site traffic and more.



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